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Your Favorite Movie Animal

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See Slappy3500 that's why I loved Asta--he was so smart!! Sounds like your pup is too!!! My brother's friend had a bulldog of some kind & we were eating pizza. Winston, the dog, patiently watched me take a bite then lay the piece down on the box while I drank my soda. After watching me for a few minutes, he caught me between bites & placing the pizza down & grab the piece & ran off to another part of the house. We laughed so hard at that cause he was so stealthy about it.

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My cat will sit on the arm of the sofa and reach over and nip off a bit of pizza as I am holding the piece between bites. My favorite movie animal is Pie from "Bell, Book, and Candle" because of the amazing rapport the cat had with Kim Novak but Lassie the dog wins overall for sheer beauty, ability and courage (after watching the dog enter swift moving water to save someone)and all around screen presence.

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What a fun topic! LOVED your story 'bout the peanut brittle, Slappy ******!! My boxer LOVES popcorn -- she starts freakin' out as soon as the first kernel pops in the microwave. When I sit down with the bowl I just throw pieces in her general direction.....she catches 'em every time. My cat Gandalf (a HUGE Maine ****) is like a damn dog -- follows me around everywhere and curls up in my lap every time I watch a movie or read a book.


Okay, I'll start with animated....


#1: The Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland"

#2: Eeyore from "Winnie the Poo"

#3: Si and Am from "Lady and the Tramp"

#4: Thumper from "Bambi"

#5: Tramp from "Lady and the Tramp"




#1: Asta

#2: Babe the pig

#3: Pyewacket from "Bell, Book and Candle"

#4: Buck from "Call of the Wild"

#5: Mr. Beefy from "Little Nicky"


More later.....

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All of the good ones have already been named, but how about Willard? Rats are people too, right?


Oh, and how about the Tingler? Was that an animal? It wasn't a vegetable or a mineral, so does it qualify as an animal? At any rate, it creeped me waaaay out!


slappy, that is the most hysterical story. But terriers ARE more clever than most people, by far! Oh, and you're lucky the chocolate in the chocolate croissant didn't make him sick!!!

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In going back for the three pages in this thread and not finding this duo, I'd like to add the little pug dog and the yellow cat in "The Adventures of Milo and Otis". This totally delightful 1986 Japanese film was narrated by Dudley Moore. Largely recognized as a Children's film, even parents and grandparents are among it's fans. ;)ML

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I also have an "Asta" he is a wire fox terrier, just like in The Thin Man movies and is so smart, and much braver than the way Asta is portrayed in the series. The original "Asta" was named "Skippy" and appeared in the first three "Thin Man" movies as well as "Bringing Up Baby" as "George, "The Awful Truth" as "Mr. Smith" and in "Topper Takes A Trip" as "Mr. Atlas". He never fails to keep me entertained or on my toes.

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I loved Mr.Nielsen (the little monkey) in the Pippi Longstocking movies. I loved him in his little yellow sweater. I always wished I could have a monkey like that. He was totally cute. I'd rather have him than her whole suitcase of gold coins!

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