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Dogville Comedy Shorts, Info.


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Several people have posted on this, so I am just cutting and pasting their info:


All-Dog movie shorts (The MGM Dogville series produced from 1929-31).


Hot Dog (29);

College Hounds (29);

So Quiet on the Canine Front (30);

The Big Dog House (30); Dogway Melody (30);

The Dogville Murder Case (Who Killed Rover) (31);

Love Tails of Morocco (31);

Two Barks Brothers (31);

Trader Hound (31).


This was before PETA, of course.

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Two Barks Brothers is the only Dogville short I don't have. I began recording from TCM to DVD in September 2005. Catching and recording shorts at that time was hit-or-miss. MGMWBRKO started listing shorts on 6/27/06. That's when it became easier to plan to record shorts. All the other Dogville shorts have been shown since that time. Some have been shown several times.

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No, all the Dogville shorts exist, including "The Two Barks Brothers". I believe I have an old tape of it taken from a 16mm film print from the early 1980's. I am sure "The Two Barks Brothers" has also been on TCM, and/or TNT back when they ran the good stuff. So just keep watching out for it.

Personally, for me the novelty value wore off years ago for those shorts. And as I said, they all exist, which is very frustrating to a non-fan to know, when so many other early-talkie MGM shorts are lost.

By the way, did you know that Ann Sothern, while she was there at MGM briefly in 1930 under her real name of Harriet Lake reportedly supplied some of the female dogs' voices in that series? Can't recall where I heard that, or how credible it could be, but it certainly could be true. There's something to listen for when watching those shorts. See what you think.

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> {quote:title=elizabethwilson wrote:}{quote}

> Are these dvds for sale anywhere yet?



The Warner Archive announced today it was releasing The Dogville Shorts, a 2-disc set that will retail for about $25:




I hope that might help all Dogville fans...

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The novelty value (what little there ever was of it) of these things wore out for me years ago. I first got a few on tape in the 1980's (long before TNT & TCM started running them).

It's so frustrating to think that ALL of these shorts exist, are restored, televised, and are coming on DVD when so many more worthy MGM shorts from the same period are lost (late 1920's Hal Roach shorts distributed by MGM, and early sound shorts, many in Technicolor).

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