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Searching for a series of books

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At a local used bookstore, I bought a book called "The Complete Films of Cary Grant". In the back of the book, it listed other such titles put out in the same format by the same publisher. I am interested in locating certain other books from this series.


The book Series and Publisher information is as follows: Citadel Film Series/Carol Publishing Group.


Has anyone come across these books in their classic movies pursuits? Also, has anyone seen any books about Robert Mitchum?


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I think whenI was a kid, there were several of these books in our house- my sister had them. I believe she had The complete films of Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart.... maybe Garbo?


Yes! I just found them on Amazon, and there is also an Ingrid Bergman.



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I was a seller for AbeBooks for a short time. When I signed on, someone from the company called me for a brief interview and to see if I had any questions. She pronounced the name as "Abe Books" (as in "Abe Lincoln"). That was news to me--I'd always heard people pronounce the initials or use the full "Advanced Book Exchange."

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Man, most of those are dirt cheap, and out of print!

I love those books! Started buying them in the 80's, when there seemed to be many more classic film books in book stores(I worked at Waldenbooks and Borders in the 90's and by then, there hardly were any good movie books it seemed, at least that hadn't been in print for years)

The bulk of my film books are made up of these books. I have Bogart(One of the weaker ones in the series) Cagney, Bette Davis, WC Fields, Garland, Grant, Harlow, Lombard, Sophia Loren, Myrna Loy, Nelson and Jeanette, William Powell, Heddy Lamarr, Ginger Rogers, Norma Shearer, Stanwyck, and James Stewart. No, I don't know them by heart, just quickly wrote down the titles.


If you haven't seen them before (You being anyone) they are fun because after the film synopsis , you get several reviews of the day, and then comments from the author about what the film did, or didn't do for the star(I think that's what I didn't like about the Bogart book, no reviews, nothing but what the film was about)


It amazed me how many of the early films of say Carole Lombard, or William Powell I had not only never seen before, but never even heard of! And 20+ years later, that's still pretty much the case....

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The books are great, most are Out-Of-Print, I found mine on either eBay or in a used book store!

They are a blast to have for any movie buff's film collection/film book library! The books come with great photos, a great bio on the star covering all his or her time at the studio they worked at etc!

I also love the fact it comes W./brief reviews for such publications as the LA Times.


I have:


_Films of Joan Crawford_ (Film Books): Lawrence J. Quirk


_The Complete Films Of Alfred Hitchcock_ (Citadel Press Film Series)


_The films of Rita Hayworth_: the legend and career of a love goddess by Gene Ringgold (Secaucus, N.J.: Citadel Press, 1974).


_The Films of Marilyn Monroe_


_The Complete Films Of Vincent Price_ (Citadel Film) by Lucy Chase Williams


_The Films Of Bette Davis_ By Gene Ringgold



_The Films of Burt Reynolds_ By Nancy Streebeck (This book is OOP! So it only goes up to about the early 80's!)

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