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Cecil B. DeMille - Sadistic or Charming?

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Whatever he was he was most of all a great showman.

Can't blame him for getting hot under the collar when he had the burden on his shoulders of getting a motion picture finished on time and under budget (just like any other director in those days).

Also under the circumstances with his wife you couldn't blame him for getting a little nooky on the side. Afterall when a man takes weeks to part the Red Sea he needs some release from the tension.

I was miffed as to why his son-in-law Anthony Quinn wasn't included in the documentary. DeMille produced the remake of "The Buccaneer" and Quinn directed it. Quinn also had much respect for his father-in-law as he stated in an interview with Robert Osborne.

All in all it was an entertaining two hours and made me hunger for the movie "Samson and Delilah" with Victor Mature and the gorgeous Hedy Lamarr.




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Perhaps the words "Sadistic" and "Charming" aren't as important to equate with Cecil B. DeMille as the word "Professional". Here was yet one more man who refused to settle for anything less than the best (like Chaplin), and he expected the same of people working with and all around him on set. Thank God for men like this...we have the greatness of their life's achievements forever on film, and isn't that what matters the most when we remember them or mention them still today? ;)ML

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Oh, I wasn't pointing a finger at you HKG...I was merely considering that there might be a "better" word to describe men like DeMille and Chaplin, or any others like them who refused to settle for shoddiness, second-best effort, or mediocrity within the frame-work of their work ethics. "Professional" was the one word that seemed to best describe them. I don't believe that I used the word "perfectionist" in my previous post...I'll go back and look, though. :) ML

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I'm a big fan of C.B., but the story behind the DGA meeting ca. 1950 always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. DeMille veered a little too close to antisemitic rhetoric for my liking.

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