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From Amazon about the Film Noir Collection Volume 1:



This set contains 5 films and no extra features have been announced. The set is due to go on sale November 3 along with a volume 2 of film noir from Sony on the same day. Sony continues to hit it out of the park with classic sets being announced rather regularly this year. The films in volume one are as follows:


The Sniper (1952) - directed by Edward Dmytrik and starring Adolphe Menjou, Arthur Franz, and Gerald Mohr. A San Francisco detective traces a series of seemingly random killings to a sharp-eyed loner who uses his rifle as a means to exact deadly revenge on the women who have rejected him.


5 Against the House (1955) - directed by Phil Karlson and starring Brian Keith, Guy Madison, Alvy Moore, and Kim Novak. Four college pals plot to rob a casino in Reno just to prove it can be done, but their plan to return the money is threatened when one of them intends to keep it for himself. Probably the weakest film of the lot.


The Lineup (1958) directed by Don Siegel and starring Eli Wallach and Robert Keith. When a mother and her young daughter unknowingly destroy a stash of heroin, a pair of hit men must keep them alive long enough to explain it to their boss. Eli Wallach makes a great villain and the scenes of San Francisco 50 years ago are interesting too.


Murder by Contract (1958) directed by Irving Lerner and starring Vince Edwards as a well-mannered college-educated young man who just figures that being a hitman is a good way to make a living. Claude is usually philisophical yet mechanical about his hits, but when he is hired to kill a woman who is about to turn in evidence against the seedy mobster he works for everything starts to go wrong for him.


The Big Heat (1953) directed by Fritz Lang and starring Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame,and Lee Marvin. Ford is a cop trying to clean up mob violence in his town, but when he gets too close to success a car bomb meant for him kills his wife. This puts Ford on an unstoppable quest for justice since this has now become personal. Grahame stars as a good-hearted moll and Marvin as a mobster with an unpredictable temper. This is the best film in the bunch.

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Here's another couple of noir titles coming to DVD that I thought were worth noting - though I didn't want to start a new thread just for them:


Continuing to roll with its Forgotten Noir line, VCI has announced a February 23rd release date for Forgotten Noir 13.


The single disc double feature will contain the 1952 boxing noir *Breakdown* and the 1950 Robert Montgomery noir *Eye Witness*.



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