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[b]Announcing The 2008 TCM Message Board Awards![/b]

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I proudly hold up my purple thumb and say that I have submitted by ballot to the MBA_Committee for my votes.


It was an honor to vote (if you haven't yet, time is running out) and I see the effort it took to put something like this together.


Have you done your duty and voted?

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Paris, France. 1789.

Oh wait... Where did that come from?


After last night's premiere of "Ron Howard: Fifty Years In Film", TCM has presented all the nominees in the major categories of the 2008 Message Board Awards. (OK, there is still the exceptional final "Joseph Cotten" night tonight.)


If you haven't already done so, now is the time to begin the serious business of filling out your Message Board Award Ballot. Don't let this opportunity to express your opinion on all things TCM-related to pass. And, once again, if you haven't received a ballot you can request one to be sent to you by posting a message in this thread.


You have until midnight January 3^rd^ (This Saturday) to return your ballot.

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I am very proud of myself. I've managed to take the time to vote. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us members! Looking at the choices reminded me of some good viewing, and also reminded me that I still have some of that good stuff on tapes, yet to watch! Happy New Year, cinemafan

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We're sure Nick meant "Mrs. Asta" and not Mrs. Charles.


Wow. We've received ballots back from many of the members already. Thanks for your responses. But there are many ballots still outstanding.


If you have received a ballot we hope you'll take a few moments to fill in your "Favorites" and return it the Committee for tabulating. If you haven't received a ballot you can still request one through this thread.


Ballots should be returned by midnight January 3^rd^. (This Saturday.)


And please, no "the dog ate my ballot" excuses.


*The MBA Nominating Committee*

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MYmangodfrey -


Your ballot is on its way to your Private Message mailbox - which you can access through the Private Message system found below the little "Welcome" notice on the right side of the page when you are logged in. (It is the one designated with the small envelope.)


*The 2008 Nominating Committee*

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Hello Fellow Board Members.


The ballot tabulating is nearly complete so if anyone is still sitting on an unreturned ballot, you can still reply and be counted.


Thanks to everyone who returned a ballot and to those who got into the spirit of the event by lobbying for their favorite nominees.


The committee will begin begin announcing the TCM Message Board community's "favorites" over the next few days. There are some very close "races" and some that are not. And there may even be a surprise or two. So keep an eye out for the 2008 TCM Message Board Awards Announcement thread.


In the meantime, if you haven't added your choices of "10 favorite Primetime Premieres" to the thread *The List*, why not do so now?


*The 2008 Nominating Committee*

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I filled out entire ballot after you folks put it in my inbox mail Actually, I had to post my own votes twice, due to a tcm malfunction Of which i read your reply the very next day & though they were not as yet posted(due to due date) other lil' long standing suggestions were


Now, I searched in vein for them-(voting I filled out as you stated), to no avail???


How can we fix this dilemma, PLEASE!


If have to please even write me via my own e-mail This is a marvelous concept & was more then happy to be pt of it, I THOUGHT?



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Again to TCM's MBA COMMITTE-(NOTE: On my last voting (Dec. 31st) I asked what

exactly (MBA stands for as well?) Please let me & others know that may not


Just re-checked INBOX & SUCH & I EVEN ATTEMPTED VOTING IMMEDIATELY UPON YOU SENDING THIS ANNUAL BALLOT-(Dec. 19th) However, overall in the final analysis I was only able to cast my own votes once on the above cited date-(HOPE IT'S NOT LIKE A POLITICAL



Also, how many yrs have these been going on Because I've been on these boards since early 2001-(though at that time I had a better handle)





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'myidolspencer' -


The committee received all your Private Messages and your completed ballot. (And enjoyed your added commentary too.) We understood your issues with the PM system and your choices were counted only once.


Don't worry. No one attempted to deliberately cast more than one ballot. We tracked who was sent ballots, who returned them and have stored all the completed ballots in a folder in the Committee's Private Message account.


"MBA" stands for "Message Board Award" and, to our knowledge, this is the very first time an attempt has been made to organize such an activity in these Forums. The results will begin to be announced this week.


We're glad you participated and enjoyed taking part.


*The 2008 Nominating Committee*

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