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Quiz: What movie is this line from?


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  • 2 weeks later...

of course i slightly alted the repartee.


.Commodore Jackson: My last encounter with the redskins was over thirty-five years ago. I was a mere stripling.

Skeptical Passenger in pilot house: Is that so?


Commodore Jackson: I whipped out my revolver...

Skeptical Passenger in pilot house: Revolvers weren't invented thirty-five years ago.


Commodore Jackson: Uh... uh... I know that, but the Indians didn't know it. It doesn't matter - I threw it away.

Female passenger: Oh, how exciting - please don't interrupt.

Commodore Jackson: I had just swum the rapids. I had my canoe under one arm and a Rocky Mountain goat under the other.

Skeptical Passenger in pilot house: How could you swim without the use of your arms?

Commodore Jackson: Uh, uh... in those days I had, uh, I had very strong legs. Uh, excuse me

[sheepishly doffs hat to woman]

Commodore Jackson: , very strong limbs.

Female passenger: You must have been full of fire in your youth.

Commodore Jackson: I had to carry fire insurance until I was over forty. As I arrived at the river bank, I was encountered by the entire tribe of the Shug Indians. The most ferocious... have you ever been to Shug country?

Skeptical Passenger in pilot house: No, I haven't.

[glaring at the Commodore]

Commodore Jackson: Uh, that's fine. I unsheathed my Bowie knife and

[slowly and dramatically]

Commodore Jackson: cut a path through this wall of human flesh, dragging my canoe behind me.

Female passenger: [collapsing] Oh, oh, oh... oh.

Commodore Jackson: Ah, I'm sorry. Perhaps I've gone too far.

Skeptical Passenger in pilot house: What, what happened to the goat?

[no trace of skepticism]

Commodore Jackson: He was very good with mustard.

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