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Your Favorite Child Stars

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Would I be impertinent if I answered? I imagine Mr. Mongo might not return until the appointed hour for the tomorrow's birthday list...



Daryl Hickman, is probably best known as the younger brother who was killed by Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven. But he was in many well known flicks, such as Tea and Sympathy, The Tingler, Men of Boys Town and The Strange Love of Martha Ivers. He was one of the Joads in The Grapes of Wrath. Oh by the way, he's the brother of Dwayne Hickman, who was television's "Dobie Gillis".


Dickie Moore, you would recognize immediately by his big-as-saucer, dark eyes. He gave Shirley Temple her first screen kiss in Miss Annie Rooney. He played Dietrich's son in Blonde Venus. You can find him in Sargeant York and The Life of Emile Zola among many others...

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Thanks, Jack. You did a good job pinpoinitng all the key roles of both actors.

Let me add that Dickie Moore appeared in "Our Gang" comedy shorts of the 1930s.


I would imagine after Christine watches the film clips of each actor tomorrow night on "Private Screenings" it will refresh her memory of their roles.

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Ditto--don't care for most of 'em, but Ronnie Howard was good. I was watching ... (*blush*) ... a rerun of The Big Valley the other day, and he did a guest spot as a very wee lad. He was amazing. Better than most adult actors.

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I don't really have any favorite child star, but I do like Margaret O'Brien and Elizabeth Taylor. O'Brien was amazing in Meet Me in St. Louis, The Secret Garden, Little Women, etc. And I thought Taylor was excellent in National Velvet.

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What longevity for a forum post - 2 years and counting!


Here is my reply to this very long-standing post.


The only child movie stars who ever appealed to me were the

Little Rascals, in the following order of preference:


- Stymie


- Spanky


- Alfalfa (his straining to sing off-tune always left me in stitches!)


- Buckwheat


- Wheezer


- Foghorn


- Joe Cobb


- Farina


I even enjoyed the technicolor movie version that appeared long after the

Little Rascals had completed the classic movie years and the early TV

years on my local TV stations, so the Rascals were true favorites of mine.


Other child stars had very little impact, as I never could identify with

any of them, so the Little Rascals (Our Gang) rank as special in that regard.


By the way, since movie fans abound on this forum, and since seniors

seem to also be amongst the fan base, does anyone know the name and

the outcome of a Alfred Hitchcock cast member who, as a little boy, was

always a villainous presence in the Hitchcock TV series in the late 50's.


The youngster I'm referring to had dark hair and talked out of the side

of his mouth and always seemed to have devilish intent on the Hitchcock

productions. I do recall seeing him on TV many time and he may have

even appeared in movies, but I never did get his name - please post his

name if you know who I am referring to.


Thanks and happy posting.

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If it's the kid in a cowboy outfit roaming around town with a loaded gun, he is Billy Mumy.

He also appeared in some good "Twilight Zone" episodes, and was Will Robinson on "Lost in Space".

He is now 52 years old.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mumy has the angelic look of a child, while the youngster I'm referring to always had

the appearance of a devilish adult waiting to cause mischief in any scenario - Philip

Alford in "To Kill A Mocking Bird" has the same villainous look of the child I'm referring to.

Another child closely resembling the Hitchcock actor is Rupert Osborne, so angelic is not

what we are looking for.


Thanks for your reply, but the search will have to continue until a senior Hitchcock TV fan

sits up and thinks for just a second and voila', we'll have our answer.


By the way, I just searched for photos on a few child actor web sites and could not find

the child star at all, so this might take more time than I thought. I do know he had

nearly as many tv appearances as DeWilde during DeWilde's heyday on TV, so a DeWilde

TV fan might recall the actor's name also. And kids who followed the Mouseketeers might

also know who he is, so I might not have to search much longer.


Also by the way, which you probably already noticed, I cited Foghorn as a favorite Little

Rascal when I should have cited Froggy. I always get both mixed up because both

were blond and both had deep bass voices for a child. Foghorn was Foghorn Winston

in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, so I apologize for the mixup.


Thanks again for your help and have a good one.

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1. Freddie Bartholomew- Captains Courages, The Devil is a Sissy, Listen Darling, Lloyds of London, David Copperfield, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Two Bright Boys, Anna Karinina


2. Jackie Coogan- The Kid, The Rag Man, Oliver Twist


3. Bobby Driscoll- The Window, The Fighting Sullivans, So Dear To My Heart, Treasure Island, Peter Pan, Song Of The South


4. Joseph Gordon- Levitt- Angels In The Outfield, A River Runs Through It, Manic, Mysterious Skin, Brick


5. Jodie Foster- Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Freaky Friday, Candleshoe, Taxi Driver


6. Scotty Beckett- Listen Darling, The Pursuit, The Boy From Stalingrad, Kings Row, Anthony Adverse, The Vanishing Virginian


7. Darryl Hickman- Men of Boys Town, Boys Ranch, The Grapes of Wrath, Leave Her to Heaven


8. Skippy Homier- Tomorrow The World, Boys Ranch, Arthur Takes Over, The Gunfighter


9. Haley Joel Osment- The 6th Sense, A.I., Pay It Forward, Forest Gump, Second Hand Lions


10. Mickey Rooney- Boys Town, Andy Hardy and many many more


11. Jamie Bell- Billy Elliot, Chumscrubber, Dear Wendy, Nicholas Nickleby, Undertow, King Kong


12. Nikolai Burlyayev- Ivan's Childhood, Andrei Rublev, Hero of Our Time, Two Comrades Were Serving


13. Freddie Highmore- Two Brothers, Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate

Factory, Women Talking Dirty, 5 Children and It


14. Clemant van den Bergh- Class Trip, Fire That Burns, Like An Airplane


15. Jean Pierre- Leaud- The 400 Blows, Testament of Orpheus, Antoine et Colette,


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The child must be the one I've been referring to, but the photos I've

seen online do not exactly match the appearance of the kid I'm

thinking of!


He must be the one, though, because his filmography is lengthy

and covers the time frame I remember having seen the child actor

that I remember.


His filmography cites Houseboat and The Long, Long Trailer,

movies I saw, but I just can't recall seeing him in those movies.


I will watch the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral to confirm that the one

you cite and the one I remember are the same, since he was cast

in that western.


I'm nearly 100% sure you have found the child actor I have been

looking for, because everything else seems to match.


His online biography could also explain why I haven't seen him

after the 1960's started - he just couldn't transition to adult roles.


In any case, thanks for taking the time to get an answer and have

a good one!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Regarding the child star I was looking for, I indicated

in an earlier reply that Charles Herbert appeared to be a

match, but I suspected he wasn't because he was clearly

younger than the child I remember from the late 50's.


I confirmed further by looking at The Fly on a DVD and

saw Herbert and knew he was not the child, again, as I had



To pursue the matter, I checked a child actors web

site, movieclassicskids, and found a photo for the child

star Richard Eyer and looked at his filmography to

further confirm and I'm nearly 100% convinced he is the

one I've been looking for - I can't find the Hitchcock TV

episode in his filmography, so I have to wonder if I'm

wrong about the Hitchcock connection, because the

photo shows me Eyer is the youngster I remember

seeing in so many TV episodes during the late 50's.


Everything appears to match and I can further

confirm by viewing one of his movies from his

filmography and that should clinch it.


By the way, his brother also was a child actor,

and Richard, born in 1945, was nearly a teenager

when I saw him and Charles Herbert was not, so

Herbert could not have been the child at all.


Like most child stars, Eyer was unable to transition

into adult roles and, from his biography on another

web site, I found he has been working recently as

an elementary school teacher.


This was a very interesting and fulfilling exercise

for me and I do thank you and everyone who may have

helped in the search for this "forgotten" child star.


Thanks again and have a great day.

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This is a good list, bit I'd like to add a few names:


1. Dean Stockwell--"Kim," "The Boy with Green Hair," "Gentlemen's Agreement,"

etc. When I think of child actors, I automatically think of him.


2. Brandon deWilde-- "Shane," "Member of the Wedding" "Night Passage" traded

off his looks, but held his own with the likes of Jean Arthur, Julie Harris, James



3. Patty McCormack--"The Bad Seed." This is the only film of hers that I have

ever seen and it's enough. She left an impression.


4. Natalie Wood--"Miracle on 34th Street," "The Star." Like Dean Stockwell,

she made a successful transformation into an adult actor. Tragically like

deWilde, she left us too soon.

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I haven't come across many mentions of Ann Carter on the boards, the preternaturally mature and luminously beautiful and vulnerable girl who played in I Married a Witch, Curse of the Cat People, and The Two Mrs. Carrolls and left show biz after appearing in Member of the Wedding (1952) at 16. Her solemn intelligence and otherworldly manner were quite memorable. Does anyone know anything about her? She appears below with Julia Dean in












The Curse of the Cat People (1944).

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