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The speaker had a fairly healthy big-screen career mid-1940s to mid-1950s, a smattering of TV appearences (including a series) for another sixteen years. For the last part of his life, some twenty-five years or so, he was married to an actress whose name and career were bigger than his.

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The actor spent most of his career in support and co-star roles, but he did have the lead and title role in a literary biopic. This movie has its moments, but the script has weaknesses due to the wartime issue date -- It gets off course into some international image issue. // It was during this filming that the star met the actress that he married four years later.

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The facts here are straight, but I'll admit to being kind of iffy about the quote. I read it in some mag or other when I was about 15, when all I knew about Mr. O'Shea was from summer reruns of his sitcom It's A Great Life . At least once on that series they made an inside joke, including a mention of Virginia Mayo in a list of glam actresses. Got a canned audience laugh.


As for the quote itself, it could be one of those situations where you pay your publicist maybe $25 to get your name in the paper, and the person who actually gets it into print gets $10 of that. So I vouch that I saw it in print, but I don't attach my credibility to the source.


Anyway, Lavender's thread.

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Trying a new one:


A popular panel show; guest panelists being quizzed on various matters. Referring to a dramatization of Uncle Tom's Cabin , the question is put: What happened to Topsy at the end of the drama?


Silence. A pause, then one panelist says:


"She went to the dressing room and removed her makeup. Then she went back to the hotel."


What destinguished panelist gave that answer?

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