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Thanks. I'll resist the temptation to go to, "God bless all in this house." / "Wipe your feet." . and go to this one, which turned up on one of the Premium Channels this past week:


"...I remember Toronto in 1913. We had one Ump named Bates. And it was gettin' dark and he won't call the game because he was with the other guys and we was winning. So Pudge Howard, who's catchin' for us, calls a 3-way confab on the mound with me and Highpockets Wilson, who was pitchin' for us. And Pudge squats down behind the plate and Highpockets lets go with a blazer, right down the pipe. Pow! 'Ball!' says the Ump. 'Well if that's a ball, I'm gonna eat it,' Pudge tells him. 'Well then, get eatin!' says the Ump. Pudge takes the ball and glump! takes a bite right out of it, like this. 'Course it isn't a baseball; it's a yellow apple, like one of these, that I gave him out on the mound. Bates goes down in history as Old Blindy Bates, who can't tell a baseball from a yellow apple."


"Great stuff happened in them days."


"Yeah, great stuff happenin' all the time."



Who? Context?

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1980s film with some serious star power. The former pro-baller left his family years ago, and now is homeless. (At the time-setting of the story, that word hadn't been invented; he was just a bum). In this scene he is facing his daughter (adult, estranged, resentful) and her family.

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Just before telling the yellow-apple story, he read to the family a letter that the daughter (age about eleven) had written to him in 1913 during the road trip that included Toronto. Her husband was the one who made the "great stuff" commint. It forms the first step toward re-establishing contact with his daughter.

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