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The 2008 TCM Message Board Awards - Part Two.


As promised in the original MBA announcement, there is more. But this is something at which everyone here has proven themselves in being very adept. Making A List.


Every week there is a new thread asking for the members' list of favorites of one kind or another. So, we thought it would be interesting and fun to create a list as part of the 2008 Message Board Awards.


In a following post you will read a list of (virtually) all the films that had their Primetime premiere on TCM in 2008. All you have to do is choose "Ten Favorite Film Premieres of 2008" and post it in this thread.

We considered posting some sort of descriptive info on the titles but then thought that everyone would know what their favorites were without needing to be told anything more than the name.


A list of ten movies. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? We'll see...

(That's one out of every 22 titles on THE LIST.)


Good Luck! We'll think you'll need it.


*The 2008 Nominating Committee*

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TCM Primetime Films Premieres of 2008


:: January ::

Star Of The Month - James Cagney / Spotlight - "Great Romances"


Things To Come ('36)

The Terminator ('84)

The Warriors ('79)

The Matchmaker ('58)

Emma ('96)

Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here ('69)

The Natural ('84)

Cell 2455, Death Row ('55)

A Trip To Bountiful ('85)

Bad Company ('72)

Targets ('68)

The File On Thelma Jordan ('50)

The Bullfighter And The Lady ('51)

Killer Of Sheep ('77) and the other Charles Burnett films

The Red Pony ('49)

Thunder Rock ('42)

The Way To The Stars ('45)

Beau Brummel ('24)


And these January TCM Underground Premieres

Skidoo ('68)

Death Race 2000 ('75)

Barbarella ('68)

The Kids Are Alright ('79)



:: February ::

"31 Days Of Oscar"


Atlantic City ('81)

Wings Of The Dove ('97)

Kundun ('97)

Wings ('27)

Wild Is The Wind ('57)

Easy Rider ('69)

The Reivers ('69)

Five Easy Pieces ('70)

The Black Hole ('79)

The War Of The Worlds ('53)

Voyage Of The Damned ('76)

Apocalypse, Now ('79)

Midnight Express ('78)

Bedknobs And Broomsticks ('71)

Seance On A Wet Afternoon ('64)

Radio Days ('87)

The Nightmare Before Christmas ('93)

The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King ('03)

Se7en ('95)

Caesar And Cleopatra ('45)

Little Big Man ('70)

Save The Tiger ('73)

Steel Magnolias ('89)

Amistad ('97)

L.A. Confidential ('97)

The Buccaneer ('58)

The Commandos Strike At Dawn ('42)

Equus ('77)

Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams ('73)

Yes, Giorgio ('82)

Annie ('82)

Contact ('97)

Marathon Man ('76)

The Bodyguard ('92)


and these "31 Days" titles in March

The Dresser ('83)

All About Eve ('50)

Maverick ('94)



:: March ::

"Acting Dynasties" / Spotlight - "Psych 101"


The President's Analyst ('67)

The Rake's Progress ('45)

Macbeth ('48)

Maniac ('63)

The Rat Race ('60)

Boeing, Boeing ('65)

The Girl With Green Eyes ('64)

Posse ('75)

What About Bob? ('91)

Adam and Evalyn ('49)

Transatlantic Tunnel ('35)

High School Confidential ('58)

Cooley High ('75)

Gypsy Girl ('66)


and these March TCM Underground premieres

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living... ('65)

Rat Pfink A Boo Boo ('66)

Emma Mae ('76)

Blood On Satan's Claw (70)



:: April ::

Star Of The Month - Hedy Lamarr / Spotlight - "Ridin' The Rails"


The Long Riders ('80)

The Cassandra Crossing ('76)

Start The Revolution Without Me ('70)

Let No Man Write My Epitaph ('60)

The Fabulous Dorseys ('47)

Easy Living ('37)

I Love A Bandleader ('45)

The Stepford Wives ('75)

Zulu ('64)

Glory ('89)

The Ghost Train ('41)


:: May ::

Star Of The Month - Frank Sinatra / Spotlight - Memorial Day


The Bounty Killer ('65)

Hungry Hill ('47)

Five ('51)

Marriage On The Rocks ('65)

A Hole In The Head ('59)

Capricorn One ('78)

Hobson's Choice ('54)

Cathy Come Home ('66)

Sergeants 3 ('62)

1941 ('79)

The Eagle Has Landed ('76)

Jacqueline ('56)

Highly Dangerous ('50)

The Singer Not The Song ('60)

Screaming Mimi ('58)


and these May TCM Underground premieres

Blacula ('72)

Scream, Blacula, Scream ('73)

Reefer Madness ('36)

Count Yorga, Vampire ('70)

Sugar Hill ('74)

Haxan ('22)


:: June ::

Star Of The Month - Sophia Loren / Spotlight - Asian Images In Film


The Dragon Painter ('19)

Too Bad She's Bad ('54)

The Millionairess ('61)

Daughter Of The Dragon ('31)

The L-Shaped Room ('61)

Seventh Cavalry ('56)

Charlie Chan At The Circus ('36)

Charlie Chan in Honolulu ('38)

Thank You, Mr. Moto ('37)

Daughter Of Shanghai ('37)

That Kind Of Woman ('59)

The Oscar ('66)

Walk Like A Dragon ('60)

Desire Under The Elms ('58)

The Black Orchid ('59)

A Breath Of Scandal ('60)

The Crimson Kimono ('59)

Kill A Dragon ('67)

Boy On A Dolphin ('57)

Rush Hour 2 ('01)

The Joy Luck Club ('93)

Mr. Baseball ('92)


and these TCM Underground premieres

Wicked, Wicked ('73)

Machine Gun McCain ('70)

The Apple ('80)

Roller Boogie ('79)


:: July ::

Star Of The Month - Rosalind Russell / Spotlight - Big Bands In The Movies


The Guilt Of Janet Ames ('47)

Las Vegas Nights ('41)

The Count Of Monte Cristo ('34)

Craig's Wife ('36)

A Majority Of One ('61)

Rhythm Romance ('39)

You Can't Win 'Em All ('70)

You Can't Do WIthout Love ('44)

Rough Seas ('31)

A Woman Of Distinction ('50)

Make-Believe Ballroom ('49)

Walk East On Beacon ('45)

Trapped By G-Men ('37)

When G-Men Step In ('38)

Monte Walsh ('70)

A Man Called Horse ('70)



:: August ::

"Summer Under The Stars"


Pulp ('72)

The Billion Dollar Brain ('67)

The Last Frontier ('55)

Agnes Of God ('85)

84 Charing Cross Road ('86)

Pardon My Past ('45)

The Lady Is Willing ('42)

With Six you Get Eggroll ('68)

Pick-Up On South Street ('53)

The Notorious Landlady ('62)

The Man Inside ('58)

The Locked Door ('29)

I Am The Law ('38)

The Heart Of The Matter ('54)

The Passionate Friends ('49)

A Man's Castle ('33)



:: September ::

Star Of The Month - Kay Francis / Spotlight - American Politics In Film


Millions Like Us ('43)

Big Deal On Madonna Street ('58)

The Candidate ('72)

Raffles ('30)

Swiss Family Robinson ('60)

Heaven's Above ('63)

Cops And Robbers ('73)

Cynara ('32)

Secrets ('33)

2,000 Women ('44)

Enter Laughing ('67)

Hostile Witness ('68)

Sail A Crooked Ship ('61)

The Hoodlum Priest ('61)

The Parent Trap ('61)


:: October ::

Star Of The Month - Carole Lombard / Spotlight - RKO Studios Anniversary


Boomerang! ('47)

Pollyanna ('60)

Twentieth Century ('34)

**** De Fete ('49)

Playtime ('73)

Song Of India ('49)

The Eagle And The Hawk ('33)

Brief Moment ('33)

No More Orchids ('32)

Bang The Drum Slowly ('73)

Eight Men Out ('88)

Dead Of Night ('45)

Torture Garden ('67)

Twice-Told Tales ('63)

Spirits Of The Dead ('68)

The Haunted Palace ('63)

The Shuttered Room ('67)

The Dunwich Horror ('70)


and these TCM Underground premieres

Blood Feast ('63)

Two-Thousand Maniacs ('64)



:: November ::

Star Of The Month - Charles Laughton / Spotlight - "Leading Couples"


Prelude To Fame ('50)

All The President's Men ('76)

Fire Over England ('36)

We Live Again ('34)

Beloved Enemy ('36)

Nana ('34)

One Heavenly Night ('30)

The Masquerader ('33)

The Young In Heart ('38)

The Runaway ('62)


and these TCM Underground premieres

The Trip ('67)

Psych-Out ('68)

Suspiria ('77)

Monster A Go-Go ('65)

The Giant Spider Invasion ('75)

The Harder They Come ('72)



:: December ::

Star Of The Month - Joseph Cotten / Spotlight - "The Family Classics"


The Parallax View ('74)

The Pelican Brief ('93)

Great Expectations ('9)

The Rocking Horse Winner ('49)

Drums ('38)

Meet Me Tonight ('52)

The Model Shop ('69)

The Cheaters ('45)

Cluny Brown ('46)

A Beautiful Mind ('01)

Heaven's Gate ('81)


and these TCM Underground premieres

All Night Long ('61)

Beyond The Fog ('72)

The Road To Ruin ('34)

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In no particular order of preference:

1. Thunder Rock ('42)

2. Wings ('27) : was that a premiere or just a better copy?

3. The L-Shaped Room ('61)

4. Rhythm Romance ('39)

5. The Eagle And The Hawk ('33)

6. Beloved Enemy ('36)

7. Millions Like Us ('43)

8. Zulu ('64)

9. Easy Living ('37)

10. The Way To The Stars ('45)


***11. Heller in Pink Tights ('60), though not listed as a premiere here?


Oops! Never mind, I just re-read your post and saw that it only included primetime premieres. Bangs head on keyboard...


Message was edited by: patful, he of so little reading comprehension

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In approximate order, 1 being most excited.


1. *Craig's Wife* ('36)

2. *Pick-Up On South Street* ('53)

3. *Twentieth Century* ('34)

4. *The Matchmaker* ('58)

5. *Easy Living* ('37)

6. *Secrets* ('33)

7. *The File On Thelma Jordan* ('50)

8. *Skidoo* ('68)

9. *The Oscar* ('66)

10. *Things To Come* ('36)


(Barely missed the list: *Daughter Of Shanghai* ('37) ).

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"Ten Favorite Film Premieres of 2008"


My list is in no particular order:


1. "Killer of Sheep"


2. "Se7en"


3. "All About Eve" (fasten your seat belts...Bette's the Queen!)


4."Screaming Mimi" (Okay, perhaps this IS my favorite of the premieres! It's Anita Ekberg for gosh sakes! A great dame with a great dane).


5. "Blacula" (that's a baaaad cape!)


6. "The Crimson Kimono" (Fuller's a tough l'il S.O.B.)


7. "Pick-Up on South Street" (the close-up of Jean Peters was lovely...and the girl could take a sock in the jaw like a champ!)


8. "Twentieth Century" (Lombard is sublime!)


9. "Five Easy Pieces" (only Jack can order a sandwich like that).


10. "Daughter of Shanghai" (I love Anna May Wong!)


Thanx for the second opportunity MBA Committee!

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A List Of Ten Favorite Premieres in 2008


*Kundun* - a gorgeous telling of the life of the Dalai Lama courtesy of Martin Scorsese.


*Pollyanna* - Haley Mills had a supporting cast that more experienced actors would have killed for.


*84 Charing Cross Road* - comparisons to *Brief Encounter* are deserved. (the homage in the movie theater notwithstanding.)


*Start The Revolution Without Me* - a good farce/slapstick is a rare find. ("I thought it was a costume ball.")


*The Parallax View* - because, unlike Warren Beatty's hair, political thrillers never go out of style.


*Easy Living* - a fresh Jean Arthur in a Preston Sturges script. To die for.


*All The President's Men* - with John Dean in attendance, a memorable night turned into a remarkable night.


*Hobson's Choice* - a Charles Laughton film is always exceptional. In the hands of David Lean it becomes extraordinary. Thanks Tim Roth.


*Twentieth Century* - the final (?) truly great screwball comedy never before seen on TCM. I came to watch Lombard and Barrymore but I remember the lines of Roscoe Karns and Walter Connolly.


*All About Eve* - because who would have guessed Fox would let this one out of their vault - for a showing on TCM during Oscar month, no less. Robert Osborne never looked more excited than when introducing this film to the viewers of TCM. Finally.


Kyle In Hollywood

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> {quote:title=patful wrote:}{quote}

> Say, Kyle, with all of your extra-curricular activities of late, does this mean you'll be skipping the Challenge? :-(


Are you kidding? 'movieman1957' would hunt me down if I didn't take part in his Challenge.


I plan on taking part as soon as the other activities are completed.


And *Heller In Pink Tights* wasn't marked as a premiere on the TCM pdf. Maybe it was seen in the past during an Anthony Quinn event?


Kyle In Hollywood

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My "Ten Favorite Film Premiers of 2008" are listed randomly, not preferentially:


All About Eve ('50)

The Natural ('84)

Maverick ('94)

Macbeth ('48)

A Hole In The Head ('59)

The Parent Trap ('61)

The Count Of Monte Cristo ('34)

84 Charing Cross Road ('86)

The Cheaters ('45)

Cluny Brown ('46)


--Gus Cerini

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Whew, glad to hear you'll be participating.


*...Heller In Pink Tights wasn't marked as a premiere...*


I can't remember, but I really thought it was. But it was shown late-night, not prime-time...


Then again, I thought *Fanny* was also a premiere.

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My list:


10. *A Hole In The Head* 1959 - On of my favorite Sinatra films. I like Robinson and Ritter in it too.


9. *Cluny Brown* 1946 - Lubitsch's last completed film. I caught this for the first time when it premiered on TCM. I thought Jones was very good. The more I see of Boyer the more I like him. He's becoming a favorite of mine.


8. *Great Expectations* 1946 - This is probably my favorite film version of any of Dickens' tales and I like a lot of films based on his works.


7. *Seance On A Wet Afternoon* 1964 - I had always wanted to see this. Kim Stanley, in a rare film role, leads a great cast. I love films like this.


6. *Daughter Of Shanghai* 1937 - Thanks to TCM I had the chance to take a closer look at Anna May Wong on film. I found her fascinating.


5. *Man's Castle* 1933 - I really liked this Borzage film. A good story, nicely photographed that really captures it's depression era setting. Nice work by Spencer Tracy and Loretta Young and Marjorie Rambeau gives a very memorable performance.


4. *The Rocking Horse Winner* 1950 - Another film I never would have seen if TCM hadn't shown it. It left quite an emotional impact. Dark, disturbing, moving, tragic.


3. *Dead Of Night* 1945 - Great film to watch late at night, alone, in the dark. Frightening, spooky and well done.


2.*Pick-Up On South Street* 1953 - A great Samuel Fuller noir thriller from Fox. Richard Widmark and Jean Peters are top notch. Thelma Ritter is unforgettable. One of the best.


1. *Easy Living* 1937 - Directed by Mitchell Leisen, written by Preston Sturges and featuring Jean Arthur, Edward Arnold and Ray Milland, this would have to be one of the great screwball comedies wouldn't it? I often wondered if I would ever get a chance to find out. I had wanted to see this film for years but it was unavailable. When TCM showed it in conjunction with it's DVD release I was thrilled. Would I be disappointed after building up expectations over the years? Happily no. It's now one of my favorite comedies. Arthur and Arnold are at their best and perfectly suited for this story of how a girl's life completely changes when a fur coat falls on her head. I think it's my favorite role for both of them and that's saying a lot. A very funny film that should be better remembered. It comes in as my number one pick.


One question. Wasn't the Lon Chaney/Tod Browning silent *The Blackbird* (1926) a TCM premiere? If so it would have definitely made my list.


Oops! Nevermind. I thought the same thing as patful, but I didn't catch on after reading it in two posts. :) Primetime premieres! Got it. I thought there were a lot of films missing.


Message was edited by: molo14 who could also use a course in reading comprehension.

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In no particular order...


1. *Targets*


2. *Atlantic City*


3. *Easy Living*


4. *Hobson's Choice*


5. *The Crimson Kimono*


6. *Roller Boogie* & *The Giant Spider Invasion* (Tie. They're both at the same level of "quality")


7. *Craig's Wife*


8. *The Passionate Friends*


9. *A Man's Castle*


10. *Big Deal On Madonna Street*

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1. Pickup on South Street


2. A Man Called Horse


3. All About Eve


4. Marathon Man


5. Atlanic City


6. Radio Days


7. 84 Charing Cross Road


8. The Trip to Bountiful


9. L.A. Confidential


10. Apocalypse Now

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Happy New Year to everyone!! Here is my list, in no particular order:


1. Craig's Wife

2. Hobson's Choice

3. Easy Living

4. The Matchmaker

5. A Man's Castle

6. The Cheaters

7. Cluny Brown

8. The Rocking Horse Winner

9. All About Eve

10. The Red Pony

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1 Wings ('27)


2 L.A. Confidential ('97)


3 All About Eve ('50)


4 Charlie Chan At The Circus ('36)


5 Charlie Chan in Honolulu ('38)


6 The Oscar ('66)


7 Las Vegas Nights ('41)


8 Pick-Up On South Street ('53)


9 Bang The Drum Slowly ('73)


10 All The President's Men ('76)

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In no particular order:


The War of the Worlds

Seance On a Wet Afternoon

Easy Living

The Black Orchid

84 Charing Cross Rd.

The Locked Door


Beloved Enemy

The Rocking Horse Winner

Twenieth Century

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My list, in no particular order:


1 The File on Thelma Jordan ('50)


2 The Crimson Kimono ('59)


3 The Ghost Train ('41)


4 Craig's Wife ('36)


5 The Cheaters ('45)


6 Cluny Brown ('46)


7 All About Eve ('50)


8 Easy Living ('37)


9 Screaming Mimi ('58)


10 Adam and Evalyn ('49)


I could have easily chosen another five -- sure you don't want our fifteen favorites? ;)



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I couldn't pare it down any lower than 11 favorite premiers!



Beau Brummel ('24)

Easy Living ('37)

Five ('51)

The Black Orchid ('59)

The Guilt Of Janet Ames ('47)

The Passionate Friends ('49)

A Man's Castle ('33)

Raffles ('30)

Twentieth Century ('34)

Jour De Fete ('49)

Cluny Brown ('46)

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Looking through the list, in chronological order of when they were aired:



*Atlantic City*

*All About Eve*

*Transatlantic Tunnel*

*Easy Living*

*Pickup on South Street*


*The Runaway*

*The Rocking Horse Winner*

*The Cheaters*


That's ten, and there are several others I'd like to have included:


*The Trip to Bountiful*

*High School Confidential*

*Hobson's Choice*

*The Crimson Kimono*

*Craig's Wife*

*Millions Like Us*


Apparently, *Juggernaut* and *Bridge to the Sun* weren't premieres. (That, and the Anna May Wong movie that wsa the first in Technicolor, or the Sessue Hayakawa movies that aired in June.)

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1. The Crimson Kimono

2. The File on Thelma Jordon

3. Pickup on South Street

4. Cluny Brown

5. Boomerang!

6. Screaming Mimi

7. The Eagle and the Hawk

8. H?xan

9. Caesar and Cleopatra

10. Fire Over England


Ahhhhhhhhh, it feels good to agree with Dangerous Di.

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Kyle, the list for December (not sure of the other months at this moment) isn't complete. Looking at the Now Playing Magazine, other premieres for the month were The Small Voice, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, Return from Witch Mountain, Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, and Herbie Goes Bananas. Hmm, do I detect an anti-Disney stance here?


Of the ones you listed, here ar the ten I would pick (in no order):


Beau Brummel (1924)

The Count of Monte Cristo


All the President?s Men

Fire Over England



Hobson?s Choice

Swiss Family Robinson

Great Expectations

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I don't post much around here, but I LOVE making lists.


1. Easy Living ('37) - I have never laughed so hard, as I did during the automat scene.


2. The Notorious Landlady ('62) - I had such high expectations for this one, and it didn't disappoint. Probably my favorite of all the movies listed here, besides #1.


3. The File on Thelma Jordan (50)


4. Wild is the Wind (57)


5. The Stepford Wives (75) - Paula Prentiss turning into one of "them" is one of the most depressing scenes I've ever seen in a film. Really.


6. A Hole in the Head (59)


7. The Eagle and the Hawk (33) - Please TCM show more pre-code Paramount-era Fredric March. PLEASE.


8. The Shuttered Room (67) - I can't say no to a movie where Gig Young starts karate-chopping the bad guys. That scene is completely made of win.


9. Voyage of the Damned (76)


10. Pardon My Past (45)


Like Fedya, I would have voted for "Bridge to the Sun" if it were a premiere, as well as "The Bitter Tea of General Yen". And one more thing, "The Last Frontier" isn't a premiere (if I had enough slots, that would have been my #11), although the guide said it was. TCM had showed it years before in the early 2000's, listed under a different title: "Savage Wilderness" I think. I always thought that was a little strange.

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