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It Seems About a Yr Since TCM Has Aired Anything New or Really Interesting

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Is it just me or has TCM become boring lately? I have been a passionate TCM devotee for many years, but for the last year I have actually been switching to other channels to find something interesting (IFC and Sundance, e.g.) It is literally the first time in years that I have looked at other stations. It's very upsetting, because I love TCM so much. It has always provided me with a very comforting and soothing little black and white world of my own, which I have come to rely on to get away from the harsh realities of the "real" world. But, with a few exceptions like All About Eve and 20th Century, it seems about a year now that TCM has aired anything of great interest. There seems to be an abundance of bad '60's beach movies and serial cowboy or detective films that were bad B films even in their day. We haven't seen "Palm Beach Story" or "A Foreign Affair" or "Lady Eve" in ages. They NEVER respond to my requests for fabulous films like Design for Living, or Desire or Beat the Devil or Trouble in Paradise. Has anyone else noticed this? And if so, what can we do to get TCM back to what it once was?

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It's too bad you haven't enjoyed TCM this past year. Between the wonderful films such as *The Cheat*, *Toll of the Sea*, the wonderful Charlie Chans and Fu Man Chus, *The Bitter Tea of General Yen* and all the other great films that were part of the *Asian Images* retrospective in June, Jimmy Cagney, Hedy Lamar, Rosalind Russell,Kay Francis, Carole Lombard, Charles Laughton and Joseph Cotton as *Stars of the Month*, the great Marie Dressler day and the Laurel and Hardy day as part of *SUTS*, the tribute to Anita Page earlier this month with some wonderful early talkies, the salute to Able Gance, as well as *Cluny Brown* and *The Cheaters* for Christmas, TCM has been very enjoyable for me this year.


I'm looking forward to tomorrow's evening New York vs LA with *King Kong* and *Them*.

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*"But, with a few exceptions like All About Eve and 20th Century, it seems about a year now that TCM has aired anything of great interest."* - JulieNewYork


We think 'JulieNewYork' needs a 2008 Message Board Awards Ballot.

See here -



and watch your Private Message Mailbox.


*The MBA Nominating Committee*

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They NEVER respond to my requests for fabulous films like Design for Living, or Desire or Beat the Devil or Trouble in Paradise. Has anyone else noticed this? And if so, what can we do to get TCM back to what it once was?


Hi Julie,


The "suggest a movie" option is still worth trying. Don't forget to check the schedule regularly and use the email reminder when you see a favorite movie coming up. *Trouble in Paradise* was just aired in October as part of the Kay Francis month. *Desire* is part of the Paramount library that is now owned by Universal Studios. One of the programmers has mentioned on these boards that they are working with Universal to get the rights to some of these films.


Most of the films you mentioned are available on DVD. Many of us are trying to get TCM to air films that are not available yet. They can start by airing *Murder, He Says.*


Anyway good luck! :)

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For awhile (in the recent past), TCM was showing some interesting Columbia Bs (many more were scheduled and subsequently canceled). We got BY WHOSE HAND, THE BIG TIMER, ATLANTIC ADVENTURE, et al. This seems to have really slowed down.

And back in the day, many pre-Codes from WB-FN, RKO and MGM were shown regularly... I really miss those (where are THE MIND READER; PHANTOM OF CRESTWOOD; THE FIREBIRD; BLONDIE JOHNSON; Alice White; John Gilbert; William Haines; et al?).

It seems as though TCM is morphing into something else...fewer vintage B movies, fewer pre-Codes. This is a shame as TCM's most devoted (and long-time) fans want that type of programming. TCM is still the best channel available, but it's left us at the altar.

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Julie New York:


*No, it's not just you at all!!!!!*


If you're not a fan of the Asian influence or the "Great" Charlie Chans/Fu Manchus, you were with me, even accepting dreaded commercials for something to watch. If you're not a fan of foreign language films - wait. . . who the heck is Abel Gance - Oh, he's a FRENCH director, thanks but I learned recently that movies are ordered in such bulk, at a few cents each, that a special order for a few foreign language films are no big deal to Hollywood video, as long as you talk nicely to the manager. I'm still learning the quirks of our own American directors, so foreign directors I can do without. But that's how you learn what a maudlin s.o.b. someone like Douglas Sirk is, or how powerful an Anthony Mann must be to get the actions he does from his actors.


The Stars of the Month were good except I wish they could have found some previously un-aired films, or at least less aired. I never miss Oscar month because if nothing else, you can be sure of getting some top notch films.


But as for the bulk of the year, yes, the reruns are extraordinary as well as so close together. Showing one week and again one or two weeks later is a little much, even if they do show them in different times of the day or night.


So hang in there, the older you get, the older the movies get and sooner or later those 60's films will be classics and will fit right in. I've learned that there actually were some pretty good movies made in the 60's if you look hard enough.



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TCM has not disappointed me this year, there have been some unique movies i.e. "J'Accuse" , "Mr Wu" and "The Unknown".


Some others were "The Ragman", "Orphans of the Storm" and "Ben-Hur" (silent version).


TCM are like other channels, one cannot expect they show everything we like at once.

2009 might hold some surprises - we may get to see films that has not seen the light of a projector since it was made.


I just saw for the first time on AMC "Prancer" which was a nice holiday movie. I don't know if TCM ever showed it or not.


As far as IFC, my goodness I just saw my first NC-17 movie on it. I hope you don't expect TCM to show them. Some people are upset that uncut R rated have been shown on TCM but it can be expected. TCM is not ABC Family or the Hallmark channels.


It would be nice to see 1930's movies that didn't got past the censors back then to be shown, at worst they would be by todays standards rated PG-13.


Sounds like you're bored entirely and as the song goes "57 Channels and Nothing On". OMG only 57! Bruce Springsteen needs to update it to 200 *channels* (and we're STILL bored!)


As a footnote "When Yellowstone Erupts" was the best made for video movie I've ever seen this past year. For Sci-fi , "A Sound of Thunder" was a surprise, that channel usually STINKS far are movie plot and quality goes.


Getting TCM back to what it once was is wishful thinking. There are several other channels I wish they got back to the original theme concept i.e. AMC with *NO* commercials!


Oh yes for you "I only watch TCM" diehards, remember "Man cannot live on bread (TCM) alone"

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Take a look at the thread called *The List* --- it's a list of the 221 (!) movies that had their TCM premieres this year. It gives you a chance to vote for your favorites. The breadth of the list is really astonishing.


If you only view TCM during prime time, I can see how you might think it can get samey-samey --- TCM tends to program mass-audience crowd-pleasers like *Casablanca* then. Get a DVR and check the schedule each month, there are always films in every month that TCM has never aired.


My personal favorite blocks of programming last year were the Kay Francis month and the Asians in Cinema month. Kay Francis was an enormously popular actress in her day, and without TCM you would likely only be able to see her in one or two films on DVD --- and TCM showed nearly all of her work in a single month. And the Asian grouping brought in not only terrific Anna May Wong movies, but also gave a context to the Mr. Moto/Charlie Chan type films --- those are movies that I find interesting in context, although I wouldn't usually just pop in a DVD.


Message was edited by: ChipHeartsMovies, who makes typos like anyone else.

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TCM is my favorite, but I have to admit to being disappointed in it lately. It seems like the same ten or so movies get shown over and over. In the Good Old Summertime and Citizen Kane come to mind.

What really gets me is when a guest programmer comes on and most ot their list consists of things that were just shown recently. I'd like to see some little-known gems, or at least something I haven't seen in over a year. Tim Roth selected a Carol White movie, which was completely new to me. A while back, Mia Farrow selected quite a few movies that I had never heard of. It was interesting to see and enjoy movies I would probably never come across of choose on my own.

Now, I'm well aware that TCM is a "classic" movie station, but I know there are a lot more "old" movies around, than just the same group shown five or six times a month(granted, dif days & times).

I've always enjoyed "Bob's Picks". He always seems to find wonderful, little-seen gems.

TCM, I love you, so please, give us some variety.

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