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From the world of classic movies, I always love the mysterious, slightly dangerous women. Veronica Lake would definitely make my list, as would Hedy Lamarr or Greta Garbo....Maybe Louise Brooks. Any of these women would be a challenge, so I'm not sure that it qualify as a "dream date," but man would I have an interesting time. Today's equivalent would probably be Angelina Jolie, who I think is beautiful beyond words. My first question to Angelina would be, "So, what was the deal with Billy Bob!?" I'm still trying to figure that doomed union out!

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Definitively Hedy Lamarr (at the time of I Take this Woman), Gene Tierney (at the time of Leave Her To Heaven), Grace Kelly (at the time of The Swan), Vivien Leigh (at the time of Lady Hamilton) and Elizbeth Taylor (at the time of A Place in the Sun), in that order.

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I don't think it's any secret to anyone who I'd pick.




Harlowkeatongirl Keaton. How does that sound? Because as y'all know that's my real name. :P


I think he had pretty eyes and a sweet gentleness about him. And from all accounts he was a shy person in real life. That would suit me fine, since I'm not exactly loud myself. ;) And from the few smiling pictures I've seen he's got a nice smile, too. And I know he liked to play practical jokes on his female co-stars, but I don't know about his girlfriends/wives... I'd be keeping saran wrap in the bathroom cabinet just in case.... hehehe


(I always seem to go for the skinny ones.... *thinks about last boyfriend*...)


And alternative picks in case Buster happened to be busy, married, or something:


Rudy Valentino

Clark Gable

Gary Cooper

Jimmy Stewart

Mickey Rooney (I know... not the typical ****, but I have the feeling he'd be fun)

Errol Flynn

Charlie Chaplin



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Well, most of ya know who my choice is......COOP!!! LOVE that man!! :D


Some other favorites of mine:


Rudy Valentino -- AT HIS MOST BEAUTIFUL:

The 20s (those eyes.....WOW!!)



The 30s and 40s.



The 30s, 40s


John Derek -- AT HIS MOST BEAUTIFUL: The late 40s and the 50s. Best features -- his deep eyes, and his mouth.


Clark Gable -- AT HIS MOST BEAUTIFUL: 30's and 40's


Newer actors:


Hugh Jackman -- AT HIS MOST BEAUTIFUL: From the 90s.


Johnny Depp -- AT HIS MOST BEAUTIFUL: From the 90s. Best Features -- Those eye and that sensual mouth!!!


Harrison Ford -- AT HIS MOST BEAUTIFUL: The late 70s.


Oded Fehr (played Ardeth Bey in "The Mummy" movies) -- AT HIS MOST BEAUTIFUL: From the late 90's. Like him best with long hair!!



And now for my quirky side!!


Billy Bob Thornton in anything but "Sling Blade"!

Jean Renoir in just about anything

Kevin Kline -- loved him in "French Kiss"

Kevin Spacey -- I can't even begin to explain this one!*lol*

Gabriel Byrne




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Stella when you refer to Jean Renoir...you mean Jean Reno?, the french actor of "The Big Blue" among others...'cos Jean Renoir was a famous french director of the 1920's, 30's and 40's....son of famous XIXth Century pianter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir....

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Yes, I was drooling over him the other week when TCM showed "They Died With Their Boots On." :D Yummay.



> My dream date would definately have to be Errol

> Flynn. He was such a good looking man.


> And if I had a second choice it would be Joseph

> Cotten. I've always liked him too.



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