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Coming Soon. The 12th Programming Challenge

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_It's the 12th Edition of The Programming Challenge!_


Got those post holiday blues? Wondering how you'll get through January? Well, do what 4 out of 5 board members recommend - submit a schedule for the Programming Challenge.


Here is what some board members say -


"It's fun."

"It's satisfying just to complete a schedule."

"Who knows, maybe TCM will use one of my ideas."

"I like competing against the best."

"Chris won! How did that happen?"


For the first time in 2009 you have a chance to be the best of the best. A chance to be held in high regard by several people on this board. So get those holiday decorations put away. Get a pen and a movie guide. Put out the cat and get your brain in gear because this may be the most important thing you do this month. (Well, it could.)


Get ready for the 12th edition of THE PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE.


Beginning January 12th. Look for details soon.

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*Wondering how you'll get through January?*


Why, yes, Chris, indeed I have. I find myself a bit testy around here lately (anyone noticed? ;-) ), wondering when you would launch the next Challenge. Don't know if I can wait ten more days, though, even started coming up with ideas yesterday.

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Yay! I'm definitely in. But I think you knew that already.


And please don't put any cats outside, no matter how badly you want to participate in the challenge. It's super cold outside and really, who wants to wake up to the sight of a frozen cat-sicle?

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It will be mostly like the others. I do have a special feature planned that so far is unlike any of the previous challenges but if I thought of it how hard could it be.


My thought when playing was always to make it as if TCM had done it themselves. That is what I am attempting this time.


You'll find out for sure on Monday.




So far we have quite a list of challengers and there is always room for more. Newcomers are always welcome.

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*I do have a special feature planned...*


Is that an all-premiere week? ;-)


*So far we have quite a list of challengers...*


If I end up in the hospital with this upper-respiratory infection, one less... :-(

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Plenty of fluids and plenty of rest....hopefully you will be better soon!


PS...Chris...I think you folks are going to have a lot of fun...I am looking forward to looking in....but I know this is way out of my ball park ....still I will enjoy watching from the stands.

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> How about a hint of what we're going to do, Chris?


Your task will be to program a week of TCM's schedule. ;-)


The wrinkle will be that you may not program any movies whose cast includes *Judy Garland*. :-p

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Thanks Chris and Patful for the encouragement...but I will have to see though...I may not have enough hair (you know...to pull out while trying to figure out how the whole thing works)...If #12 doesn't end up working out...maybe 13 will be my lucky number and I'll give it a try then. I will see what happens. Because when it comes to actual (worthwhile) knowledge of classic film...


the biggest idiot... Patful...excuse me, but I think you are wearing my nametag by mistake. :-)


Good luck everybody!!

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*"I'm the biggest idiot here and I thought I did a pretty decent job."* - 'patful'


Whadaya talking about? I only remember someone named 'ydobon' being in the last Challenge. That person did a remarkable job and, if my mind hasn't gone on "the fritz", almost came out on top as the favorite of all schedules submitted.


I am glad I won't have to compete with 'ydobon' in the new Challenge. He's a lot better than he believes. He's so good I bet he could even coach the "newbies".


Kyle In Hollywood

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"ydobon." I just figured it out what it means. D'Oh.


The best part about hosting it is I won't have to complete against all this talent. With several returning winners and some newer anxious participants this figures be really good in spite of myself.


It comes Monday. Man, I'm nervous.

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*...if my mind hasn't gone on "the fritz"...* - Kyle


Should we start calling you Fritz now? ;-) The cowardly ydobon and myself pulled our entries in the last two contests. In my first Challenge, so few people voted that everyone was within a vote or two of winning.


*He's so good I bet he could even coach the "newbies".*


Are you trying to make my enormous noggin even bigger? And *everyone* knows I chase newbies away from here. ;-)

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