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Let's Just Call It TCM With a Gay Slant

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I haven't posted in this or any other of the threads that have started up about this subject before now, but from my observance these threads always seem to created by newbies to the board. Who are they? Well, I know that standard operating procedure for people that join the forums who are legitimately interested in TCM is to post within existing threads, not creating any threads until they get the lay of the land, as it were. This procedure is polite, and allows others time to get to know them. It also stops one from creating any blunders.


Then we have the threads that come from people posting for the first time and they start right in complaining about something, usually TCM, and it is usually a volatile subject. Most times these original posters never reappear in the threads or in any of the other other forums. And, suddenly, there will usually be a whole group of other newcomers creating new threads at the same time.


Being a longtime member of this board, I have seen it happen quite often. And it has been my observance that the greatest amount of new screennames showing up and creating new threads that might be flamebait always seems to happen when kids are on a school break. When school does go back in session, the forums get back to normal and those newcomers are never heard from again.


I put this behavior down to "troll"ism. They (if it is a "they"; it could also likely be one individual creating numerous screennames) seem to be kids, whether they be prior to teen years, teenagers or young college students. And they (or he) are looking to start firefights and then sit back and laugh while the regular members of the board do battle. I have also noticed that here and in other forums, the thing that someone who is immature considers the greatest insult is to call someone "gay."


My best advice: when you see a flamebait thread like this, created by someone who has just joined, ignore it completely.

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Show your ID at the door?


They do this at election polling sites in certain Southern states. Doesn't work there, either.


I've been watching TCM since its inception. And the Nazis at the door get to decide who can make a comment and who can't? The mentality shown in this post goes a long way towards illustrating the uptight, incestuous behaviour deemed "normal" on these message boards. Gosh, even reminds one of.....yeah, the high school cafeteria scene and who gets to sit at the "popular" table.


And, to underline the original point of the thread, look at today's TCM programming choice - "Susan Slade." TCM is making the point better than this writer could.


"Susan Slade"? I'm mincing in my Manolo's!


And on a more serious note: Let's do what we can to support the repeal of Prop. 8 and show that Rick Warren is in no way a leader for the United States.

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*Um..Now let me get this straight (ooops)*


*wasn't PICK UP ON QUEER STREET on the same bill with*




I swear...tears of laughter running down my face!!!


These two classics are sometimes shown with a documentary called The Gaiety of the Gays in Gayville. It's an insightful look at someone who is not the only Gay in the village (for anyone who is a Little Britain fan).

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Wrong place for a discussion?


Apparently so.


An attempt at "ridicule" to derail discussion? Apparently. But this underscores a point made previously. The schoolyard analogy. New kid in school gets a round of ridicule.


But ridicule involves humor, a point lost on these participants. Reveling in self-satisfying arcane television knowledge leaves one longing for reruns of "Return of the Nerds." And humor involving sex with television/film animals? I'm sure you'll get plenty o' hits when you start your own thread on that one.


I think only one response on issue, and that one bringing up, among other examples, the communism and Hollywood Blacklisting in the '40's and '50's. Most relevant. Why?


Fear. Fear of exposure. Fear of persecution. Fear of - "The Other." An issue - communism - being thrashed about and used in an incendiary manner for political gain by a blaggard named Joseph McCarthy. Which led to....subtext, "slants," coded messages.


Yeah, McCarthy went after gays, too. Leading to (even more) underground behaviour.


So, if there's anything gay going on, in this day and age, bring it out in the open. Don't resort to secretiveness for the sake of avoiding perceived prejudices. Prejudices must be dealt with head on.


Using the name of Harvey Milk, since Van Sant's got his nice film out there, don't avoid it, talk about it. Don't ignore it, look it in the eyes. And you can't condemn it, because it's Not Going Away.



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No one is telling you you can't post.


You get credit. You used "Nazi" and "incestuous" in the same post. Way to make an argument.


So does TCM not show anything that might have homosexuality overt or implied in its movies? It is part of the film history and part of what TCM has always shown.


Originally it was about Osborne calling Randolph Scott "Randy" and how that had implications more than just familiarity. I would imagine from Osborne's perspective it did not.


P.S. Warren never claims to be anything other than the pastor of a church. I guess everyone can be mad at Obama for inviting him to do the invocation.

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Can we "TORCH" this thread...LOL...."Osborne calling Randolph Scott "Randy" was the reason this happened....I just thinking this is all about someone trying to start a fight and reading into something is not even there...If Robert calling someone "Randy" freaks them out "THAT" bad...then write a letter to TCM or Robert himself....


(SINGING: "To the Tune: "I've Written A Letter to Daddy)


I've Written A Letter to Robert

Asking him to call Randolph ...Well, Randolph not Randy because it up sets

(IN a deep voice...Very Looooooowww!) MMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!




PLLLLLEEEASE.....INSTEAD OF "Martin Scorsese" I call him Marty.....and if this is a gay slant...WOW this fighting words.....








*California Taxpayer Protection Act*



I want to call your attention to a statewide initiative in California that may change the debate on the automatic citizenship that is wrongly bestowed upon children born to illegal aliens and foreign visitors in the United States. The initiative -- The California Taxpayer Protection Act -- is being planned for the June 2010 California ballot. This may seem like a distant point on the horizon, but it's really not when you consider the herculean efforts necessary to secure a spot on the ballot in the state. Supporters are being sought from across the nation for this important initiative.

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*California Taxpayer Protection Act* >>


How about we forgo talking politics for awhile and talk about the thing that brings us all here in the first place, classic movies?


Let's try to heal some of the breaches that have occurred in all the political talk instead of creating more.

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Fourth Time's the Charm for Gary Oldman



Gary Oldman spent last week doing what he loves best - getting' married. The 50-year-old star of 'Dark Knight', 'Harry Potter' and 'Dracula' tied the knot for the fourth time with musician Alexandra Edenborough at a small ceremony in California, according to a report in Telegraph.


Oldman's agent Douglas Urbanski confirmed that the wedding took place last week. "They were married in Santa Barbara," Mr Urbanski told the Daily Mail. "I was best man."

Oldman's new wife, Alexandra Edenborough, is a native of England but works as a jazz singer in Los Angeles. Edenborough, 31, had a brief pop career as 'Alex E', enjoying modest success in Asia.


Oldman has been single since his divorce from former model Donya Fiorentino in 2001. His earlier marriages to Uma Thurman and English actress Lesley Manville each lasted two years. He has three sons from his multiple marriages - Alfie, from his marriage to Manville, and Gulliver Flynn and Charlie John from his marriage to Fiorentino.

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*OK HERE IS SOMETHING MOVIE RELATED...IT MAY NOT BE "CLASSIC" FILM.....but at least it changes the topic from politics to film!*



*Dreamworks to run 3-D movie trailer during Superbowl*





Associated Press

Published: January 5, 2009


*LOS ANGELES (AP) - There will be a new twist to this year?s Super Bowl commercials?a 3-D twist.*


DreamWorks Animation is giving away some 150 million 3-D glasses at 28,000 locations around the country so people can watch a 90-second sneak preview of an upcoming animated feature called ?Monsters vs. Aliens.?


DreamWorks? CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg calls it ?perhaps the biggest media-advertising event in history.? And how much will it cost? Katzenberg will only say, ?tens of millions of dollars.?

He promises the glasses won?t be the lame, red-blue system that?s been around for years. He says the new technology is superior.



So, where do you find these free glasses? They?ll supposedly be available at Pepsi/SoBe Life Water displays at grocery, drug and electronics stores and big-box retailers.


Intel has produced over 125 million pairs of 3D glasses, which are being distributed by PepsiCo through the SoBe Lifewater brand. The glasses will be disseminated via 25,000 SoBe Lifewater retail displays in grocery, drug and other retail venues beginning in early January and will be FREE to consumers.


*Should a display's supply of glasses run out, consumers can call 1-800-646-2904 in order to obtain a pair*

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