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ITS!... The 12th Edition of The Programming Challenge

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Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not being around here for the past few days and being able to post my schedule over the weekend. I came down with a cold around Sunday. From what I've read so far, the schedules that have been posted are great.


Anyways, in regards to my schedule, here is some background about it. Each of the themes for the days either relate to song titles, (Thank you Kanye West!) something that is common within the theme of each of the films or pertains to something that the actors had also worked on for another studio or another medium as well.


For the TCM Spotlight or Private Screenings requirement, I wanted to interview former child star as well as Oscar winner and Sci-Fi icon, Dean Stockwell on Tuesday night. He has seen renewed success in the past twenty years after walking away from Hollywood in the late 1960's, from his Oscar nominated role in *"Married to the Mob (1988),"* to his co-starring role with Scott Bakula in the tv show *"Quantum Leap (1989-1993),"* which is one of my favorite tv shows. His role as Admiral Al Calavicci, friend, hologram, and link to Dr. Sam Beckett (Bakula) as Beckett leaped from one year to the next to "put right what once went wrong" in *"Quantum Leap"* lead to Emmy nods and I believe some Golden Globe nominations, plus other films and more work from tv movies to guest appearances. Several examples include a co-starring role with Bakula in an episode of *"Enterprise"* in its first season (2001) along with *"JAG"* and the most recent revamp of *"Battlestar Galactica."* It would be neat to find out what it was like for Dean to work with greats such as Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Errol Flynn, Pat O'Brien, Robert Ryan and Katherine Hepburn to name a few. It would also be interesting for others to find out why he walked away from Hollywood in the 1960's, since the TCM boards mentioned that he did some real estate and embraced the hippie lifestyle for a while. To go with the Private Screenings, several of Dean's films from his early years and even his Oscar nominated role will be shown.


In regards to the Star of the Month, I chose Glenn Ford as the Star of the Month for May, since May is the month of his birth. I really enjoyed watching several of his films that he was in and I am appreciating more of his work that I have seen recently.

I also have a DVD Box Set that is to concide with Ford's Star of the Month since it has tended to be customary practice for TCM to coordinate their SOTM around that. I know this was not a requirement for the challenge, but I figured why not. The set includes his films that he did while under contract with MGM.


On Wednesday, I have a day devoted to films that deal with swordfights as the final climax. That same evening there is a lineup of films devoted to some of the actors who became well known for their roles on television as comic and radio superheroes and vigilantes during the 1950's-1970's when it was most prevalent, even though they had work in other films and tv to their credit. Since there are a lot of superhero movies out there lately or in the works, either ending up as really great films (Some of the Superman, Batman and Spiderman films) or completely offbase in regards to the original intent, I figured to honor and thank some of the folks that created the characters on tv. In between each film, Robert Osborne would talk with Adam West (Batman), Van Williams (The Green Hornet) and Nicholas Hammond (Spiderman) to discuss the films that they were a part of and the people in which they worked with along with the tv shows and characters that they made famous.


Some other themes that I included films which have teenagers and the youth within them, plastic surgery and medical enhancements to change one's appearance and individuals who are plagued with emotional, physical or mental problems and must learn to come back from them.


The Essential for the week is the TCM Premiere of *"Laura (1944)"* and the night is built around Vincent Price as well.


The TCM Silent Sunday night movie is *"The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1928)"* with Norma Shearer and Ramon Novarro and the TCM Import is the film, *"The Eagle Has Two Heads (1948)"* directed by Jean Cocteau.


The TCM Underground films are *"Poltergeist (1982)"* with Craig T. Nelson and *"The Amityville Horror (1979)"* with James Brolin and Margot Kidder. I get a kick out of the fact that the film still has a cult following and is still remade even though the story has been proved to be untrue.


The TCM Premieres include *"Laura (1944)"* with Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney, *"The Flame and the Arrow (1950)"* with Burt Lancaster, *"Tammy and the Doctor (1963)"* with Sandra Dee, Peter Fonda and Adam West, *"The Eagle Has Two Heads (1948)"* with Jean Marais, *"Married to the Mob (1988),"* with Matthew Modine, Michelle Pfeiffer and Dean Stockwell, *"Seconds (1966)"* with Rock Hudson and *"Call Northside 777 (1948)"* with James Stewart, Lee J. Cobb and Richard Conte.


I hope that the schedule I have created looks good. I enjoyed doing each of the schedules that I have participated in so far and I figured that it would be great to do this again.





*"You're the detective. Don't ask me for answers."*

*~ Jarvis Goodland (Ray Milland) ~ Columbo: The Greenhouse Jungle*


*"I never discuss business before dinner."*

*~Jean Lafitte (Fredric March) ~ The Buccaneer (1938)*


*"Having some trouble Mr. DA?"*

*~Joe Lilac (Dana Andrews) ~ Ball of Fire (1942)*


*"If you're not gonna electrocute me on the spot, I think I'll run along."*

*~Joel Sloane (Robert Montgomery) ~ Fast and Loose (1939)*


*"When I start a fight, I like to finish it."*

*~Britt Reid/The Green Hornet (Van Williams) ~ The Green Hornet: Freeway to Death*

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Great schedule, Donna! Glad your cold didn't stop you. Glenn Ford for SOTM? Wonderful. Love to see Vincent Price showcased too. We loved watching your Underground choices for a good laugh back in college. Would be fun to revisit those movies. Also like the Plastic Surgery , Superheroes... , and You're Not Welcome Here themes. Another great effort.


Now I'm off to sulk with my great news of yet another jury duty summons, #8. Federal this time, so it lasts a month or more. Yay! :-( :-( :-(

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So glad you got to put in a schedule. You always do such a good job. I appreciate it.


Now if only "sugarpuss" would turn up.




As things stand this will be the last day for anyone else to put in their schedule. I'll wrap this one up and start a new thread with all the schedules posted there tomorrow.


Thanks for your patience with me this week.

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And so ends another exciting edition of The Programming Challenge. Thanks to all who participated and those who joined in the conversation. I will post a new thread for voting and conversation.


Please share any thoughts in the new thread.


Thanks to all.

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