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Shoot To Kill (1988)


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It's been many years since I've seen this one, but I remember liking it a lot. Wasn't there some suspense or mystery over who might be the killer among the group of hikers? And Sidney Poitier's character was out of his element and that added to the drama.


Now, metsfan, I want to see this one again. :) Glad you brought it up.

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Around the time Sidney Poitier made his comeback in the late '80s, he made an appearance at a video dealers' convention in Las Vegas. He gave a short speech about the film business and then sat at a table close to where my wife and I sat. I'm bringing this up only because I want to say how impressed I was at his demeanor. He's tall, poised and walked straight and proud. When he shook hands, he'd look you in the eye, smile and talk to you like there was no one else around. He had an air of sincerity and I do not believe it was an act. He has class.


I am shy and not very outgoing, so I did not approach him. One of the things I regret about myself.

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Thanks for sharing this nice story, I wouldn't expect less of Mr. Poitier. From what I've seen he comes across as a genuine person with tremendous respect towards others. Like you, I can not go up to a person of his stature but if he were passing by me, I would try to shake his hand and thank him for all the wonderful performances.


Concerning the film, I noticed he wasn't comfortable swearing(you could see it in his face) and I don't blame him. The action scenes were handled great and I think he enjoyed the entire process.

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