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Your 2009 Summer Under the Stars Wishlist

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OK, there are likely more than 31 but still here's my suggestions (*keeping fingers crossed*):


Lon Chaney

Lillian Gish

Harold Lloyd

Clark Gable

Jean Harlow

Van Heflin

Melvyn Douglas

Cyd Charisse

Jean Simmons

Sydney Greenstreet

Geraldine Fitzgerald

Joan Fontaine

Wallace Beery

Robert Montgomery

William Powell

Ricardo Montalban

Rod Taylor

Dean Martin

Lionel Barrymore

Mickey Rooney

Lee Tracy

Alexis Smith

Olivia de Havilland

Joan Blondell

Ann Sheridan

Robert Taylor

Priscilla Lane

James Mason

Richard Burton

Eleanor Parker

Patricia Neal

Virginia Mayo (if only to see Westbound and Colorado Territory in the lineup)

Orson Welles

Robert Ryan

Gloria Grahame

Dick Powell

Sidney Poitier

Hattie McDaniel

Ben Johnson

James Coburn

Charles Bronson

Sterling Hayden

Gene Hackman

Jack Nicholson

Woody Allen (no star per se, but I'd still love to see a day of his work)

Donald Sutherland

Julie Christie


What are your suggestions?


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Message was edited by: sweetsmellofsuccess

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*What are your suggestions?*


I would love to see them getting enough movies from Fox to include a star that hasn't been done or not in a long time here at TCM. Maybe not Shirley Temple, because her movies are so easily available on DVD. And I remember they had a day for Richard Widmark, but I'm not sure how many of those movies were Fox titles.


But maybe Alice Faye, or Betty Grable, or Don Ameche; even Tyrone Power (again, with emphasis on the Fox titles).

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More pre-Code stars...Wheeler & Woolsey, Ann Harding, Ramon Novarro, Constance Bennett, Warren William, Helen Twelvetrees, William Haines, John Gilbert, Lon Chaney...and, if possible, Paramount stars like Nancy Carroll, Clara Bow, Richard Arlen, George Raft, Mae West, W.C. Fields.

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I agree: more silent and early talkie stars like John Gilbert, Marion Davies, William Haines, Richard Barthelmess, Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, and GLORIA SWANSON.....


We've seen TO DEATH all the Lana Turner, Gene Kelly, and Judy Garland films....

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Quite frankly, I'd like any stars that would allow me to see the following movies:


Make way for Tomorrow

Lolita (unavailable in Canada for no good reason)

There's Always Tomorrow

Duel in the Sun

Gun Crazy

The Shawshank Redemption

Unfaithfully Yours

The Heiress

The Fallen Idol (also unavailable in Canada for no good reason)

The Reckless Moment

El Dorado


Norma Rae

Thieves Like Us


Johnny Got His Gun

The Wrong Man

The Docks of New York

Tobacco Road

The Go-Between

The Getaway

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Virginia Mayo (if only to see Westbound and Colorado Territory in the lineup)



Westbound is playing on the Encore7 channel early a.m. Friday morning. I have it on my DVR. After this I will only have one more film to have seen all of the Boetticher/Scott westerns.

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Yes! More pre-code films! A Wheeler & Woolsey marathon would be great. Also, it would be so cool if TCM would run all the Hal Roach shorts they have all in one long marathon, like during Summer Under the Stars. Charley Chase, Thelma Todd, etc. -- A Roach shorts marathon would be just what a lot of us have been wishing for. They just don't run those great shorts enough any more, and there are still several that have not been on at all yet.

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1. Gloria Grahame (Blonde Fever, Roughshod, The Glass Wall, Man on a Tightrope, Prisoners of the Casbah, The Good Die Young, Naked Alibi, Ride Out for Revenge.)


2. Joan Bennett... again (Secret Beyond the Door, The Reckless Moment, The Macomber Affair, Confirm or Deny, The House Across the Bay)


3. Robert Ryan (Berlin Express, Caught, Born to Be Bad, About Mrs. Leslie, Her Twelve Men, Lonelyhearts)


4. Gail Russell (Moonrise, Night Has a Thousand Eyes, The Unseen)

5. Ella Raines (Phantom Lady, The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry, The Suspect, The Web)

6. Claire Trevor (Crack-Up, Johnny Angel, Street of Chance)

7. Lizabeth Scott (Dark City, I Walk Alone, Pitfall, Desert Fury)

8. Evelyn Keyes (The Prowler, Johnny O'Clock, 99 River Street)

9. Madeleine Carroll (Safari, The Fan)

10. Veronica Lake (Ramrod)

11. Marlene Dietrich (Rancho Notorious)

12. Alexis Smith (Conflict, The Turning Point)

13. Shelley Winters (Cry of the City, He Ran All the Way)

14. Susan Hayward (Among the Living)

15. Audrey Totter (High Wall)

16. Cathy O'Donnell

17. Simone Simon

18. Coleen Gray (The Sleeping City)

19. Esther Howard

20. Dan Duryea (The Burglar, One Way Street, World for Ransom)

21. Sterling Hayden

22. Van Heflin (The Prowler)

23. George Raft (You and Me, Loan Shark, Nocturne, Red Light, Johnny Angel)

24. Robert Montgomery (Ride the Pink Horse)

25. Conrad Veidt

26. Emil Jannings

27. Dennis O'Keefe

28. Glenn Ford (Framed, The Undercover Man)

29. George Sanders (Moonfleet)

30. Charles McGraw (Road Block)

31. Raymond Burr


I'd love for Gene Tierney and Linda Darnell but...

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Very nice list Frank! I particularly like your top seven but there are some great choices throughout.


I fear it may be a very dark month though. ;)


Although I don't think the Paramount deal will be in place by August. I would like to see, in addition to some of the great choices here, W.C Fields, Mae West and Clara Bow.


I like the idea of a Hattie McDaniel day. Days featuring character actors like Eugene Paulette, Aline MacMahon, Jack Carson, Marjorie Main, Eve Arden, and Edward Everett Horton, to name a few, could be very entertaining.


I would be interested in seeing some actors from the silent era. They haven't shown many Mary Pickford titles lately. Some of the actors that haven't been showing up on Silent Sundays a lot (like Harold Loyd has been) would be great.


People like Dorothy Mackaill, Ross Alexander, Renee Adoree etc. would be nice but they wouldn't do them because they are far too obscure for SUTS.


And yes, a Gloria Grahame day would be fantastic!!!

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> {quote:title=ChipHeartsMovies wrote:}{quote}

> Lizabeth Scott

> Glenda Farrell

> Bob Hope (for some reason, I love the creaky humor of his movies, though I am probably the only one)





Regarding Bob Hope.


You are *NOT* the only one. I'm a big fan of his films and I know at least three other people, who post here regularly, are fans as well. :)

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More "RARE" & "OOP" Joan Crawford films:


Paid (1930)

Possessed (1931) Joan and Clark Gable!

The Bride Wore Red

This Woman is Dangerous

Goodbye, My Fancy

Female on the Beach


*_Jane Russell_:* The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956), The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957) & Johnny Reno (1966)!


*_Vincent Price_ :* Nefertiti, regina del Nilo (1961) (AKA: Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile Queen of the Nile.), Champagne for Caesar, Wilson (1944 )!

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My suggestions, not in any particular order.

William Powell

Gloria Grahame

Anna May Wong

Guy Kibbee

Alan Hale

Tyrone Power

Bing Crosby

Slim Summerville

Ricardo Cortez

Vincent Price

Clifton Web

Edward Arnold

Rags Ragland

Barry Fitzgerald

Rex Harrison

J. Carol Nash

Leslie Howard

Sessue Hayakawa

Fred MacMurray

Peter Whitney

Frank Morgan

Martha Vickers

Elisha Cook Jr.

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Now you see, that's why I love ya FrankieG.


Not only do you include bombshell glamour girls like Joan Bennett, Claire Trevor, Lizabeth Scott and our glorious Double G, but you include those lovely quiet types like Ella Raines, Colleen Gray and my favorite: Cathy O'Donnell.


You're an all-round guy FrankGrimes.


As for you Molo, that you give a shout-out to the foundation...the backbone of a film: the character actors, aaah!

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