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All Things: Karen Black!.! Or ... The Quintessence of Karen Black!

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*Karen Black is such a strange actress. I really like her style for some off beat reason she is very believable in all her roles, but man she can really go for the top at times.*

*Very kooky and fun to watch. I just re-watched _Burnt Offerings_ (1976), & she gives such a borderline psycho performance. Nice, cool and calm one minute, & then then next, she lets it rip.*


*I love her eyes. They are every expressive!*


I have _Firecracker_ (2005) coming from Netflix! In March 2005, Karen Black received the Best Actress Award at the Fantasporto International Film Festival in Porto, Portugal, for her work in this critically-acclaimed Steve Balderson film. So this should be interesting to see since It never came to a theater here in the US. Karen again plays two roles, Sandra and Eleanor, just like in the film _Trilogy of Terror_ (1975).



I also have _The Pyx_ (1973) coming from Netflix. THis should be interesting since Inever heard of it till I started research Miss. Black's career!



Karen Black (born July 1, 1939) is an American actress, screenwriter, singer and songwriter. She is noted for films such as: _Five Easy Pieces_, _The Great Gatsby_ and _Nashville_ in a career that has spanned five decades.




*_Karen Black's Best Films_:*



_Easy Rider_ (1969) - Great film and cast!


_Five Easy Pieces_ (1970) - Great cast! Karen Got an Oscar Nomination for: Best Actress in a Supporting Role!


_The Great Gatsby_ (1974) Another great film, and book!


_Airport 1975_ (1974) - "Fly the Plane Karen!!". LOL!


_Trilogy of Terror_ (1975) - Gotta love the Zuni hunting fetish!! LOL!


_The Day of the Locust_ (1975) - I love the book and the film!


_Nashville_ (1975) - Great film..great song ("It Don't Worry Me"), great director...great cast..& Karen sings!


_Burnt Offerings_ (1976) - Strange film...strange casting!


_Capricorn One_ (1978)


_Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean_ (1982) - Karen Should have gotten an Oscar Nod for Best Actress for her role as Joanne. Very heartbreaking!


_House of 1000 Corpses_ (2003) - Mother Firefly - Great Casting from Rob Zombie.











img src=http://www.moderntimes.co.il/files/pics/7523Karen%20Black.jpg>

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Very talented and Very Underrated, She acts (still is at 70), sings, produces and writes and was nominated for a Grammy Award. Always brought something extra to her roles. A true artist in her field. Unfortunately she was saddled with some pretty lame films later in her career

Her stare scares the Hell of me..




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OK, I just saw _Firecracker_ (2005), Sorry Karen not the greatest movie of your career! See it for Karen that is it!



I have _The Pyx_ (1973)in my hands haven't watched it!



_The Pyx_ (1973)


A detective investigating the death of a heroin-addicted prostitute uncovers evidence pointing to the existence of a murderous devil cult.




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thank you CelluloidKid

for the information. i thought ms. black was great in house of 1,ooo corpses. i thought that would the role to put the spotlight back on her in a major manner. ms. easterbrook was great in the devil's rejects, but karen was missed and i always wondered about her absence. john

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For a chance to see a very young Karen Black at the beginning of her career, you might look for her in an episode of The Big Valley. She plays an mentally challenged young woman who accuses Heath Barkley (Lee Majors) of rape. In the same episode catch a young Ellen Burstyn as a nun. Just a bit of trivia for you Karen Black fans.



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Had a funny run-in with Karen Black back in mid-'80's.


At Universal where she was meeting my producer for something I don't remember what. I'd just entered the office as she went storming out. I followed her in an effort to help in an I-don't-know-what way.


She was haphazardly padding barefoot down the lot after a Jaguar sedan screaming at the top of her lungs. Not knowing if I should, I yelled and asked if I could help.


"Yeah!" she yelled. "You can catch my f_cking driver and get my f_cking shoes!"


All I could say was, "You know, I really liked 'Burnt Offerings.'"


She smiled and walked back to the office - barefoot.


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I just stumbled across another Karen film I had never seen.


The film was: _Separate Ways_ (1981) W./Karen Black, Tony Lo Bianco, Arlene Golonka, David Naughton, Sharon Farrell.


_The basic plot_:


Valentine (Karen Black) is dissatisfied in her marriage to a racecar driver (Tony Lo Bianco) and begins a romantic liaison with a student at the community college she attends. Her husband has also been unfaithful, and his indiscretions are what prompt her own behavior. Since her marital woes continue, Valentine leaves home, gets a job as a waitress at a local nightclub, and ponders her future as nothing right now seems certain.



A very worth while film to see. Very sad at times. Strong performance from Karen.


My Final Rating: B-

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WOW Hit gold again!! I was at a used Music/Movie store....and I found another Karen film......The film was called: _Dixie Lanes_ (1988) ...Another Karen film I had never seen..and horror B legend Nina Foch is in it too!


Set in a small 1945 American town after World War II, a soldier returns home to find that his family and the town has been split apart and alienated by his absence.


Stars: Hoyt Axton, Karen Black (Zelma Putnam), Art Hindle, John Vernon, Ruth Buzzi, Tina Louise, Nina Foch & Pamela Springsteen (The little sister of rock legend Bruce Springsteen!).


Director: Don Cato


Release Year: 1988







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*_Burnt Offerings_ (1976) Will Be Shown on Thursday, March 12th, 2009 on the Flix Movie Channel @ 6:00PM (MT) Arizona Time - Check Local Shcedules.*




*_Burnt Offerings_ (1976)*




A family on summer vacation rents a haunted house that feeds off the deaths of its human residents in this horror shocker.




*_Stars_:* Oliver Reed, Karen Black, Bette Davis and Burgess Meredith.

*_Directed by_:* Dan Curtis

*_Cinematography by_:* Jacques R. Marquette

*_Release date_*: October 18, 1976











*Burnt Offerings won 3 awards at the 1977 Saturn Awards:*



Best Horror Film, Best Director (Dan Curtis) and Best Supporting Actress (Bette Davis).




*At the Sitges Film Festival of 1977, Burnt Offerings won:*



Best Director (Dan Curtis), Best Actor (Oliver Reed) and Best Actress (Karen Black).

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*I just located ...and Re-Watched (After many years!) _Invaders from Mars_ (1986) (Remake of the 1953 William Cameron Menzies film of the same name) with Karen Black staring alongside her real-life minor son Hunter Carson, directed by Tobe Hooper & from a screenplay by Dan O'Bannon (Alien (1979) and Don Jakoby*





The movie was shot in Malibu Creek State Park using a house that was built for Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948).



*Crappy Re-Make ...Just fun to watch Karen and her son act together!*




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*Friday, March 27th, 2009 @ 5:00pm (PT) - Arizona Time- _Capricorn One_ (1978)!!!*



Check Local Schedule!



*_Stars_:* Elliott Gould, James Brolin, Brenda Vaccaro, Sam Waterston, O. J. Simpson, Hal Holbrook, *Karen Black*, Telly Savalas, David Huddleston, David Doyle & James Karen.

*_Directed by_:* Peter Hyams








Although thematically _Capricorn One_ is a typical 1970s government-conspiracy thriller with similarities to Hyams's subsequent film _Outland_, the story was inspired by allegations that the Apollo Moon landings were a hoax.

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I think at one point she was poised to have a career like Julie Christie's, but I guess it turned out more like Faye Dunaway's. Not that she owes anything to either; she was definitely her own person. It's strange how some careers kind of get off track and never really get back. I think my favorite film would be "Nashville". It's not easy to be a standout in an ensemble like that one, but she sure managed to. There's a book about the "Nashville" shoot in which she tells about finding out the night before that she was to shoot her Grand Ole Opry number the next day. Would you ever know it looking at the movie? Nope.

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She's one of the pillars of American cinema; (far more so, to my mind anyway) than someone like Meryl Streep. I'd watch her in anything. Very chameleon-like actress. I like how she can play upscale, genteel; snobby; or else 'timid' and suburban...and then turn to playing foul-mouthed Southern tramps.

She stars in one of my longtime personal faves, 'Capricorn One'. It's not often recognized how big a bit this was for Peter Hyams. It's a boilerplate for the 'perfect little thriller' with a high-concept story. Black's repartee with Elliott Gould was exactly the light touch needed. Everyone in that film shone though, it was a watershed of 70's talent.

In terms of movie monologues, this flick alone has TWO in my top ten favourite speeches of all time.

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