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Movie Memorabelia>Whom has what?

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I know this could be a long compilation-(although I am for the most pt. only citing some superb items of cinematic history. Otherwise, if 1 includes over 105 movie books & or tapes it would be much longer of course. Particularly the jazz I sometimes get from AFI)

Several of you cinephiles have same item(s) Like the "Classic Images S. Curtain"-(To ML, sorry on the latter, I tried to get a hold of the old guy whom owned them, but he would not reply??? You woulda' loved it too. Anyone of whom can assist her, PLEASE DO THOUGH!) Holly, Antar & even the family of *"The Great: Spencer Tracy"-(1900-67) were lucky enough to get 1 in time & to Mongo, I rarely corresponded & or knew you as well back then-(about 1 yr. ago) I was just mainly curious as to what items you fans own? I was also lucky enough & just got under the wire in time to get a "TCM Gangster Watch" & "Coffee Mug," before they got rid of it's once superb store. They were cool enough to send me a massive mouse pad as it closed though.


2. *Sinatra's, including 1 from his fan-club.

2. "Three Stooges"-(P.S. & I know I am in the minority. Shemp just made me laugh a wee-bit more & have a Shemp only shirt. It says "The Forgotten Stooge")

1. "Honeymooners"-(a fan-club that closed shop when "The Great 0ne: Jackie Gleason died in '87?)

1. "Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel"-(home of very 1st ACADEMY AWARDS)

1. "Warner Bros. Studios"

& 1 that is sadly very difficult to find, especially these days!? A W.C. Fields T-shirt)


Baseball Caps of Movie Memorabelia:

1. *"Chairman of the Board-Sinatra," again & from forementioned fan-club "International Sinatra Society"-(strangely headquarted down here in Lakeland, FL)

2. "AFI"-American Film Institute Cap

3. "Honeymooners"-(that forementioned fan-club is also where I got a "Racoon Lodge Hat," as well. It was pretty

dispicable they closed, when 1 considers "Sons of the Desert"-("Laurel & Hardy's" club. It's still the largest on the globe & look how long both have been gone?)

4. "WB-cap"

5. "3 Stooges"-(this fan-club was just handled lousy. Unlike *Sinatra Society)

6. "Hollywood Roosevelt"

& 7. "Hollywood Baseball Cap"



1. R. 0sborne's "70yrs. of the OSCAR"

2. "M-G-M: When the Lion Roars"



1. "M-G-M: When the Lion Roars" (1992)

2. "AFI's 100yrs...100 Stars" (1999>2nd special)



1. see below item

2. "Massive Map" I collected while in Tinsel-Town itself. It's of most of S. Calif.

& whom else has gotten the "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer wall-clock?"

Just curious because it was a huge seller at "Suncoast Motion Picture Store"


& a very, very, rare item considering he's not as popular these days with the masses as say a *Bogey, Marilyn & or J. Dean. A massive poster/photo of *Spencer Tracy-(taken around 1940 by the legendary George Hurrell)

By the way, for those whom may want any of these type of items, drop me a line. & there is an exceptional catalog & site. www.soitenlystooges.com they have tons more than "The 3 Stooges"

Thank You

What have you collected?



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Wow, Spence...you really do have a nice collection of things. I'm still ticked off that TCM no longer sells coffee mugs! Oh well. Thanks for sharing your list with us. The only thing that I have of any worth are a few dozen photographs of Anton Walbrook, studio and private collection photos, and a few autographs of varioius people. :) ML

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My collection consist of:


*Autographed photo of Joan Crawford and also letters from her on the blue stationary.

*A rose thrown from the stage by Bette Davis which I caught. Crushed in an art deco frame.

*Rare video tape of the 1955 Oscars complete.

*Video tapes of "Night of 100 Stars" parts I,II and III.

*Video tape of "Song of the South"

*Video tapes of the Oscars from 1977 to the present.

*Autographed photos from Jane Withers, Marie Windsor etc.

*One of my favorite pictures of Gloria Swanson standing

amid the ruins of the fabulous Roxy theatre where her film premiered years before at the grand opening.

*Collector plates of Garbo, Harlow, Lombard and Turner.

*Two Marilyn Monroe plates.

* Vivien Leigh GWTW plate in the field vowing never to be hurgry again.

I know there is more buried somewhere.


Also have 8x10 autographed photo of Mickey Mantle and a rare Babe Ruth plate.



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I just have my beloved book from 1957 "The Movies: The Sixty Year Story of the World of Hollywood and its Effects on America, from Pre-Nickelodian Days to the Present." It's surprising how current the book sounds, especially with the way some want to censor everything today.


I mainly have sports memorabilia, but I do have a few other books about the movies such as Robert Osborne's Movie Book and Roger Ebert's 1000 favorites movies, and a few others.

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Ever since I started watching classic films I've been collecting memorabilia. There are many things out there that are WAY to expensive for me to afford, but I have gotten some pretty good items over the years, since I've been collecting since I was about 12. Luckily I have an uncle who's in the movie memorabilia business, and he taught me a lot about buying original movie posters, and photos, autographs, etc. Aside from alot of books which I've bought fairly cheap at garage sales, flea markets, and used bookstores, and tapes and DVD's, my collection consists of:


- Autographed photos of Alice Faye, Jane Russell, Debbie Reynolds, Kim Hunter, Lena Horne, Ann Rutherford, Gloria DeHaven, Joan Fontaine, and others. (I'm building a collection of strictly female stars of the Golden Age, to fill a wall someday.)


- A signed check from Lucille Ball, and one from Desi Arnaz, which I'm working on having framed along with a photo of them together.


- A portrait of Ann Sothern which was used on the cover of T.V. Guide. I bought it from her estate, and have a letter about it from her daughter Tisha Sterling.


- Some movie posters, including one from "Words and Music" picturing Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Gene Kelly etc. I also have one from "Without Reservations" with John Wayne and Claudette Colbert.


- Some Lobby Cards which are smaller sized posters (11x14) showing a scene from a film, and were hung in the lobbies of the grand old movie palaces (hence the name). I have one from "Going My Way" with Bing Crosby, "Her Cardboard Lover" with Norma Shearer and Robert Taylor, "Second Chorus" with Fred Astaire and Paulette Goddard, and a couple of others.


- Some movie costumes, including a military jacket worn by Franchot Tone in "Three Comrades." A nightgown worn by Billie Burke in "Topper Returns," and a hat worn by Polly Bergen in a movie she made at 20th Century Fox (don't know which movie.) It's not a costume, but I also have a gown from Ella Fitzgerald's estate that she wore in concert.


And my best piece of memorabilia that I will probably have forever, is a jacket worn by Frank Sinatra. It has an M.G.M. label in it with his name, and I have a photo of him wearing what appears to be the same jacket, but I'm not 100% sure. The photo's from "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," and I'm waiting to see the movie again to see if the jacket's in it. Even if it's not, I know that the jacket was made by M.G.M. in their costume department for Sinatra, and that he wore it for something. It's my favorite piece, because not only is it from M.G.M. but it was worn by Sinatra who's one of my idols.

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Thanks for replying guys & gals! As a few pals I know

of-(mostly which I was lucky enough to find & all through this marvelous site!) My rm looks like an old Movie Studio or something to that effect. I left out tons of lil' items-(lobby cards,etc) & something I wanted to ask & forgot about. Whom else has collected the U.S. Postal stamps of some Golden Age Heavyweights? So far I have 'em all framed>*Cagney, *Bogart, Edward G., Marilyn, J.D., & Universal Horror: Chaney, Sr & Jr. Karloff & Lugosi. It's titled: "Legends of Hollywood" & Cary Grant & *A. Hepburn are the newest. & for the life of me, since *Sinatra died in May of '98, almost immediately it was announced he'd have a stamp as well, so far>NADA??? If anyone deserves 1 in my view it should be: *Chaplin & of course *John Wayne!

Those Lobby Cards were superb too! Another thing of the past, unfortunately. Don't know if it's ok to name her? It will likely be cool with her Holly-(I have no idea where she found such an item either? A lil' calender of *Spencer Tracy & Thanks again pal)& to moviejoe, you actually have a jacket of *Sinatra's!? TREMENDOUS JAZZ, as he would say

& Thanks to both ML & Mongo as well.

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Hey Palley - Expect t shirt from "Village" like I told you. You should have it tomorrow or Friday. Anyway, don't think I ever mentioned owning Ginger Rogers' publicity shots "vanity" and complete bedroom set. The vanity is pure deco. Besides that, JC's blanket. And of course Dr. Seuss' new stamp.

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