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Pre-Code Hollywood Collection - Universal box set coming out April 7th!!!!

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Saw that Filmlover had mentioned this a few days ago on the upcoming releases page(Have been off the board for a few days) and thought for sure it would be mentioned here, but it wasn't so heres the dope!!!



I'll tell you what, Universal has thrown down the gauntlet, with this box set. Warner brothers may have started the DVD pre code series, but the films on this set are films most of us have never seen, or if we have, from beat to death 16 MM prints.


Granted, Universal has been terrible about letting anyone see these films over the years(the set is all Paramount films, correct?) but the next pre code set from Warners(after 3) had better have some really interesting films that haven't run in TCM in the last year.


Competition is a good thing! :)

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I did see this in the new dvd release forum. Thanks for linking it here!

I am really happy that Universal is finally digging into the Paramount vault. I am looking forward to watching THE CHEAT (1931) and MERRILY WE GO TO HELL (1932). I've read about these films and have wondered what they were like.

I do hope this set sells well enough for Universal to release another volume with some of the pre-codes from the Universal vault, like NIGHT WORLD (1931) among others.

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I agree with those choices PS--all really good films that deserve to be seen. AFRAID TO TALK is a real gem and exposes the "insider" political corruption problem like few films have. A classic tale of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It would be nice to see GRAFT as well.

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