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TCM Repeating Movies Too Much!


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Hello fellow TCM lovers.

Are any of you tired of seeing the same old movies shown over and over again? I watch TCM more than any other channel, but lately I've been getting bored with the movies they show too often. They have the Theme Moves, the Rose McGowan and other actor's suggested movies, the Academy Awards movies, the Actor's best movies, etc....so those movies are the best of the best and they keep playing them over and over! I'm telling you, if I see "12 Angry Men" shown one more time I'm going to scream! I mean, I can watch a movie over and over again because it is so good, but c'mon. Does anyone agree with me?

--Elizabeth in Milwaukee, WI

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I agree, but I have two recorders, so I'm watching DVDs tonight.


TCM often keeps it a secret when they show a really good rare new old film, such as "The Bitter Tea of General Yen", and they showed some very rare Val Lewton films in the middle of the night so we can't actually see them unless we record them. But if we don't scan the internet schedule every day, we are likely to miss films like that. In the meantime we get "12 Angry Men" again, and "Bringing Up Baby". Oh, and don't forget "Some Like it Hot". It won an Academy Award for being the film "Most Shown" on TCM last year.

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And I've been thinking I was the ONLY ONE!


It is really DISGUSTING to continue to show the same D--- movie over and over. They are becoming as bad as network TV and other cable channels like AMC, Encore, etc. Must be the same "program director" working for TCM.


Either that, or the "program director" has a VERY THIN catalog from which to select! Maybe we ought to create a money pool and buy whoever it is a copy of Maltan's 2009 movie guide to show them there are more than 30 movies made in Hollywood between 1930-1960.


I'd be willing to add to the pool.

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i don't see what people are complaining about. TCM has much less repetition than any other movie channel. and the repeats of things everyone has already seen is mostly an issue in the primetime lineup, and throughout Oscar month. Solution: record all the movies airing in the late night and mornings, when TCM tends to run the more obscure stuff and B-movies, and you will never run out of "new" classics to watch.

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Yes, TCM can be somewhat redundant in its programming; however, I believe the pinch of this is felt more so (as a previous poster said) in the early primetime slotting. In the past I subscribed to the Now Playing guide and was able to plot my strategy for recording shows I would like to see but that would be on at a time I would be unable to watch them. So, I would have the whole month covered then I could watch the movies at my leisure.


All in all it could be worse, I had to discontinue service from TCM for a while so there were no new or repeat movies to watch and that really sucked.


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I do agree that it is tiresome to see the same movies again and again. But what about new viewers of TCM that have never seen them? I think that my inconvenience is worth it to get others interested in these classics.


Another thing: I haven't seen some of these repeated movies in their entirety and I can see the parts that I have missed.


But I really love it when I see something that I haven't seen before. Today I taped the 1946 version of Black Beauty and the other day I taped As the Earth Turns with Jean Muir and Donald Woods.

That is when it is all worthwhile.


The Crime Doctor series was shown on TCM twice and I got to see those that I had missed.

Thanks to TCM for showing some Columbia films. Now if they just would show some Paramount or Universal classics!!


But there are other ways to see classic movies:


a. Netflix- I got to see some early Frank Borzage films and I can choose from many B-Z movies.

Some classic movies are also available free along with your subscription to watch as streaming video on your computer or TV set.


b. Youtube. Someone had posted What a Life with Jackie Cooper in 9 installments. I had always wanted to see that again, but it had never shown on TCM. It is a great film.


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*Now if they just would show some Paramount or Universal classics!!*




Don't know if you saw the posts from TCMProgrammr a few weeks back but they are close to deal that would bring us films from the Universal film library (which includes the pre-1949 Paramount library).


And films from the Columbia film library will still be available from the deal with Sony as well.

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It seems people on here agree its tiresome to see the same movies on over and over and over.


I made this suggestion in a scheduling thread and I will make it here again.


TCM should divide the days into 4 sections of 6 hours each EST, with 6:00 to 12:00 being Prime Time.


Now if Turner only has 1,095 movies, then they should make sure no movie is ever shown twice in the same time slot in a 12 month period. No movie would be shown more than 4 times a year.


Now if Turner has 2,200 movies, they can reduce a movie being shown to 3 times a year and never repeating it in the same time slot, such as Prime Time.


Now if Turner has 3.315 movies, they can reduce a movie being shown to 2 times a year and never repeating it in the same time slot such as Prime Time.


If Turner doesn't have 1,095 movies, then TCM is in worse shape than I thought.


TCM likes to use theme months and birthdays alot. Such as 31 days of Oscar or an actors birthday. What TCM would then have to do is schedule ahead for a 12 month period and select their Prime Time movies for these different themes. There would be around 1,085 Prime Time movies to schedule without repeats. After you get the Prime Time figured out, the jig saw puzzle falls into place in the other slots depending on if you are showing movies 4 times a year, 3 times a year or 2 times a year based on how many movies Turner has avaiilable. In this way you can fill the theme months and birthdays.


I think it's something they should do. 4 times a year is plenty. I'm more for 3 times a year or twice a year if possible. Even at a movie 4 times a year, under this system it would never be in the same time slot more than once and the theme days should force the showing dates to be spread out more over a year.


Alot of you have said you are bored with the repeats, and this is my programming fomula as a solution to make cable and satalite customers more pleased with what they pay good money for.


Now I'll bore you with the math. A 6 hour time slot is pretty much 3 movies with commercials and filler. 365 days times 3 is 1095 to repeat 3 more times in other time slots. Add 1095 movies to show it only 3 times a year and add 1095 more to show it only twice. ......


Reducing repeats is very possible if TCM only wishes to make it so.


Message was edited by: WhyaDuck


Message was edited by: WhyaDuck


Message was edited by: WhyaDuck

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*If Turner doesn't have 1,095 movies...*


It's been repeated endlessly on these boards: TCM owns no movies. They lease them. If the agreement allows them to show a film a certain number of times within a certain period, then it makes sense to do so, rather than throw money away. The movies that are considered to be the best will be shown more than others to draw in new viewers, most of whom will be watching during primetime.


Though they love feedback on their programming, TCM cannot cater to each and every viewer. Compare them to the only other commercial-free, medium-tier movie channel, IFC, where it's a rarity to see *any* new movies.

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> {quote:title=vitaphony wrote:}{quote}

> i don't see what people are complaining about. TCM has much less repetition than any other movie channel. and the repeats of things everyone has already seen is mostly an issue in the primetime lineup, and throughout Oscar month. Solution: record all the movies airing in the late night and mornings, when TCM tends to run the more obscure stuff and B-movies, and you will never run out of "new" classics to watch.


That's something I've always wondered about. I like the old shorter black-and-white films from the early days, like the older Barbara Stanwyck and Bette Davis vehicles. Or, the football movies they showed last Friday. Except when they are doing a specific tribute to someone like Stanwyck or RKO, TCM tends to show these shorter B&W movies during the daytime when it is harder to see them. In the evenings they show all the longer color spectacles that I don't care as much for. Is this because the older B&W movies are considered B-movies, and TCM schedules them only during the daytime because these movies are considered less popular?

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I'm not unhappy with the repetition, but then again I'm new to the channel (although not new to classic movies). There are a lot of classic movies I haven't seen and not enough hours in the day to catch everything I want to see the first time, so I'm actually happy that they repeat them. And despite having a DVR I can't record everything that interests me in a given time period. There are other types of programming I want to watch and not enough time to watch it or memory to store it. Also, my interests are always evolving and something I might not be interested today might interest me in a few days or a few months. For example, a friend of mine told me about Elmer Gantry - I had seen it on the program and wanted to see it but skipped it because there were too many other shows I was recording at that time. Thankfully they're running it again in a few days.


Also, I am sure that TCM is responding to viewer requests. Some movies are very popular and a lot of people like to see them multiple times. I can think of several movies I don't mind seeing again and again.

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Well, Oscar month, ironically, is always horrible. They feel compelled to show all these movies that are weak, but won for "Best Mediocre Soundtrack." My wife and I see it coming and we start taping like crazy, so we have enough of a bank of good movies to hold us over!


And yea, they have begun to repeat more. It's clearly a programming move, similar (though not nearly as egregious) as what TNT and TBS do with their "new classics."


The key is to use your VCR or DVR and think of TCM as this giant "movie store." Just download the schedule, scan it, find the stuff you like, and then take the time to record all those wonderful things that only show up at 2:30 in the morning. And the beauty is that, once they're on tape, you can start and stop and time shift them to whatever is convenient for you....



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Over the years that I've been posting on the TCM boards, I've noticed that most of the complaints about TCM fall into two basic categories:


1. TCM plays too many "new" movies.

2. TCM repeats too many movies.


If you think about it, the first complaint is the result of the second, and vice versa. When TCM plays new movies, they rarely repeat. When TCM shows a lot of old movies at any given time, many of them are repeats, especially if you've been watching TCM for a long period of time.


I look at it this way: When TCM repeats, I'm thankful that they're showing older movies. When they show "new" movies (however you may define "new"), I'm thankful they're not showing the same stuff over and over.


Like a pendulum, TCM swings back and forth. If it swings one way, it inevitably swings the other way. The programming staff is well aware that TCM has a diverse audience of classic movie fans, so sometimes all you have to do is wait to see your favorites -- or else, make your voice heard through the "Suggest a Movie" feature. That's what it's there for.

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patful, I agree with what you say in support of TCM and its programming, but go easy on the "other" channel, IFC. While I watch it much more rarely than I do TCM, IFC programs terrific indie and foreign movies that would otherwise absolutely have no home anywhere on TV, also uncut and commercial free. Just yesterday on IFC I re-watched one of my favorite movies of the last few years, *Nobody Knows* (a Japanese movie that barely got a domestic theatrical release outside NYC and I suppose LA/SF, and one I hope you all check out via IFC or Netflix). And I guarantee you, no other channel would dare show *Shortbus* --- I couldn't believe even IFC did.


Re: TCM's programming...it's an embarrassment of riches when we can sit around and complain that *Casablanca, The Awful Truth, Meet Me in St. Louis* or whatever equally gilded classic is...get ready for this...TOO OFTEN AVAILABLE.


The day I COMPLAIN that *Casablanca* is on TV in primetime....well, no need to finish that sentence, since that day will never come.


"I've seen that Cary Grant movie TWICE in three months?" Boo-F-ing-Hoo. Go take A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila, climb on the Rock of Love bus with Brett Michaels, become Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, Wife Swap with Super-Nanny, et. al, for a few days. Then come back and gripe that TCM played *The Best Years of Our Lives* too much.


I'd write more, but TCM is about to play a really rare Joel McCrae musical (!) that I've only seen once before, and I want to see it again.

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*...go easy on the "other" channel, IFC.*


I can't, Chip! With the never-ending talk here of TCM going down the tubes with non-stop new movies, I like to point out that IFC truly has lost its way. Remember their claim in those humorous commercials years ago that they never showed Hollywood-style movies with gratuitous sex, violence, and nudity? Seems most of their newer offerings pretty much reflect Hollywood now. And every other program seems to be IFC News, Henry Rollins, the Cannes awards program... A few short years ago they even had a game show! Ugh...


*...uncut and commercial free.*


But they have that horrific "coming up next on IFC" thingy plastered on the screen! I've always said I would stop watching TCM if they ever did that.


I might watch two or three complete IFC movies a year now. Much more that AMC, though, which I haven't watched since *Jane Eyre* in 2005!


I did watch *Nobody Knows* , but it didn't really strike a chord with me. *Born into Brothels* , different story, I cried like a baby. Other than that, I caught parts of a few older classics from the 40's and 50's on there last year.

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patful, those commercials you refer to were ironic and tongue-in-cheek-ish.


I agree with Chips in that IFC plays films that no one else is playing. Indie film also has Sundance but if you want to see Ingmar Bergman, Kurosawa, Carne, Cassavettes, etc, IFC is often the only option on the dial.


I applaud TCM for making time in their schedule to bring some of these filmmakers to their viewers but obviously this is secondary to their focus on American film and hallelujah they do. One of the things that surprised and delighted me in this Oscar schedule was the time TCM is devoting to some notable foreign films. Feb. 24th has some real gems that I am really looking forward to.

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