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TCM Repeating Movies Too Much!


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I think TCM has to appeal to all of its viewers, those who have seen a lot of the movies and those who haven't. I personally hate it when I don't recognize any of the titles being shown. It turns new viewers and occasional viewers off. A very well known and popular movie it is more likely to attract new viewers. And not everyone's tastes are that esoteric. I don't mean to sound hard about it, but if you have seen so many classic movies that you are tired of the repeats, perhaps it is time to devote more of your time to something else so that you don't get tired of them so fast! ;)


The problem is not that TCM is giving viewers too little of what they want, it's that TCM gives viewers TOO MUCH of what they want. They are giving us so many classic movies all the time that people have seen a lot of them and are already getting tired of them!!


Another factor is that there are only so many movies that it is practical and monetarily feasible for them to show. And only so many in existence, too!


I just wish there were more channels out there that showed classic movies. Perhaps it would help people to appreciate TCM more - and take the pressure off of them to please all of the people all of the time.

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Lili, you make a good point. When I first got TCM, there were days when there were easily four or five 'major' classics I hadn't seen. Now, two years later and sticking to my vow to watch only new to me, movies, there are many days when I've seen everything showing for the day or the only moives I haven't seen are second-tier B's and fillers that don't interest me.


Also, it would help to understand TCM's business model. To remain viable, they have to attract and keep new eyes and retain casual viewers. And casual viewers want to sit down on a random Wednesday night at 8:00pm and find a Cary Grant comedy or a Billy Wilder classic or Joan Crawford's shoulder pads. That's good. We need those casual viewers to pay their fees and feed their viewing habit info back to their provider, etc so that we can have things like Silent Sundays and Kay Francis B-movies. There are not enough (insert your hobby horse here) niche fans to keep the channel viable. That's just how it is.

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OneSharpDame (I just love that moniker!), you're right. I worry that I will soon join the ranks of those bored with TCM if I keep consuming movies at my present rate! Especially in February, when they're doing the "31 Days of Oscar" it's easy to see many great movies in a short span of time.


I wish there could be another more esoteric movie channel. Or perhaps a channel other than Nick that aired retro TV - Perhaps one that showed more of the variety shows (Like Dean Martin, Flip Wilson and Laugh-In) and talk shows (like Mike Douglas and Johnny Carson) from yesteryear and some old movies thrown in for good measure.

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