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Over-Rated Movies

Guest son, jery

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I've seriously considered buying Laurence Of Arabia, in case I ever had insomia and needed something to help me fall asleep. What a boring waste of time that movie is, sorry to all who like it, but I couldn't get through the first hour. Another coma inducing waste of time for me, and has been praised by so many for what I have no idea, 2001: A Space Odyssy, don't ask me what this thing was about, eventhough unlike LOA I actually did watch the whole thing, and I sitll don't know what the heck it was about.

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"Sometimes they go so overboard with computer graphics, that even the most ancient effects look more real than that. I think even "King Kong" (1933) is more easy to believe than "Lord Of the Rings." LOTR just overdid them." - harlowkeatongirl


You've gotta' be kidding me.


You should step outside of your opinion of modern movies and actually admit that the graphics in LoTR movies actually look decent. Especially if you start comparing them to skippy animation from the classic eras of cinema, which, in all fairness, look like absolute s**t.


Another thing that **** me off when people say things like that is the fact that it would be impossible to make an LOTR movie as good if you couldn't create a world in its' entirety. And a big part of creating a FANTASY world in movies is not painting giant backdrops that fail to blend in with the rest of the scene(ry) or creating giant puppets; it's all about graphics in a good fantasy movie these days for the reason of them looking better than the cheap methods used in yesteryears.


All in all, it just sounds like you dislike modern movies and you obviously cannot grasp the concept of graphics when they are actually needed in order to add to something.


Now, I'm sure you could start arguing about graphics never being needed.. but it would just be because you can't understand WHY they are needed.


Though some movies misuse them (see most full-on graphical movies from the 70's, 80's and a big part of the 90's).


Go watch King Kong and the skippy animation that looks "more believable" than LOTR's surreal fantasy world.




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