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Vote Now!! The 12th Programming Challenge Needs You.

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This starts the thread where you can cast your vote for your favorite schedule of this challenge. People from all over the country have submitted a schedule for your consideration. When the man whose job it is to program our favorite channel takes the time to come in and say "WOW" then you know we have something special.


Their job was to schedule a week of programming as if it were to air on TCM. They would include all the usual weekly scheduled programs (TCM Underground, etc.) and also program a special interview program to premiere this week. The show would be broadcast at 8pm and again for west coast rebroadcast. It would be someone still living who they would like to talk to, and if possible, give some description about the show as if to promote it.


Voting starts today and will run through Saturday the 21st of Feb. Please look over each schedule and vote for your favorite. I encourage you to share comments about anything on anyone's schedule that you liked. If you don't wish to post you vote you may let me know by way of a private message. You should have been registered by January 12 to post a vote.


Those seeking your vote this go round are



*Norma Desmond*


*pancakes barbara*




*lzcutter* and *filmlover* have contributed schedules but have declined to put them up for a vote as they have already won a couple of times and thus make way for someone else to enjoy winning.


I will only vote in case of a tie. (I'd rather not.)


I will do my best to keep you informed of the tally. The winner gets to host Programming Challenge XIII. So on we go.....


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To fix a few things. Don't be surprised if there are more to come.


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*chipheartsmovies schedule and notes*





*SUN 26*



6 AM *The Runt Page* (1932), dir Raymond Nazarro, starring Shirley Temple, Educational, 10 min, p/d

6:10 AM *War Babies* (1932), dir. Charles Lamont, starring Shirley Temple, Educational, 10 min, p/d

6:20 AM *The Pie-Covered Wagon* (1932), dir Charles Lamont, starring Shirley Temple, Educational, 10 min p/d

6:30 AM *Glad Rags to Riches* (1933), dir Charles Lamont, starring Shirley Temple, Educational, 10 min, p/d

6:45 AM *Gold Diggers of 1933* (1933), dir Mervyn LeRoy, starring Warren William, Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler, WB, 96 min

8:30 AM *Gold Diggers of 1935* (1935), dir Busby Berkeley, starring Dick Powell, Gloria Stuart, WB, 98 min

10:15 AM *Stand Up and Cheer* (1934), dir Hamilton MacFadden, starring Warner Baxter, Shirley Temple, Fox, 80 min PREMIERE



11:45 AM *Annie* (1982), dir. John Huston, starring Aileen Quinn, Carol Burnett, Columbia, 126 min

1 PM *Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?* (1963), dir. Daniel Mann, starring Dean Martin, Elizabeth Montgomery, Carol Burnett, Paramount, 103 min, p/s

2:45 PM: *Pete 'n' Tillie* (1972), dir Martin Ritt, starring Walter Matthau, Carol Burnett, Universal, 100 min PREMIERE


4:30 PM *The Front Page* (1974), dir Billy Wilder, starring Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon, Universal, 105 min, p/s



6:15 PM *Lured* (1947), dir Douglas Sirk, starring Boris Karloff, Lucille Ball, UA, 102 min p/s

8 PM *Imitation of Life* (1959), dir Douglas Sirk, starring Lana Turner, Juanita Moore, Universal, 125 min, p/s

10:15 pm *Magnificent Obsession* (1954), dir Douglas Sirk, starring Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman, Universal, 108 min, p/s


*MON 27*



12:15 AM *A Fool There Was* (1915), dir Frank Powell, starring Theda Bara, Fox Vaudeville Company, 67 min

1:30 AM *East Lynne* (1916), dir Bertram Bracken, starring Theda Bara, Fox, 50 min




1:20 AM *Urashima Taro* (1918), dir Seitaro Kitayama, Nikkatsu-Muk?jima, animated short, Japan, 2 minutes (Thought to be lost, found in July 2007 in Osaka and restored)

*Hanawa Hekonai meit? no maki* (1917), dir Junichi Kouchi, animated short, Japan, 2 min (Thought lost, found in July 2007 in Osaka and restored)

2:30 AM *Tie San Gong Zhu (Princess Iron Fan )* (1941), dir Wan Guchan, Wan Laiming, starring Wan Guchan, China, 65 minutes (1st feature length Asian animated film)

3:45 AM *Momotaro: Umi No Shinpei (Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors )* (1945), dir Mitsuto Seo, Sh?chiku D?ga Kenky?jo, 74 min (2nd Asian feature length animated film, lost from 1945-1983, when a film was found in a warehouse)



5 AM *The River* (1951), dir Jean Renoir, starring Nora Swinburne, UA, 99 min

6:45 AM *The Woman on the Beach* (1947), dir Jean Renoir, starring Robert Ryan, Joan Bennett, RKO, 71 min



8 AM *Good Times* (1967), dir William Friedkin, starring Sonny and Cher, George Sanders, Columbia, 91 min

9:45 AM *Head* (1968), dir Bob Rafelson, starring The Monkees, Annette Funicello, Columbia, 110 min



11:45 AM *Mission to Moscow* (1943), dir Michael Curtiz, starring Walter Huston, Ann Harding, WB, 123 min

2 PM *Tender Comrade* (1943) dir Edward Dmytryk, starring Ginger Rogers, Robert Ryan, RKO, 101 min

3:45 PM *I Married a Communist* (1949), dir Robert Stevenson, starring Laraine Day, Robert Ryan, RKO, 73 min

5 PM *I Was a Communist for the FBI* (1951), dir Gordon Douglas, starring Frank Lovejoy, Dorothy Hart, WB, 83 min

6:30 PM *Big Jim McLain* (1952), dir Edward Ludwig, starring John Wayne, Nancy Olson, WB, 90 min



8 PM *Midnight* (1939), dir Mitchell Leisen, starring Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche, Paramount, 94 min, p/s

9:45 PM *The Smiling Lieutenant* (1931), dir Ernst Lubitsch, starring Maurice Chevalier, Claudette Colbert, Paramount, 93 min, p/s

11:20 PM *Young Man of Manhattan* (1930), dir Monta Bell, starring Claudette Colbert, Ginger Rogers, Paramount, 79 min PREMIERE


*TUE 28*


12:45 *It's a Wonderful World* (1939), dir W.S. Van Dyke II, starring Claudette Colbert,James Stewart, MGM, 87 min



2:15 AM *A Star is Born* (1954), dir George Cukor, starring Judy Garland, James Mason, WB, 176 min

5:15 AM *New York, New York* (1977), dir Martin Scorsese, starring Liza Minnelli, Robert DeNiro, UA, 163 min

8 AM *Touch of Evil* (1958), dir Orson Welles, starring Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, Universal, 112 min, p/s



10 AM *The Boat* (1921), dir Buster Keaton, starring Buster Keaton, First National/WB, 25 min (Thought lost until 1952 when James Mason bought Buster Keaton's house, found a copy and had it restored).

10:30 AM *Three Little Sew and Sews* (1939), dir Del Lord, starring The Three Stooges, Columbia, 20 min.

11 AM *The Old Man and the Sea* (1958), dir. by John Sturges, starring Spencer Tracy, WB, 86 min

12:30 PM *Captains Courageous* (1937), dir Victor Fleming, starring Spencer Tracy, Freddie Bartholomew, MGM, 115 min



2:30 PM *Mutiny on the Bounty* (1935), dir Frank Lloyd, starring Clark Gable, Charles Laughton, MGM, 132 min



4:45 PM *The Bachelor Party* (1957), dir Delbert Mann, starring Don Murray, Carolyn Jones, UA, 92 min

6:30 PM *Invasion of the Body Snatchers* (1956), dir by Don Siegel, starring Dana Wynter, Carolyn Jones, Allied Artists, 80 min p/s



8 PM *Kitten with a Whip* (1964), dir by Douglas Heyes, starring Ann-Margret, John Forsythe, Universal, 82 min PREMIERE

9:30 PM *The Swinger* (1966), dir George Sidney, starring Ann-Margret, Paramount, 105 min, p/s

11:15 PM *Viva Las Vegas* (1964), dir George Sidney, starring Elvis Presley, Ann-Margret, MGM, 85 min


*WED 29*



12:45 AM *London After Midnight* (1927), dir Tod Browning, starring Lon Chaney, MGM, 69 min

2 AM *Greed* (1924), dir Erich von Stroheim, starring Zasu Pitts, Jean Hersholt, 4 hours, MGM



6 AM *The Music Box* (1932), dir James Parrott, starring Laurel and Hardy, MGM, 29 min

6:30 AM *Dancing Lady* (1933), dir Robert Z. Leonard, starring Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, The Three Stooges, MGM, 92 min

8 AM *Hello, Dolly!* (1969), dir Gene Kelly, starring Barbra Streisand, Louis Armstrong, Fox, 146 min p/s

10:30 AM *We're Not Dressing* (1934), dir Norman Taurog, starring Bing Crosby, Carole Lombard, Ethel Merman, Paramount, 74 min, p/s

Noon *Blue Hawaii* (1961), dir Norman Taurog, starring Elvis Presley, Angela Lansbury, Paramount, 102 min, p/s

2 PM *The Facts of Life* (1960), dir Melvin Frank, starring Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, UA, 103 min

4 PM *The Long, Long Trailer* (1953), dir Vincente Minnelli, starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, MGM, 103 min

6 PM *The Gang's All Here* (1943), dir Busby Berkeley, starring Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda, Fox, 103 min, p/s

8 PM *A Child is Waiting* (1963), dir John Cassavetes, starring Judy Garland, Burt Lancaster, UA, 104 min

10 PM *The Third Man* (1949), dir Carol Reed, starring Joseph Cotten, Orson Welles, British Lion Film Corp., 104 min, p/s


*THU 30*


MIDNIGHT *Shanghai Express* (1932), dir Josef von Sternberg, starring Marlene Dietrich, Anna May Wong, Paramount, 80 min, p/s

1:30 AM *Min and Bill* (1930), dir George W. Hill, starring Marie Dressler, Wallace Beery, MGM, 66 min

3:15 AM *The Barefoot Contessa* (1954), dir Joseph L. Mankiewicz, starring Ava Gardner, Humphrey Bogart, Cinecitta, 130 min p/s

5:30 AM *Anatomy of a Murder* (1959), dir Otto Preminger, starring James Stewart, Lee Remick, Columbia, 160 min



8:15 AM *Bewitched* (1945), dir Arch Oboler, starring Phyllis Thaxter, Edmund Gwenn, MGM, 65 min

9:30 AM *Third of a Man* (1962), dir Robert Lewin, starring Simon Oakland, James Drury, UA, 82 min

11 AM *Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde* (1941), dir Victor Fleming, starring Spencer Tracy, Ingrid Bergman, Lana Turner, MGM, 113 min



2 PM *Red-Headed Woman* (1932), dir Jack Conway, starring Jean Harlow, Lewis Stone, MGM, 79 min

3:30 PM *Hold Your Man* (1933), dir Sam Wood, starring Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, MGM, 87 min

5 PM *The Girl from Missouri* (1934), dir Jack Conway, starring Jean Harlow, Lionel Barrymore, Franchot Tone, MGM, 75 min

6:15 PM *Riffraff* (1936), dir J. Walter Ruben, starring Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy, MGM, 94 min



8 PM *The World of Tomorrow* (1984), dir Lance Bird, Tom Johnson, narrated by Jason Robards, American Portrait, 83 min PREMIERE

9:30 PM *The Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair* (1939), dir by Robert R. Snody, starring Marjorie Lord, James Lydon, Audio Productions, 55 min p/d PREMIERE

10:30 PM *It Happened at the World's Fair* (1963), dir by Norman Taurog, starring Elvis Presley, MGM, 105 min


*FRI 1*


12:15 PM *AM Newsreel Footage* (1939), Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland at the 1939 World's Fair, MGM, 4 minutes (as seen on the Babes in Arms DVD)

12:30 PM *Centennial Summer* (1946), dir Otto Preminger, starring Jeanne Crain, Cornell Wilde, Fox, 102 min PREMIERE

2:15 AM *A Day on Treasure Island* (1939), narrated by James FitzPatrick, MGM, 10 min

2:30 AM *Meet Me in St. Louis* (1944), dir by Vincente Minnelli, starring Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien, MGM, 113 min



4:30 AM *Treasure Island* (1950), dir Byron Haskin, starring Bobby Driscoll, Robert Newton, Disney, 96 min

6:05 AM *Return to Treasure Island* (1954), dir Ewald Andre DuPont, starring Tab Hunter, Dawn Addams, UA, 75 min

7:20 AM *Kidnapped* (1960), dir Robert Stevenson, starring Peter Finch, James MacArthur, Peter O'Toole, Disney, 97 min



9:15 AM *Havana Widows* (1933), dir Ray Enright, starring Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, WB, 62 min

10:30 AM *I've Got Your Number* (1934), dir Ray Enright, starring Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, WB, 69 min

11:45 AM *Traveling Saleslady* (1935), dir Ray Enright, starring Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, WB, 65 min

1 PM *We're in the Money* (1935), dir Ray Enright, starring Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, WB, 66 min

2:15 PM *Miss Pacific Fleet* (1935), dir Ray Enright, starring Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, WB, 66 min



3:30 PM *Three Bad Sisters* (1956), dir Gilbert Kay, starring Marla English, UA, 76 min

5 PM *The Big Bluff* (1955), dir W. Lee Wilder, starring John Bromfield, Martha Vickers, UA, 70 min

6:15 PM *Too Late for Tears* (1949), dir Byron Haskin, starring Lizabeth Scott, Dan Duryea, UA, 99 min p/d



8 PM *Interview with Deanna Durbin*

9 PM *Three Smart Girls* (1936), dir Henry Koster, starring Alice Brady, Deanna Durbin, Universal, 84 min, p/s

9:30 *Every Sunday* (1936), dir Felix E. Feist, starring Judy Garland, Deanna Durbin, MGM, 11 min

9:45 *One Hundred Men and a Girl* (1937), dir Henry B. Koster, starring Deanna Durbin, Adolphe Menjou, Universal, 84 min p/s

11:15 *Repeat Interview with Deanna Durbin*


*SAT 2*


12:15 *Three Smart Girls Grow Up* (1939), dir Henry Koster, starring Deanna Durbin, Robert Cummings, Universal, 90 min, PREMIERE



1:45 AM *Robot Monster* (1953), dir Phil Tucker, starring George Nader, 3 Dimension Pictures, 66 min

3 AM *The Creeping Terror* (1964), dir Vic Savage, starring Vic Savage, Metropolitan International Pictures, 75 min

4:15 AM *Attack of the Crab Monsters* (1957), dir Roger Corman, starring Russell Johnson, Allied Artists, 62 min



6:30 AM *Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere* (1951), dir Spencer Gordon Bennett, Wallace Grissell, starring Judd Holdren, Columbia, 287 min

11:30 AM *Devil Girl from Mars* (1945), dir David MacDonald, starring Hugh McDermott, Hazel Court, British Lion, 77 min, p/d



1 PM *Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye* (1950), dir Gordon Douglas, starring James Cagney, Barbara Payton, WB 102 min

2:45 PM *Dallas* (1950), dir Stuart Heisler, starring Gary Cooper, Barbara Payton, WB, 94 min

4:30 PM *Only the Valiant* (1951), dir Gordon Douglas, starring Gregory Peck, Barbara Payton, WB, 105 min



6:15 PM *The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle* (1939), dir by H.C. Potter, starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, RKO, 93 min



8 PM *Carmen Jones* (1954), dir Otto Preminger, starring Dorothy Dandridge, Harry Belafonte, Fox, 105 min, p/s


9:45 PM *Bright Road* (1953), dir Gerald Mayer, starring Dorothy Dandridge, Harry Belafonte, MGM, 68 min



11 PM *The Blood of Jesus* (1941), dir Spencer Williams, starring Cathryn Caviness, Spencer Williams, Sack Amusement Enterprises, 68 min p/d (thought lost until a copy was found in the mid 80's in a warehouse in Tyler, TX


*SUN 3*


12:15 AM *Beale Street Mama* (1947), dir Spencer Williams, starring July Jones, Spencer Williams, Sack Amusement Enterprises, 63 min, p/d

1:30 AM *The Girl in Room 20* (1946), dir Spencer Williams, starring Geraldine Brock, Spencer Williams, Sack Amusement Enterprises, 63 min, p/d



2:45 AM *Norman...Is That You?* (1976), dir George Schlatter, starring Redd Foxx, Pearl Bailey, MGM, 91 min

4:30 AM *Cotton Comes to Harlem* (1970), dir Ossie Davis, starring Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques, Redd Foxx, UA, 97 min


p/s = Previously Screened p/d = Public Domain












PREMIERES: Stand Up and Cheer, Pete 'n' Tillie, Young Man of Manhattan, Kitten With a Whip, The World of Tomorrow, The Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair, Centennial Summer, Three Smart Girls Grow Up


I chose the week beginning April 26, 2009.


The week's programming kicks off with a tip of the hat to our declining economy, featuring films made during the Great Depression. Beginning with Shirley Temple's public domain Baby Burlesks and continuing optimistically with feel-good Gold Diggers movies, we march toward the TCM Premiere of Stand Up and Cheer with Shirley Temple, in which FDR appoints a Secretary of Amusement to perk up the population in the midst of the Depression (let's hope Mr. Obama tunes in that day and gets some ideas). The next movie, Annie , is a newer film, but one set in the period with yet another tot cheering up America.


I don't know about you, but the endless reporting in the media these days on how awful things are really, uh, depresses me. I prefer the Gold Diggers/Shirley Temple approach. Chin up, everybody!


Annie also kicks off a birthday tribute to Carol Burnett, which includes her film debut in Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? and the TCM Premiere of Pete 'n' Tillie , followed by a birthday celebration for director Douglas Sirk. Silent Sunday Nights features two of the three still-existing Theda Bara features.


Throughout the week you'll get little groupings called "Lost and Found," consisting of films that were once considered lost and then found, or films that were restored or recreated using found material, stills, original storyboards, etc. The first batch is found in TCM International. Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors was the second full-length animated film made in Asia, and was believed lost from 1945 until 1983, when a copy was found in a warehouse. It's joined by two silent shorts lost for decades until copies were found in 2007 in Osaka, as well as Princess Iron Fan , the first feature length Asian animated film.


The morning begins with two terrific Jean Renoir films, followed by kitschy offerings from The Monkees and Sonny and Cher. Next up, we remember the 50's Red Scare with two movies that the HUAC condemned (*Mission to Moscow* with Walter Huston and Tender Comrade with Ginger Rogers), followed by three anti-communist movies that were produced in the wake of the blacklist, including Big Jim McLain with John Wayne as a HUAC investigator.


My SOTM is Claudette Colbert, and the offerings include one of my absolute favorite movies ( Midnight ), as well as the TCM Premiere of Young Man of Manhattan co-starring Ginger Rogers. Ginger pops up a lot this week for some reason.


Lost and Found #2 rolls in next, with A Star is Born (missing scenes reconstructed with stills and the original soundtrack), New York, New York (excised 20 minute "Happy Endings" number restored), Touch of Evil (recut as Orson Welles originally intended), and The Boat with Buster Keaton (thought lost until James Mason bought Keaton's house and discovered a copy in 1952 in the basement).


The Boat kicks off a day of seagoing movies, with offerings as diverse as movies starring The Three Stooges and Spencer Tracy, leading up to Mutiny on the Bounty --- airing to commemorate the actual anniversary of the real-life mutiny! Following this are birthday tributes to Carolyn Jones and Ann-Margret, including the TCM Premiere of the trashterpiece that is Kitten with a Whip .


Lost and Found #3 comes next, with London After Midnight (lost and reconstructed with stills) and Greed (existing footage combined with stills to restore as much as possible).


I had lots of fun with the next day's programming --- the stars of each film in the "Museum Pieces" section have a museum somewhere in the world dedicated to their careers. There's even a MARIE DRESSLER Museum! I'd hope TCM would tape intros at each museum --- and if TCM Programmer is reading this, what a terrific hour-long original program or batch of interstitials a tour of these museums could make! For your information, for those interested, this post will be followed by a specific post listing the museums and their weblinks. And for those really interested, I wasn't able to fit the museums for Gone with the Wind , John Wayne, Burt Reynolds, Liberace, James Dean, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Andy Griffith, or the not-yet-open Katharine Hepburn museum, but check them out on the web.


The section called "You've Got (Split) Personality is pretty self-evident, and is followed by four of the five films that starred Jean Harlow and were scripted by Anita Loos. (The fifth is Saratoga , Harlow's final film, and certainly the least-appealing of the five).


Next, we're celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the 1939 New York World's Fair with a pair of TCM Premieres: The World of Tomorrow , a 1984 PBS documentary on the Fair, and the wonderfully weird The Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair from 1939. This little gem was created by Westinghouse to show at the Fair to promote their products and as a promotional piece steering people to their exhibits. It's VERY pro-technology (and mighty suspicious of lazy "artistic" types), and features a robot that smokes and a dishwashing competition between Mrs. Drudge (using a sink) and Mrs. Modern (with a dishwasher). Guess who wins? You can watch the film in its entirety free online at http://www.archive.org/details/middleton_family_worlds_fair_1939


After that come films celebrating other fairs and expositions: It Happened at the World's Fair (Seattle World's Fair), the TCM Premiere of Centennial Summer (Philadelphia Centennial Exposition), Meet Me in St. Louis (St. Louis World's Fair), and and A Day on Treasure Island (Golden Gate International Exposition).


The TravelTalk on Treasure Island is followed by two movies based on Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island as well as one based on his Kidnapped .


"Best Friends Forever" features five 1930's Warner films starring lifelong real-life pals Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell, two of my faves and always good for a laugh. Three crime dramas about people plotting to kill their relatives for financial gain follow.


For my celebrity interview I chose the reclusive Deanna Durbin, who we briefly discussed last year in another thread, even though I know she'd never do the interview in real life. The films I selected include one TCM Premiere, Three Smart Girls Grow Up .


For TCM Underground, I picked three of the silliest (and worst) monster movies ever made, all guaranteed to have you howling. Robot Monster is basically a gorilla with a television set for a head; Creeping Terror sports a monster that is actually an old piece of carpet that has college students crawling underneath to make it creep (you can occasionally see their legs and sneakers sticking out from under the carpet); and Attack of the Crab Monsters . Run for your lives! That carpet is inching toward you!


Saturday morning kicks off with the entire Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere serial, followed by the campy Devil Girl from Mars.


Saturday afternoon is devoted to the films of largely forgotten actress Barbara Payton, who has one of the saddest stories in Hollywood history. Although she played opposite stars like James Cagney, Gary Cooper, and Gregory Peck (as you see this afternoon), her severe alcoholism, mental illness, and messy personal life (public adulterous affairs, drunken brawls) kept her in the press in the worst way. The major studios dropped her fast and she was starring in garbage like Bride of the Gorilla in only a couple of years. Only a few years later she was homeless and working as a street prostitute. She "wrote" an exploitive autobiography in 1963 called I Am Not Ashamed (for a payment of $1000), and died in 1969 at age 39. No Bride of the Gorilla here --- I chose her three best films.


Today is the birthday of Vernon Castle, so we celebrate with The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, a goodie that should air more often!


For The Essentials I chose Carmen Jones starring Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte, followed by Bright Road with the same stars. I decided to stick with films starring African-American actors for the night.


First up, three "race" films directed by and starring Spencer Williams, best known for playing Andy on TV's Amos and Andy . Race films were extremely low-budget independent all-black films that were made for exhibition in segregated theatres, as well as in black churches and community buildings. (The first film, The Blood of Jesus --- a hit at the time --- was thought to be lost until a copy was found in the mid-80's in a warehouse in Tyler, Texas). Then, we're closing out the week with a couple of racy 70's comedies starring Redd Foxx, who somehow manages to make material that could be offensive absolutely hysterical. Enjoy!

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*Norma Desmond's schedule and notes*


*TCM Programming Challenge ? Week of April 1-7, 2010*





6:00am: The Ace of Hearts (1921, Goldwyn Pictures)

7:15am: The Penalty (1920, Goldwyn Pictures)

8:45am: Oliver Twist (1922, First National Pictures)

10:00am: The Phantom of the Opera (1925, Universal)




12:00pm: The Uninvited (1944, Paramount) ? Ray Milland

1:45pm: The Canterville Ghost 1944, MGM) ? Charles Laughton

3:30pm: Blithe Spirit (1945, Cineguild) ? Rex Harrison, Margaret Rutherford - PREMIERE

5:15pm: Hamlet (1948, Two Cities Film) ? Laurence Olivier





9:30pm: The Heiress (1948, Universal) ? Olivia de Havilland, Montgomery Clift

11:30: Suspicion (1941, RKO) ? Joan Fontaine, Cary Grant

1:15pm: To Each His Own (1946, Paramount) - Olivia de Havilland

3:30pm: Rebecca (1940, Selznick International Pictures) ? Joan Fontaine, Laurence Olivier


*FRIDAY APRIL 2, 2010*




6:45am: The Eagle (1925, U/A) ? Valentino, Vilma Banky

8:00am: Redemption (1930, MGM) ? John Gilbert, Eleanor Boardman, Renee Adoree ? PREMIERE???

9:15am: Balalaika (1939, MGM) ? Nelson Eddy, Ilona Massey

11:00:am The Scarlet Empress (1934, Paramount) ? Marlene Dietrich ? PREMIERE

12:45pm: Voyna i mir a.k.a War and Peace (1967, Mosfilm) ? Sergei Bondarchuk ? PREMIERE




8:00pm: The Grass is Greener (1960, Universal) ? Cary Grant, Kerr, Simmons, Mitchum

10:00pm: Black Narcissus (1947, The Archers) ? Deborah Kerr

11:45pm: Young Bess (1953, MGM) ? Stewart Granger, Charles Laughton




2:00am: Candy (1968, ABC) ? Marlon Brando, Richard Burton

4:15am: Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965, AIP) ? Vincent Price, Frankie Avalon






6:00am: Sayonara (1957, MGM/U/A)

8:30am: Bedtime Story (1964, Pennebaker Productions) ? David Niven, Shirley Jones

10:15am: Viva Zapata! (1952, FOX) ? Anthony Quinn, Jean Peters

12:15pm: One Eyed Jacks (1961, Paramount) ? Karl Malden

2:45pm: A Streetcar Named Desire (1951, WB) ? Vivien Leigh

5:00pm: Guys and Dolls (1955, MGM) ? Frank Sinatra, Jean Simmons




8:00pm: The Women (1939, MGM)




10:00pm: Around the World in 80 Days (1956, Michael Todd Company)

1:15am: Forever and a Day (1943, RKO)

3:15am: Grand Hotel (1932, MGM)

5:30am: The Slippery Pearls (1931, Paramount) ? SHORT SUBJECT


*SUNDAY APRIL 4, 2010*



6:00am: Peter Pan (1924, Paramount) ? Betty Bronson

7:45am: As You Like It (1936, FOX) ? Elizabeth Berger, Olivier

9:30am: Queen Christina (1933, MGM) ? Greta Garbo, John Gilbert




11:15am: A Summer Place (1959, W/B) ? Troy Donahue, Sandra Dee 130min

1:30pm: Come September (1961, U/I) ? Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee

3:30pm: Pillow Talk (1959, Universal) ? Rock Hudson, Doris Day 102min

5:15pm: The Last Frontier (1955, Columbia) ? Guy Madison, Victor Mature 98


7:00pm: Private Screenings: Tony Curtis (1999, TCM Original)



8:00pm: Rachel, Rachel (1968, Kayos Productions) ? Joanne Woodward

9:45pm: Sometimes a Great Notion (1971, Newman-Foreman Co.) ? Paul Newman, Henry Fonda




12:00am: The Beloved Rogue (1927, U/A) ? John Barrymore, Conrad Veidt




2:00am: La Ronde (1950, Films Sacha Gordine) ? Anton Walbrook

4:00: La Plaisir (1952, CCFC)


*MONDAY APRIL 5, 2010*




6:00am: Tower of London (1962, U/A) ? Vincent Price

7:30am: The Masque of the Red Death (1964, AIP) ? Vincent Price

9:00am: The Pit and Pendulum (1961, AIP) ? Vincent Price

10:30am: The Terror (1963, AIP) ? Boris Karloff



11:15am: Too Much, Too Soon (1958, WB) ? Errol Flynn, Dorothy Malone - PREMIERE

1:15pm: My Reputation (1946, WB) ? Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent

3:00pm: Mildred Pierce (1945, WB) ? Joan Crawford

5:00pm: I Confess (1953, WB) ? Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter

6:45pm: Indiscretion (1953, Columbia) ? Montgomery Clift, Jennifer Jones






6:00am: The Four Feathers (1939, London Film Production) ? Ralph Richardson

8:00am: Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949, Ealing Studios) ? Alec Guinness

10:00am: The Divorce of Lady X (1938, London Film Production) ? Laurence Oliver/Merle Oberon - PREMIERE

11:45am: I See a Dark Stranger (1946, Individual Pictures) ? Deborah Kerr, Trevor Howard

1:30pm: The Small Back Room (1949, The Archers) ? David Farrer ? PREMIERE

3:15pm: Great Expectations (1946, Cineguild) ? John Mills

5:15pm: Traveltalks: Looking at London (1946, MGM) ? SHORT SUBJECT

5:30pm: Sleuth (1972, Palomar Pictures) ? Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine




8:00pm: When Knighthood was in Flower (1922, Cosmopolitan Productions) ? Marion Davies ? PREMIERE

10:30pm: The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933, London Film Productions) ? Charles Laughton

12:15pm: Anne of the Thousand Days (1969, Hal Wallis Productions) ? Richard Burton

2:45pm: Tudor Rose (1936, Gainsborough Productions) ? John Mills

4:15pm: The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939, WB) ? Bette Davis, Errol Flynn





6:00am: Let Us Be Gay (1930, MGM) ? Norma Shearer, Marie Dressler 79min

7:30am: Holiday (1930, Pathe Exchange) ? Ann Harding, Mary Astor 98min

9:15am: West of Broadway (1931, MGM) ? John Gilbert 68min

10:30am: Downstairs (1932, MGM) ? John Gilbert 77min

11:45am: Beauty For Sale (1933, MGM) ? Madge Evans, Alice Brady 87min




1:15pm: All Quiet on the Western Front (1930, Universal) ? Lew Ayres

3:45pm: Arch of Triumph (1948, U/A) ? Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, Charles Laughton

5:45pm: Three Comrades (1938, MGM) ? Robert Taylor, Franchot Tone, Margaret Sullivan



8:00pm: Treasure Island (1934, MGM) ? Wallace Beery, Jackie Cooper

10:00pm: Tugboat Annie (1933, MGM) ? Wallace Beery, Marie Dressler

11:30pm: China Seas (1935, MGM) ? Wallace Beery, Clark Gable, Jean Harlow

1:00am: Slave Ship (1937, FOX) ? Wallace Beery, Warner Baxter - PREMIERE

2:45am: Way For a Sailor (1930, MGM) ? Wallace Beery, John Gilbert

4:15am: The Captain Hates the Sea (1934, Columbia) ? John Gilbert

My week runs the first through seventh of April next year (since this year was set and scheduled)


Star of the Month: Wallace Beery to mark 125 years since his birth


Essentials: The Women (1939), the co-host of the essentials in 2010 is Charles Busch (pancakes_barbara's idea, I ?borrowed?, but wouldn?t he be great?)


Month theme: Royalty in the movies


Interview Program for Challenge: Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland get together, make peace, then watch their Oscar winning performances


Silent Sunday: John Barrymore in The Beloved Rogue (1927)


Import: Max Ophuls double feature


Underground: Marlon Brando in Candy (1968)


Premieres: When Knighthood was in Flower (1922, Cosmopolitan Productions)


The Divorce of Lady X (1938, London Film Production)


Blithe Spirit (1945, Cineguild)


Redemption (1930, MGM)


The Scarlet Empress (1934, Paramount)


Voyna i mir a.k.a War and Peace (1967, Mosfilm) Best Foreign Picture Oscar winner of ?68 and should be shown



The Small Back Room (1949, The Archers)


Message was edited by: movieman1957


Note to "Norma" it seems part of your Monday night schedule is missing from your original post. Let me know if you have it and I'll adjust this post.

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*patful's schedule and notes*


*Patful's Challenge #12 Schedule*


*Sunday, November 8, 2009*


*Distaff Direction Dilemma*


6:00AM *Girl Missing* (1933) Glenda Farrell, Ben Lyon, D: R. Florey, Warner, 69min

7:15AM *A Lost Lady* (1934) Barbara Stanwyck, Frank Morgan, D: A.E. Green, Warner, 61min

cartoon *The Lost Chick* (1935) Eggbert, D: Harmon/Ising, MGM, 10min

8:30AM *Wandering Girls* (1927) Dorothy Revier, Eugenie Besserer, D: R. Ince, Columbia, 58min

9:30AM *Island of Lost Women* (1959) Jeff Richards, Venetia Stevenson, D: F. Tuttle, Warner, 71min

10:45AM *Missing Daughters* (1939) Richard Arlen, D: C. Coleman, Columbia, 63min

cartoon *The Little Lost Sheep* (1939) Little Bo Peep, D: Gould/Harrison, Columbia, 7min


*Famously Fun Fellows in Four Not-So-Fun Flicks*


12:00PM *The Five Pennies* (1959) Danny Kaye, D: M. Shavelson, Paramount (p/s), 117min

2:00PM *The Country Girl* (1954) Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, D: G. Seaton, Paramount (p/s), 105min

3:45PM *The Diary of Anne Frank* (1959) Ed Wynn, Millie Perkins, D: G. Stevens, Fox (p/s), 156min

6:30PM *The Tender Years* (1948) Joe E. Brown, Richard Lyon, D: H. Schuster, Fox, Premiere, 81min


*Leapin' Leprechauns - Family Night*


8:00PM *Finian's Rainbow* (1968) Fred Astaire, Petula Clark, D: F.F. Coppola, Warner (p/s), 141min

10:30PM *Shamrock Hill* (1949) Peggy Ryan, D: A. Dreifuss, Eagle Lion, 77min, Premiere

cartoon *Droopy Leprechaun* (1958) Bill Thompson, D: M. Lah, MGM, 6min


*Silent Sunday Nights*


12:00AM *7th Heaven* (1927) Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, D: F. Borzage, Fox, 120min


*TCM Imports - Yes We Can Can - Jean Renoir's French Cancan*


2:00AM *French Cancan* (1954) Jean Gabin, Francoise Arnoul, D: J. Renoir, Franco London, 106min

cartoon *Canadian Can-Can* (1967) Pat Harrington, D: G. Chiniquy, UA, 7min


4:00AM *Moulin Rouge* (1952) Jose Ferrer, Zsa Zsa Gabor, D: J. Huston, UA, 118min


*Monday, November 9*


*The Great Northeast Blackout - 11-9-1965*


6:00AM *Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?* (1968) D. Day, D: Averback, MGM, 94min

cartoon *Wacky Blackout* (1942) Mel Blanc, D: R. Clampett, Warner, 8min


*Twisted Twin Tales - Dual Roles Save Money*


7:45AM *Dead Ringer* (1964) Bette Davis, Karl Malden, D: P. Henreid, Warner (p/s), 116min

9:45AM *Hit and Run* (1957) Hugo Haas, Cleo Moore, D: H. Haas, UA, 85min

11:15AM *House of Numbers* (1957) Jack Palance, Harold Stone, D: R. Rouse, MGM, 90min

12:45PM *A Stolen Life* (1946) Bette Davis, Glenn Ford, D: C. Bernhardt, Warner, 107min

short Film Vodvil: *Three Sets of Twins* (1946) Blackburn Twins, D: B.K. Blake, Columbia, 10min


*William Powell, Butler Extraordinaire*


2:45PM *My Man Godfrey* (1936) Powell, Carole Lombard, D: G. La Cava, Universal (p/s), 94min

short *Jitters the Butler* (1932) Bobby Clark, Paul McCullough, D: M. Sandrich, RKO, 19min

4:45PM *The Last of Mrs. Cheyney* (1937) Joan Crawford, Powell, D: R. Boleslawski, MGM, 98min

6:30PM *The Baroness and the Butler* (1938) Powell, Annabella, D: W. Lang, Fox, 80min, Premiere

short *Home Maid* (1944) Polly Patterson, Pete Smith, D: W. Jason, MGM 10min


*Herbert T. Kalmus, Technicolor Founder, Born Today in 1881*


8:00PM *The Wizard of Oz* (1939) Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, D: Fleming/Vidor, MGM, 101min

9:45PM *The Adventures of Robin Hood* (1938) Errol Flynn, D: Keighley/Curtiz, Warner, 104min

11:30PM *The Four Feathers* (1939) John Clements, Ralph Richardson, D: Z. Korda, UA (p/s), 130min

short *The Old South* (1940) George Lynn, D: F. Zinnemann, MGM, 11min

2:00AM *Gone With the Wind* (1939) Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, D: Fleming/Cukor, MGM, 234min


*Tuesday, November 10*


*W. Somerset Maugham According to Eleanor Parker*


6:00AM *The Seventh Sin* (1957) Eleanor Parker, Bill Travers, D: R. Neame, MGM, 94min

short *Men of the Sky* (1942) Tod Andrews, Eleanor Parker, D: B.R. Eason, Warner, 20min

8:00AM *Of Human Bondage* (1946) Paul Henreid, Eleanor Parker, D: E. Goulding, Warner, 105min

*RKO Royal Flush*


9:45AM *Ace of Aces* (1933) Richard Dix, Elizabeth Allen, D: J.W. Ruben, RKO, 74min

11:00AM *Fit for a King* (1937) Joe E. Brown, Helen Mack, D: E. Sedgwick, RKO, 73min

12:15PM *Cattle Queen of Montana* (1954) Barbara Stanwyck, R. Reagan, D: A. Dwan, RKO, 88min

1:45PM *Midshipman Jack* (1933) Bruce Cabot, Betty Furness, D: C. Cabanne, RKO, 70min

3:00PM *Tender Comrade* (1943) Ginger Rogers, Robert Ryan, D: E. Dmytryk, RKO, 101min


*Hoo Hoo Hoo? Hugh Herbert, Woo Woo!*


4:45PM *Sh! The Octopus* (1937) Herbert, Allen Jenkins, D: W. McGann, Warner, 54min

short *Sham Poo, the Magician* (1932) Herbert, Dorothy Granger, D: H. Sweet, RKO, 17min

6:00PM *Love Begins at Twenty* (1936) Herbert, Warren Hull, D: F. McDonald, Warner, 58min

7:00PM *That Man's Here Again* (1937) Herbert, Mary Maguire, D: L. King, Warner, 58min


*Star of the Month Marjorie Main*


8:00PM *Johnny Come Lately* (1943) James Cagney, Main, D: W.K. Howard, UA, 97min, Premiere

9:45PM *The Egg and I* (1947) Claudette Colbert, Main, D: C. Erskine, Universal, 108min, Premiere

short *A Letter from a Soldier* (1951) Main, Keefe Braselle, D: D. Weis, MGM, 9min

11:45PM *Tish* (1942) Main, ZaSu Pitts, D: S. Simon, MGM, 86min

1:15AM *Gentle Annie* (1944) James Craig, Main, D: A. Marton, MGM, 81min

2:45AM *The Belle of New York* (1952) Fred Astaire, Main, D: C. Waters, MGM, 82min

4:15AM *The Bugle Sounds* (1942) Wallace Beery, Main, D: S. Simon, MGM, 101min


*Wednesday, November 11*


*Richard III Redux - Vincent Price*


6:00AM *Tower of London* (1939) Basil Rathbone, Boris Karloff, D: R.V. Lee, Universal (p/s), 92min

short *Looking at London* (1946) James FitzPatrick, D: ?, MGM, 11min

7:45AM *Tower of London* (1962) Vincent Price, Michael Pate, D: R. Corman, UA, 79min

short *Touring Northern England* (1950) James FitzPatrick, D: ?, MGM, 10min


*First Pets*


9:15AM *Millie* (1931) Helen Twelvetrees, Lilyan Tashman, D: J.F. Dillon, RKO, 85min

10:45AM *My Dog, Buddy* (1960) Travis Lemmond, Ken Curtis, D: R. Kellogg, Columbia, 76min

cartoon *Barney's Hungry Cousin* (1953) Tex Avery, D: D. Lundy, MGM, 7min

12:15PM *Meet Miss Bobby Socks* (1944) Bob Crosby, Lynn Merrick, D: G. Tryon, Columbia, 70min


*Ten, Scratch That, Five Lords A-Leaping*


1:30PM *Little Lord Fauntleroy* (1936) Freddie Bartholomew, D: J. Cromwell, UA (p/s), 102min

3:15PM *Lord Byron of Broadway* (1930) Charles Kaley, D: Nigh/Beaumont, MGM, 78min

short *Lord Epping Returns* (1951) Leon Errol, Dorothy Granger, D: L. Goodwins, RKO, 19min

5:00PM *Lord Jeff* (1938) Freddie Bartholomew, Mickey Rooney, D: S. Wood, MGM, 85min

6:30PM *His Lordship* (1932) Jerry Verno, Janet Megrew, D: M. Powell, UA, 79min, Premiere

short *America Sings with Kate Smith* (1942) Kate Smith, D: ?, Columbia, 10min


*Veterans/Armistice Day - 11-11-1918*


8:00PM *The Big Parade* (1925) John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, D: K. Vidor, MGM, 126min

10:15PM *All Quiet on the Western Front* (1930) Lew Ayres, D: L. Milestone, Universal (p/s), 131min

short *Proudly We Serve* (1944) Warren Douglas, D: C. Wilbur, Warner, 18min


*Eddie Cantor at Goldwyn*


12:45AM *Strike Me Pink* (1936) Cantor, Ethel Merman, D: N. Taurog, Goldwyn, 100min

2:30AM *Roman Scandals* (1933) Cantor, Gloria Stuart, D: F. Tuttle, Goldwyn, 92min

short *Motoring in Mexico* (1943) James FitzPatrick, D: ?, MGM, 10min

4:15AM *The Kid from Spain* (1932) Cantor, Lyda Roberti, D: L. McCarey, Goldwyn, 96min


*Thursday, November 12*


*Jules Leotard Debuts on the World's First Trapeze Today in 1859*


6:00AM *Trapeze* (1956) Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, D: C. Reed, UA, 106min

short *Swing High* (1932) The Flying Codonas, Pete Smith, D: J. Cummings, MGM, 11min

8:00AM *The Man on the Flying Trapeze* (1935) W.C. Fields, D: Bruckman, Paramount (p/s), 65min

cartoon *Circus Today* (1940) Mel Blanc, D: T. Avery, Warner, 9min

9:15AM *Polly of the Circus* (1932) Marion Davies, Clark Gable, D: A. Santell, MGM, 72min


*Jack Oakie's Birthday - Born Today in 1903*


10:30AM *Sailor Be Good!* (1933) Oakie, Vivienne Osborne, D: J. Cruze, RKO, 68min

11:45PM *The Eagle and the Hawk* (1933) Fred March, Oakie, D: S. Walker, Paramount (p/s), 74min

1:00PM *Colleen* (1936) Dick Powell, Oakie, D: A.E. Green, Warner, 89min

2:30PM *That Girl from Paris* (1937) Lily Pons, Oakie, D: L. Jason, RKO, 105min

4:15PM *Navy Blues* (1941) Ann Sheridan, Oakie, D: L. Bacon, Warner, 109min

6:15PM *Hit the Deck* (1930) Oakie, Polly Walker, D: L. Reed, RKO, 103min


*Special Guest Harper Lee*


8:00PM *Interview with Harper Lee* (2009) lzcutter, 60min

9:00PM *To Kill a Mockingbird* (1962) Gregory Peck, D: R. Mulligan, Universal (p/s), 129min

11:15PM *Interview with Harper Lee* (2009) lzcutter, 60min

12:15AM *The Innocents* (1961) Deborah Kerr, Peter Wyngarde, D: J. Clayton, Fox, 99min, Premiere

2:00AM *In Cold Blood* (1967) Robert Blake, Scott Wilson, D: R. Brooks, Columbia, 134min

4:15AM *Beat the Devil* (1954) Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, D: J. Huston, UA, 100min


*Friday, November 13*


*Now Thatza Spicy Meatball!*


6:00AM *Rose Marie* (1954) Ann Blyth, Howard Keel, D: M. LeRoy, MGM, 104min

7:45AM *Till the End of Time* (1946) Dorothy McGuire, Robert Mitchum, D: E. Dmytryk, RKO, 105min

9:30AM *Sagebrush Law* (1943) Tim Holt, Cliff Edwards, D: S. Nelson, RKO, 55min

10:30AM *Who's Minding the Mint?* (1967) Jim Hutton, D: H. Morris, Columbia, 97min

cartoon *Sultan Pepper* (1934) Little King, D: V. Stallings, RKO, 7min


*Short Block - Taxi Boys Shorts*


12:15PM *Strange Innertube* (1932) Ben Blue, Billy Gilbert, D: D. Lord, MGM, 20min

12:35PM *Wreckety Wrecks* (1933) Ben Blue, Billy Gilbert, D: D. Lord, MGM, 20min

12:55PM *Bring 'Em Back a Wife* (1933) Ben Blue, Billy Gilbert, D: D. Lord, MGM, 20min


*...But Ya Doesn't Hafta Call Me Johnson*


1:15PM *Call Me Bwana* (1963) Bob Hope, Anita Ekberg, D: G. Douglas, UA, 103min

3:00PM *Call Me Mame* (1933) Ethel Irving, John Batten, D: J. Daumery, Warner, 59min

4:00PM *They Call Me MISTER Tibbs* (1970) Sidney Poitier, D: G. Douglas, UA, 108min

cartoon *Let Me Call You Sweetheart* (1932) Ethel Merman, Betty Boop, D: D. Fleisher, Warner, 9min

6:00PM *Call Me Madam* (1953) Ethel Merman, Donald O'Connor, D: W. Lang, Fox, 118min, Premiere


*"Any Similarity to Actual Persons, Living or Dead, Is Purely Coincidental"*


8:00PM *Citizen Kane* (1941) Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, D: O. Welles, RKO, 119min

10:00PM *All the King's Men* (1950) Broderick Crawford, D: R. Rossen, Columbia, 110min

cartoon *The Ducktators* (1942) Mel Blanc, D: N. McCabe, Warner, 7min

12:00PM *The Great Dictator* (1941) Charles Chaplin, D: C. Chaplin, UA (p/s), 120min


*TCM Underground - Regrettable Repercussions of Radiation*


2:00AM *The Amazing Colossal Man* (1957) Glen Langan, Cathy Downes, D: B.I. Gordon, AIP, 81min

3:30AM *War of the Colossal Beast* (1958) Sally Fraser, Roger Pace, D: D: B.I. Gordon, AIP, 68min

4:45AM *Creature with the Atom Brain* (1955) Richard Denning, D: E.L. Cahn, Columbia, 69min


*Saturday, November 14*


*The Durango Kid's Side Job? Mountie! - Charles Starrett*


6:00AM *The Royal Mounted Patrol* (1941) Starrett, Russell Hayden, D: L. Hillyer, Columbia, 59min

7:00AM *North of the Yukon* (1939) Starrett, Linda Winters, D: S. Nelson, Columbia, 62min

short *Ontario: Land of Lakes* (1949) James FitzPatrick, D: B. Sharpe, MGM 10min

8:15AM *Secret Patrol* (1936) Starrett, Henry Mollison, D: D. Selman, Columbia, 60min

9:15AM *Outpost of the Mounties* (1939) Starrett, Iris Meredith, D: C. Coleman, Jr., Columbia, 63min

short *Quaint Quebec* (1936) James FitzPatrick, D: B. Sharpe, MGM 9min

10:30AM *Law of the Northwest* (1943) Starrett, Shirley Patterson, D: W. Berke, Columbia, 57min


*Garland, Gumms, Gaity, and Guns*


11:30AM *Little Nellie Kelly* (1940) Judy Garland, George Murphy, D: N. Taurog, MGM, 98min

1:15PM *Go for Broke!* (1951) Van Johnson, Lane Nakano, D: R. Pirosh, MGM, 90min

2:45PM *Presenting Lily Mars* (1943) Judy Garland, Van Heflin, D: N. Taurog, MGM, 104min

4:30PM *Run Silent Run Deep* (1958) Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, D: R. Wise, UA (p/s), 94min

short *The Wedding of Jack and Jill* (1930) Gumm Sisters, D: R. Mack, Warner, 8min

6:15PM *Everybody Sing* (1938) Judy Garland, Alan Jones, D: E.L. Marin, MGM, 91min

short *Bubbles* (1930) Gumm Sisters, D: R. Mack, Warner, 8min


*The Essentials - Battleground (1949)*


8:00PM *Battleground* (1949) Van Johnson, John Hodiak, D: W. Wellman, MGM, 119min


10:15PM *A Star is Born* (1937) Janet Gaynor, Fredric March, D: W. Wellman, UA (p/s), 111min


*I Am Yellow (Curious Assortment) - Psychedelic Cartoon, Western, Spy, Epidemic*


12:15AM *Yellow Submarine* (1968) John Clive, Geoffrey Hughes, D: G. Dunning, UA, 85min

1:45AM *Yellow Dust* (1936) Richard Dix, Leila Hyams, D: W. Fox, RKO, 69min

3:00AM *Yellow Canary* (1943) Anna Neagle, Richard Greene, D: H. Wilcox, RKO, 84min

4:30AM *Yellow Jack* (1938) Robert Montgomery, Virginia Bruce, D: G.B. Seitz, MGM, 83min


Patful's Challenge #12 Notes


For this Challenge , I chose the week beginning on November 8, 2009, trying to work around Technicolor founder Herb Kalmus' birthday (11-9-1881). In his honor I'm showing four pretty decent Technicolor flicks.


My Star of the Month is the fabulous Marjorie Main , her first appearance in either SOTM or SUTS . For those persistent requesters of the Ma and Pa Kettle series, I included their first appearance, The Egg and I .


My special guest is the elusive Harper Lee , author of To Kill a Mockingbird , which celebrates the 50th anniversary of its release next year. She hasn't discussed the book since 1964, and her only interview since has been with the New York Times in 2006. So, I know it would never happen, but we can dream. Since I'm only good for one-liners and smileys, I chose fellow TKAM fan lzcutter to sit in my place to conduct the interview. An attempt to gain one vote? Nah, I'm horrible when it comes to public speaking. I followed up the repeat airing with three book and screenwriting credits from her lifelong friend Truman Capote .


My Essentials choice this time is William Wellman's very moving Battleground (1949). War films are a rarity among The Essentials , but I think this one is deserving of the honor, though I can't imagine Alec Baldwin talking about it, or Chip watching it, for that matter. It's followed by a past Wellman Essential , A Star Is Born (1937).


My Premieres are The Tender Years (1948), Shamrock Hill (1949), The Baroness and the Butler (1938), Johnny Come Lately (1943), The Egg and I (1947), His Lordship (1932), The Innocents (1961), and Call Me Madam (1953).


Most of my themes are pretty self-explanatory from their captions. In Richard III Redux , Vincent Price returns from his role as the Duke of Clarence in the 1939 version of Tower of London to play Richard III in the 1962 version. Jack Oakie (11-12-1903) gets my other birthday tribute. With all the fuss over the presidential pet, I thought I would honor some of our most recent First Pets . For Veterans/Armistice Day , I chose a couple of superb WWI films, The Big Parade (1925) and All Quiet on the Western Front (1930). I don't want to hear any corrections for Now Thatza Spicy Meatball! . Basil is a mint! "Any Similarity to Actual Persons, Living or Dead, Is Purely Coincidental." : I've always thought this disclaimer was ridiculous, and don't know how it holds up in court. My favorite theme, Garland, Gumms, Gaity, and Guns , is a tribute to our ever-persistent one-poster's least favorite film styles: Judy Garland, musicals, and war films.


My deepest apologies to Margaret O'Brien for not including any of her films. I thought I would give everyone a break (just this once !). I can hear the collective sigh of relief.


Sorry if I've repeated anyone's past themes. There are too many schedules to go back and review anymore, so any similarities are completely unintentional.

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*pancakes barbara schedule and notes*


*_Sunday, October 18th_*


*Sweet Girls*


6:00AM *Sweet Kitty Bellairs* ? Claudia Dell, Walter Pidgeon (1930, WB) 63 min

7:15AM *Sweet Adeline* ? Irene Dunne, Donald Woods (1934, WB) 87 min

8:45AM *Sweet Genevieve* - Jean Porter, Jimmy Lydon (1947, Columbia) 68 min

10:00AM *Sweet Charity* ? Shirley MacLaine, John McMartin (1969, Universal) 154 min p/s

12:35PM Short - *The Car That Became a Star* (1965, MGM) 10 min


*Ben Movies ? Everyone?s A Critic*


12:45PM *In Caliente* ? Dolores del Rio, Pat O?Brien (1935, WB) 84 min

2:15PM *Blind Alibi* ? Richard Dix, Whitney Bourne (1938, RKO) 61 min

3:19PM Short - *Rhumba Rhythm at the Hollywood La Conga* (1939, MGM) 10 min

3:30PM *All About Eve* ? Bette Davis, Anne Baxter (1950, Fox) 138 min p/s

6:00PM *Theater of Blood* ? Vincent Price, Diana Rigg (1973, UA) 104 min

7:48PM Short - *Rowan & Martin at the Movies* (1968, MGM) 11 min


*Dark and Stormy Night*


8:00PM *The Scoundrel* ? Noel Coward, Julie Haydon (1935, Paramount) 76 min premiere

9:22PM Short - *Storm* (1943.MGM) 8 min

9:30PM *La Notte* ? Marcello Mastroianni, Jeanne Moreau (1961, Nepi film) 122 min p/s

11:37PM Short - *Sing, Sister, Sing* (1935, MGM) 21 min


*Silent Sunday Night*


12:00AM *Borderline* ? Paul Robeson, Eslanda Robeson (1930, Pool Films) 63 min


*TCM Imports*


1:15AM *Inhumaine, L'* - Jaque Catelain, L?onid Walter de Malte (1924, Cin?graphic) 135 min

3:45AM *Thank Your Lucky Stars* ? Humphrey Bogart, Eddie Cantor (1943, WB) 124 min

5:53AM Short - *For Auld Lang Syne* (1938, WB) 7 min


*_Monday, October 19th_*


*The Son Also Rises*


6:00AM *Billy Two Hats* ? Gregory Peck, Desi Arnaz, Jr. (1974, UA) 99 min

7:45AM *Two Smart People* - Lucille Ball, John Hodiak (1946, MGM) 93 min

9:18AM Short - *The Incredible Stranger* (1942, MGM) 11 min

9:30AM *Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein* ? Abbott & Costello (1948, Universal) 83 min p/s

11:00AM *When I Grow Up* ? Bobby Driscoll, Robert Preston (1951, UA) 90 min

12:30PM *The West Point Story* ? James Cagney, Virginia Mayo (1950, WB) 107 min

2:17PM Short - *It Can't Be Done* (1948, MGM) 11 min

2:30PM *Room for One More* ? Cary Grant, Betsy Drake (1952, WB) 98 min


*On Ice*


4:15PM *Eskimo* ? Edgar Dearing, Peter Freuchen (1933, MGM) 117 min

6:15PM *History Is Made at Night* ? Charles Boyer, Jean Arthur (1937, UA) 97 min premiere


*Star of the Month ? Joel McCrea*


8:00PM *Sullivan's Travels* ? Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake (1941, Paramount) 90 min p/s

9:45PM *The Palm Beach Story* ? Claudette Colbert, Joel McCrea (1942, Paramount) 88 min p/s

11:23PM Short - *Stars on Horseback* (1943, WB)

11:30PM *The Great Moment* ? Joel McCrea, Betty Field (1944, Paramount) 83 min p/s

1:00AM *The Great Man's Lady* ? Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea (1942, Paramount) 90 min premiere

1:45AM *The Unseen* ? Joel McCrea, Gail Russell (1945, Paramount) 80 min premiere

3:15AM *Born to Love* ? Constance Bennett, Joel McCrea (1931, RKO) 81 min

4:45AM *Scarlet River* ? Tom Keene, Dorothy Wilson (1933, RKO) 54 min

5:39AM Short - *Maids a la Mode* (1933, MGM) 18 min


*_Tuesday, October 20th_*


*Evelyn Brent Birthday Tribute*


6:00AM *Madonna of the Streets* ? Evelyn Brent, Robert Ames (1930, Columbia) 72 min

7:45AM *Framed* ? Evelyn Brent, Regis Toomey (1930, RKO) 65 min

9:00AM *The Silver Horde* ? Evelyn Brent, Louis Wolheim (1930, RKO) 75 min

10:15AM *Traveling Husbands* ? Evelyn Brent, Frank Albertson (1931, RKO) 73 min

11:30AM *The Pagan Lady* ? Evelyn Brent, Conrad Nagel (1931, Columbia) 70 min

12:45PM *The Mad Parade* ? Evelyn Brent, Irene Rich (1931, Paramount) 63 min premiere

1:48PM Short - *How to Break 90 #5: Impact* (1933, WB) 12 min

2:00PM *Attorney for the Defense* ? Edmund Lowe, Evelyn Brent (1932, Columbia) 70 min

3:45PM *High Pressure* ? William Powell, Evelyn Brent (1932, WB) 73 min

5:00PM *The World Gone Mad* ? Pat O?Brien, Evelyn Brent (1933, Majestic Pictures) 80 min p/d

6:30PM *Daughter of the Tong* ? Evelyn Brent, Grant Withers (1939, Monogram) 56 min p/d

7:30PM Short - *The Gem of the Ocean* (1934, Vitaphone) 22 min


*Bela Lugosi Comedies*


8:00PM *Broadminded* ? Joe E. Brown, Ona Munson (1931, First National) 72 min

9:50PM Short - *Hollywood Hobbies* (1939, MGM) 10 min

10:00PM *Ninotchka* ? Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas (1939, MGM) 110 min

12:00AM *You'll Find Out* ? Kay Kyser, Peter Lorre (1940, RKO) 97 min

1:45AM *Spooks Run Wild* ? Bela Lugosi, Leo Gorcey (1941, Monogram) 65 min p/s

3:00AM *Zombies on Broadway* ? Wally Brown, Alan Carney (1945, RKO) 69 min

4:15AM *Mother Riley Meets the Vampire* ? Arthur Lucan, Bela Lugosi (1952, Fernwood Productions) 74 min p/s

5:30AM *MGM Parade*


*_Wednesday, October 21st_*


*The Adirondacks*


6:00AM *The Phantom of Crestwood* ? Ricardo Cortez, Karen Morley (1932, RKO) 76 min

7:16AM Short - *Table Tennis* (1936, MGM) 7 min

7:30AM *Forsaking All Others* ? Joan Crawford, Robert Montgomery (1934, MGM) 83 min

9:00AM *The Feminine Touch* ? Rosalind Russell, Don Ameche (1941, MGM) 97 min

10:37AM Short - *Teddy the Rough Rider* (1940, WB) 19 min

11:00AM *Ringside Maisie* ? Ann Sothern, George Murphy (1941, MGM) 95 min

12:45PM *Tell It to the Judge* ? Rosalind Russell, Robert Cummings (1949, Columbia) 87 min

2:15PM *Marjorie Morningstar* ? Gene Kelly, Natalie Wood (1958, WB) 128 min


*More Mountains to Climb?*


4:30PM *The White Tower* ? Glenn Ford, Alida Valli (1950, RKO) 98 min

6:15PM *Third Man on the Mountain* ? Michael Rennie, James MacArthur (1959, Disney) 105 min


*My Interview ? Nancy Reagan*


8:00PM *Hellcats of the Navy* ? Ronald Reagan, Nancy Davis (1957, Columbia) 82 min

9:30PM *Night Into Morning* ? Ray Milland, John Hodiak (1951, MGM) 86 min

11:00PM *The Next Voice You Hear...* ? James Whitmore, Nancy Davis (1950, MGM) 83 min

12:30AM *Escape* ? Norma Shearer, Robert Taylor (1940) 98 min

2:15AM *Blood and Sand* ? Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell (1941, FOX) 125 min p/s

4:20AM Short - *Bully for Bugs* (1953, WB) 7 min

4:30AM *In Our Time* ? Ida Lupino, Paul Henreid (1944, RKO) 110 min


*Thursday, October 22nd*


*Hail Columbia*


6:30AM *Men Without Souls* ? Barton MacLane, John Litel (1940, Columbia) 62 min

7:32AM Short - *Stage Door Cartoon* (1944, Warner Brothers) 8 min

7:45AM *The Criminal Code* ? Walter Huston, Phillips Homes (1931, Columbia) 97 min

9:30AM *Woman in Distress* ? May Robson, Irene Hervey (1937, Columbia) 58 min

10:30AM *Women of Glamour* ? Virginia Bruce, Melvyn Douglas (1937, Columbia) 68 min

11:45AM *Vanity Street* ? Charles Bickford, Helen Chandler (1932, Columbia) 67 min

1:00PM *Eadie Was a Lady* ? Ann Miller, Joe Besser (1945, Columbia) 67 min

2:15PM *Night Editor* ? William Gargan, Janis Carter (1946, Columbia) 68 min

3:30PM *Song Without End* ? Dirk Bogarde, Capucine (1960, Columbia) 130 min

5:45PM *40 Carats* ? Liv Ullmann, Edward Albert (1973, Columbia) 110 min

7:39PM Short - *Red Noses* (1932, MGM) 21 min


*Theme of the Month - Backstage - Marriage*


8:00PM *The Guardsman* ? Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontane (1931, MGM) 82 min

9:30PM *Men Are Not Gods* ? Miriam Hopkins, Gertrude Lawrence (1936, London Film Productions) 90 min premiere

11:15PM *To Be or Not to Be* ? Carole Lombard, Jack Benny (1942, UA) p/s 99 min

1:00AM *Sweethearts* ? Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy (1938, MGM) 114 min

3:00AM *Kiss Me Kate* ? Kathyrn Grayson, Howard Keel (1953, MGM) 109 min

5:00AM *Private Screenings - Ann Miller 60 min*


*_Friday, October 23rd_*


*Lilyan Tashman Birthday Tribute*


6:00AM *Declass?e* ? Lloyd Hughes, Corrine Griffith (1925, First National) 80 min

7:30AM *Leathernecking* ? Irene Dunne, Ken Murray (1930, RKO) 79 min

8:52AM Short - *Flicker Memories* (1941, MGM) 8 min

9:00AM *The Marriage Playground* ? Mary Brian, Frederic March (1929, Paramount) 70 min premiere

10:15AM *The Trial of Mary Dugan* ? Norma Shearer, Lewis Stone (1929, MGM) 113 min

12:15PM *The Matrimonial Bed* ? Frank Fay, James Gleason (1930, Vitaphone) 69 min

1:30PM *One Heavenly Night* ? Evelyn Laye, John Boles (1931, Samuel Goldwyn) 82 min

3:00PM *Riptide* ? Norma Shearer, Robert Montgomery (1934, MGM) 92 min

4:32PM Short - *A Modern Cinderella* (1932, Vitaphone) 17 min

5:00PM *Millie* ? Helen Twelvetrees, Lilyan Tashman (1931, RKO) 85 min

6:30PM *Bulldog Drummond* ? Ronald Colman, Claud Allister (1929, Samuel Goldwyn) 90 min


*I Married A?*


8:00PM *I Married a Doctor* ? Pat O?Brien, Josephine Hutchinson (1936, WB) 83 min

9:30PM *I Married an Angel* ? Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy (1942, MGM) 84 min

11:00PM *I Married a Woman* ? George Gobel, Diana Dors (1958, RKO) 85 min

12:30AM *I Married a Witch* ? Frederic March, Veronica Lake (1942, UA) 77 min p/s


*TCM Underground*


2:00AM *The Night Walker* ? Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck (1964, Universal) 86 min

3:30AM *My World Dies Screaming* ? Gerald Moore, Cathy O?Donnell (1958, Howco International Pictures) 85 min p/d

5:00AM *Nightmare* ? Edward G. Robinson, Kevin McCarthy (1956, UA) 89 min


*_Saturday, October 24th_*


*Random Movies I Want to See*


6:30AM *Dance, Girl, Dance* ? Maureen O?Hara, Lucille Ball (1940, RKO) 90 min

8:00AM *The Conqueror* ? John Wayne, Susan Hayward (1956, RKO) 111 min


*One Hour With You*


10:00AM *Everybody's Hobby* ? Irene Rich, Henry O?Neill (1939, WB) 54 min

11:00AM *Too Many Wives* ? Claude Fleming, Alf Goddard (1933, WB) 58 min


*Ben Movies ? Moss Hart Birthday Tribute*


12:00PM *Flesh* ? Wallace Beery, Ricardo Cortez (1932, MGM) 96 min

1:45PM *You Can't Take It with You* ? Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore (1938, Columbia) 126 min

4:00PM *Lady in the Dark* ? Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland (1944, Paramount) 100 min premiere

5:45PM *Act One* ? George Hamilton, Jason Robards (1963, WB) 110 min

7:42PM Short - *Double or Nothing* (1940, MGM) 18 min


*The Essentials*


8:00PM *The Sundowners* ? Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum (1960, WB) 133 min


*Robert Mitchum in the ?60s*


10:30PM *The Last Time I Saw Archie* ? Robert Mitchum, Jack Webb (1961, UA) 98 min

12:15AM *Young Billy Young* ? Robert Mitchum, Angie Dickinson (1969, UA) 89 min

2:00AM *El Dorado* ? John Wayne, Robert Mitchum (1966, Paramount) 126 min p/s

4:15AM *The Grass Is Greener* ? Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr (1960, Universal) 104 min p/s


October 18th-24th, 2009


Sunday ? The themes speak for themselves, and for the Silent and Import, I went for movies that were ultra-modern for their times.


Monday ? My most creative (maybe crazy) theme ? showing films made by actors who are the sons of other actors and bear their names (specifically, Desi Arnaz, Jr, Lon Chaney Jr., & Alan Hale Jr.). I was originally going to show the movies with a father/son theme, but then I discovered that all of their mothers were in films, too (did you know Frances Cheney was an actress? Neither did I?), so this is the result. The ?On Ice? theme was hatched when I saw a clip from ?Eskimo? on the ?When the Lion Roars? documentary, and my Star of the Month is Joel McCrea.


Tuesday ? I love Evelyn Brent! Pre-Codes all day! Yay! It was also Bela Lugosi?s birthday, so I couldn?t overlook that?

Wednesday ? Why an Adirondacks theme? I have no idea how that one came about (IMDb keyword search is an evil thing). Now, for my interview I was kind of naughty- I do not like Nancy Reagan?s films (or her politics, but let?s not go there), but as past challenge observers will know , I do like Nazimova, and, strange but true, she was Nancy?s godmother. So, basically, I want to ask little old Nancy some questions about her crazy godmother, because it?s my pretend interview, and I can .


Thursday ? A day celebrating TCM?s fairly recent gain of access to the Columbia library (most of these would be shown for the first time). My Theme of the Month is life ?backstage?, with tonight?s theme focusing on theatrical marriages.


Friday ? I love Lilyan Tashman! Pre-Codes all day! Yay! I picked this week specifically so that I could give her a birthday tribute. More marriage movies, and for the TCM Undergound, I picked Barbara Stanwyck?s last movie- strange that she should end such a wonderful career starring in a William Castle film, with her ex-husband.


Saturday ? The ?One Hour With You? theme that I used in my last schedule is here again, Moss Hart gets a birthday tribute (I really want to see Lady in the Dark, no matter how bad it is), and my Essential is The Sundowners.

This was really fun, as usual, but is was also the first time that it was really a challenge for me- thanks for the encouragement, because I needed it! I used all eight premieres, and tried not to put in too many shorts (which I think I did in my previous schedules).

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*NOTICE: filmlover has requested his schedule not be included in the voting process. He hosted a couple of previous challenges and would like to offer the chance for someone else to enjoy that opportunity. So it is included here for your enjoyment.*


*filmlover's schedule and notes*


Here's my schedule:


Ps = (other studios) previously screened on TCM

PD=public domain film


_Sunday, December 6, 2009_


*The House of the Seven Gables (all of the teamups with Myrna Loy)*

6:00 am *Night Flight* (MGM, 1933) Clark Gable, Myrna Loy 84 min.

7:30 am *Men in White* (MGM, 1934) Clark Gable, Myrna Loy 80 min.

9:00 am *Manhattan Melodrama* (MGM, 1934) Clark Gable, Myrna Loy 93 min.

10:45 am *Wife Versus Secretary* (MGM, 1936) Clark Gable, Myrna Loy 88 min.

12:15 pm *Parnell* (MGM, 1937) Clark Gable, Myrna Loy 96 min.

2:00 pm *Test Pilot* (MGM, 1938) Clark Gable, Myrna Loy 118 min.

4:00 pm *Too Hot to Handle* (MGM, 1938) Clark Gable, Myrna Loy 105 min.

6:00 pm *Clark Gable: Tall, Dark, and Handsome* (Turner, 1996) 60 min.

7:00 pm *Myrna Loy: So Nice to Come Home To* (Lorac Prod.,1991) 60 min. ps


*Many Other Faces of Sherlock Holmes*

8:00 pm *Sherlock Holmes* (Fox, 1932) Clive Brook 68 min. PREMIERE

9:15 pm *The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes* (Real Art Productions Ltd.,1935) Arthur Wotner, Ian Fleming 84 min. Public Domain

10:45 pm *The Hound of the Baskervilles* (Stoll Picture Productions, 1921) Eille Norwood 61 min. PREMIERE

12 min *Silent Sunday Nights: Sherlock Holmes* (Eastman Kodak, 1922) John Barrymore 109 min.

2:00 am *TCM Imports: Der Hund von Baskerville* (Ondra-Lamac-Film, 1937) Bruno Gutnner, Fritz Odemar 82 min.

3:30 am *Murder by Decree* (Avco Embassy, 1979) Christopher Plummer, James Mason 120 min. PREMIERE


_Monday, December 7, 2009_


*Closely Watched Trains*

6:00 am *The 39 Steps* (Gaumont, 1935) Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll 87 min. ps

7:30 am *North by Northwest* (MGM, 1959) Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint 136 min.

10:00 am *The Lady Vanishes* (Gainsborough, 1938) Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave 96 min.

12 noon *Murder on the Orient Express* (Paramount, 1974) Albert Finney 127 min. ps

2:30 pm *The Train* (UA, 1965) Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield 133 min. ps

4:45 pm *Shanghai Express* (Paramount, 1932) Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook 82 min. ps

6:15 pm *The General* (UA, 1927) Buster Keaton 80 min.

Short: *The Great Train Robbery* (Edison, 1903) Broncho Billy Anderson 12 min. PD



8:00 pm *Ann-Margret: Red-Headed Fireball* (TCM, 2009) Hosted by Rose McGowan, who played Ann-Margret in the ?Elvis? mini-series, this is an hour-long documentary looking at the career of the actress/singer/dancer. Interviewed by McGowan, Ann-Margret talks about being discovered by Jack Benny and her lifetime in movies and on Las Vegas stages, where she had a tragic fall that almost took her life. She also talks about an upcoming TV biopic starring Julianne Hough, singer/dancer from ?Dancing with the Stars.? 60 min.


Ann-Margret also is a guest of the evening with Robert Osborne as they look at some of her films and she discusses working with Bette Davis, Glenn Ford, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, and Edward G. Robinson.

9:00 pm *Pocketful of Miracles* (UA,1961) Glenn Ford, Bette Davis, Ann-Margret 136 min. ps

11:30 pm *Ann-Margret: Red-Headed Fireball* (TCM, 2009) 60 min. (2nd airing)

12:30 pm *Viva Las Vegas* (MGM, 1964) Elvis Presley, Ann-Margret 86 min.

2:00 am *The Cincinnati Kid* (MGM, 1965) Steve McQueen, Edward G. Robinson, Ann-Margret 113 min.

4:00 am *Bye Bye Birdie* (Col., 1963) Janet Leigh, Dick Van Dyke, Ann-Margret 112 min.


_Tuesday, December 8, 2009_


*Becoming The Magnificent Seven*

6:00 am *The Sound and the Fury* (Fox, 1959) Yul Brynner 115 min. PREMIERE

8:00 am *Never So Few* (MGM, 1959) Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson 125 min.

10:15 am *Face of a Fugitive* (Col., 1959) James Coburn 81 min.

11:45 am *The Young Philadelphians* (WB, 1959) Robert Vaughn 136 min.

2:15 pm *Tiger Bay* (Paramount, 1959) Horst Buchholz 105 min. PREMIERE

4:15 pm *99 River Street* (UA, 1953) Brad Dexter 83 min.

5:45 pm *The Magnificent Seven* (UA, 1960) 129 min.


*Robert Morse ? Guest Programmer,*_ in promotion for the series ?Mad Men? discusses movies about rising in the corporate environment:

8:00 pm *Executive Suite* (MGM, 1954) William Holden, Barbara Stanwyck 103 min.

10:00 pm *The Hucksters* (MGM, 1947) Clark Gable, Deborah Kerr 116 min.

12 mid *How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying* (UA, 1967) Robert Morse, Michelle Lee 122 min.

2:15 am *The Apartment* (UA, 1960) Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine 126 min.

4:30 am *Baby Face* (WB, 1933) Barbara Stanwyck 71 min.


_Wednesday, December 9, 2009_


*And Then There was Nun*

6:00 am *The Bells of St. Mary?s* (RKO, 1945) Bing Crosby, Ingrid Bergman 126 min.

8:15 am *The Nun?s Story* (WB, 1959) Audrey Hepburn 152 min.

11:00 am *The Singing Nun* (MGM, 1965) Debbie Reynolds, Greer Garson 97 min.

12:45 am *Sister Act* (Touchstone/Disney. 1992) Whoopi Goldberg 96 min.


*Small in the Saddle*

2:30 pm noon *Terror of Tiny Town* (Jed Buell Prod., 1933) 62 min. PD

3:45 pm *National Velvet* (MGM, 1945) Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor 124 min.

6:00 pm *Shane* (Paramount, 1953) Alan Ladd 118 min.


*Star of the Month: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 100th Birthday*

8:00 pm *Our Modern Maidens* (MGM, 1929) Joan Crawford, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 75 min.

9:30 pm *Little Caesar* (WB, 1930) Edward G. Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 80 min.

11:00 am *The Dawn Patrol* (WB, 1930) Richard Barthelmess, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 90 min.

12:30 am *Gunga Din* (RKO, 1939) Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.117 min.

2:30 am *The Prisoner of Zenda* (UA, 1937) Ronald Colman, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 100 min.

4:30 am *Angels Over Broadway* (Col., 1940) Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Rita Hayworth 78 min.


_Thursday, December 10, 2009_


*Seven by Norman Corwin*

6:00 am *Forever and a Day* (RKO, 1943) George Kirby 105 min.

8:00 am *Once Upon A Time* (Col., 1944) Cary Grant 88 min.

9:30 am *The Blue Veil* (RKO, 1951) Jane Wyman, Charles Laughton 114 min.

11:30 am *Scandal at Scourie* (MGM, 1953) Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon 90 min.

1:00 pm *Lust for Life* (MGM, 1956) Kirk Douglas 122 min.

3:15 pm *The Naked Maja* (UA, 1959) Ava Gardner 111 min.

5:15 pm *Moby Dick* (WB, 1956) Gregory Peck 115 min. ps (uncredited writing)

Short: *A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin* (Herzog, 2005) 39 min. (Winner of Oscar for Best Documentary, Short Subject)


*Having A Wonderful Crime (capers abroad)*

8:00 pm *Topkapi* (UA, 1964) Melina Mercouri, Peter Ustinov 120 min.

10:15 pm *How to Steal A Million* (Fox, 1966) Audrey Hepburn, Peter O?Toole 127 min. PREMIERE

12:30 am *To Catch A Thief* (Paramount, 1955) Cary Grant, Grace Kelly 107 min. ps

2:30 am *After the Fox* (UA, 1966) Peter Sellers, Victor Mature, Britt Ekland 104 min.

4:00am *The Italian Job* (Paramount, 1969) Michael Caine, Noel Coward 101 min. PREMIERE


_Friday, December 11, 2009_


*A Boon to Croon*

6:00 am *Gold Diggers in Paris* (WB, 1938) Rudy Vallee 98 min.

7:45 am *Going Hollywood* (MGM, 1933) Bing Crosby 78 min.


*The City of Lights*

9:15 am *Under the Roofs of Paris* (Tobis Films,.1930) Albert Prejean 92 min. PREMIERE

11:00 am *Frantic* (Times Film Corp., 1961) Jeanne Moreau 90 min. ps


*Heart and Souls*

12:30 pm *A Guy Named Joe* (MGM, 1944) Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne, Van Johnson 120 min.

2:30 pm *Stairway to Heaven* (The Archers, 1947) David Niven, Kim Hunter 104 min. ps

4:30 pm *Heaven Can Wait* (Paramount, 1978) Warren Beatty 101 min. ps

6:15 pm *Angel on My Shoulder* (Premier Prod., 1946) Paul Muni, Claude Rains 102 min.PD


*When Bad Girls Go Good*

8:00 pm *Pretty Woman* (Touchstone (Disney), 1990) Richard Gere, Julia Roberts 119 min.

10:15 pm *Destry Rides Again* (Univ., 1939) James Stewart, Marlene Dietrich 94 min. ps

12 min *Ball of Fire* (RKO, 1942) Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck 111 min. ps


*Everybody Loves Raymond (Burr)*

2:00 am TCM Underground: *Godzilla* (Embassy, 1954) Raymond Burr 79 min.

3:30 am *Rear Window* (Paramount, 1954) James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Raymond Burr 112 min.

5:30 am *Festival of Shorts*


_Saturday, December 11, 2009_


*Come Fly the Unfriendly Skies*

6:00 am *Air Force* (WB, 1943) John Ridgely, Arthur Kennedy 124 min.

8:15 am *Zero Hour* (Paramount, 1957) Dana Andrews, Linda Darnell 81 min. ps

9:45 am *Airport* (Univ., 1970) Burt Lancaster 137 min. ps


*Grand Delusion*

12:15 pm *The Seven Year Itch* (Fox. 1954) Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell 105 min. ps

2:15 pm *Harvey* (Universal, 1950) James Stewart 105 min. ps

4:15 pm *Play It Again, Sam* (Paramount, 1972) 86 min. ps

5:45 pm *Man of La Mancha* (UA, 1972) Peter O?Toole, Sophia Loren 132 min.


*David Lean?s Leaner Years*

8:00 pm The Essentials: *Brief Encounter* (Cineguild, 1945) Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard 86 min. ps

9:45 pm *In Which We Serve* (British Lion, 1942) Noel, Coward, John Mills. Lean co-directed with Noel Coward. 113 min. ps

11:45 pm *Great Expectations* (Rank, 1946) John Mills, Valerie Hobson 118 min. ps

2:00 am *Oliver Twist* (Rank, 1948) Robert Newton, Alec Guinness 105 min. ps

4:00 am *Hobson?s Choice* (British Lion, 1954) Charles Laughton, John Mills 107 min. ps




I used several actual movie titles as ideas for headers in my Challenge, such as ?The House of the Seven Gables. These are scattered throughout the schedule.


For my ?The Many Other Faces of Sherlock Holmes? tribute, Basil Rathbone will always be my favorite Holmes, but I wanted to feature others that many here have not seen.


Ann-Margret is somebody I?ve always liked and I wanted her to be the subject of the documentary for this Challenge. I chose Rose McGowan as the person to host the special because of her connection with TCM and the fact that she DID play her in the TV miniseries, ?Elvis? The part about Julianne Hough playing Ann-Margret in an upcoming TV biopic is just my own wish, and not a reality. I just feel Hough has the talent, the singing chops, the sexiness AND sounds so much like her when she cries out of happiness.


I had thought at one point of making Robert Morse the subject of the TCM documentary but decided to cast him as guest programmer. I think he would make a fun guest programmer.


My Star of the Month is Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. on his 100th birthday.


I am so glad I could finally fit in a tribute to Norman Corwin, oldtime radio's greatest writer. Corwin is one of my writing gods, and I have the pleasure of meeting him twice. When you come across something like Norman Corwin's radio plays, such as On A Note of Triumph, you are both inspired to be the greatest writer you can be and also to quit because you will never ever as good as he is.


?Heart and Souls? is a movie title I lifted from a terrific movie and gave it that really worked well for me.


?David Lean?s Leaner Years? is a look at the wonderful movies he made before he started doing epics on a grand scale.


And the rest are self-explanatory.

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*NOTICE - lzcutter has asked to have her schedule not included in the voting. Though agreeing to her wish as she went to all the time and effort her schedule should be appreciated as the well as the others. Thank you Lynn.*


*Sun Oct. 30th:*


*Memory and Nostalgia: The Way We Remember and Reality*

6:00 A *My Man Godfrey* (1936) Carole Lombard, Dir. Gregory LaCava, Uni, 94 mins

8:00 *A Wild Boys of the Road* (1933) Frankie Darro, Dir. William Wellman, WB, 68 min

9:15 A *Desperate Journey* (1942) Errol Flynn, Dir. Raoul Walsh, WB, 107 mins

11:15 A *Bataan* (1943) Robert Taylor, Dir. Tay Garnett, MGM, 114 mins

1:15 P *Since You Went Away* ( 1944) Claudette Colbert, Dir. John Cromwell, UA, 172 mins

4:15 P *The Best Years of Our Lives* ( 1946) Fredric March, Dir. William Wyler, RKO, 172 mins

7:15 P *The Mating Season* (1951), Gene Tierney, Dir. Mitchell Leisen, Par, 101 mins.

9:15 P *Out of the Past* (1949), Robert Mitchum, Dir. Jacques Tourneur, RKO, 94 mins.


10:45 P *Central Airport* (1933), Richard Barthelmess, Dir. William Wellman, WB, 72 mins


*Silent Sunday Nights*

12:00 A *The Three Musketeers* (1921) Douglas Fairbanks, Sr, Dir. Fred Niblo, UA, 119 mins

2:00 A *The Iron Mask* (1929) Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Dir. Allan Dwan, UA, 103 mins


*TCM Imports*

4:00 A *Good Morning, Babylon* (1987) Vincent Spano, Dir. Taviani Brothers, Vestron 117 mins


*MONDAY, October 31st*


*Zombies, Vampires and Ghouls! Oh My!*

6:00 A *I Walked with a Zombie* (1943) Frances Dee, Dir. Jacques Tourneur, RKO 69 mins

7:30 A *The Leopard Man* (1943) Dennis O?Keefe, Dir. Jacques Tourneur, RKO, 66 mins

8:45 A *The Mad Ghoul* (1943) Evelyn Ankers, Dir. James Hogan, Uni, 66 mins Premiere #1

10:00 A *House of Dark Shadows* (1970) Jonathan Frid, Dir. Dan Curtis , MGM, 97 mins

12:00 P *Night of Dark Shadows* (1971) David Selby, , Dir. Dan Curtis, MGM, 129 mins

2:15 P *Nosferatu* (1922) Max Schrek, Dir. F.W. Murnau, Republic, 94 mins

4:00 P *Val Lewton: Man In the Shadows* (2007) Martin Scorses, Dir. Kent Jones, TCM Original Documentary, 77 mins

5:15 P *Universal Horror* (1998) Kenneth Branaugh, Dir.Kevin Brownlow, Photoplay, 94 mins,

7:00 P *Lon Chaney: A Thousand Faces* (2000), Kenneth Branaugh, Dir. Kevin Brownlow, TCM Original Documentary, 75 mins


*Universal Horrors*

8:15 P *Dracula* (1931) Bela Lugosi, Dir. Tod Browning, Univ, 75 mins

9:30 P *Frankenstein* (1931) Boris Karloff, ,Dir. James Whale, Univ, 70 mins

10:45 P *The Wolf Man* (1941) Claude Rains, Dir. George Waggner, Uni, 70 mins

12:00 A *The Mummy* (1932) Boris Karloff, Dir. Karl Freund, Uni, 78 mins

1:30 A *The Invisible Man* (1933) Claude Rains, Dir. James Whale, Uni, 71 mins

2:45 A *Young Frankenstein* (1934) Gene Wilder, Dir. Mel Brooks, Fox, 108 mins.

4:45 A *The Old Dark House* (1932) Boris Karloff, Dir. James Whale, Uni, 70 mins


*TUESDAY, Nov. 1st*


*The Day of the Dead*

6:00 A *Between Two Worlds* (1944) John Garfield, Dir. Edward Blatt, WB, 111 mins

8:00 A *Outward Bound* (1930) Leslie Howard. Dir. Robert Milton, WB, 84 mins

9:30 A *Death Takes a Holiday* (1934) Fredric March, Dir. Mitchell Leisen, Par, 78 mins

11:00A *On Borrowed Time* (1939) Lionel Barrymore, Dir. Harold Bucquet, MGM, 99 mins


*Mad Men, TCM-style*

1:00 P *How to Succeed in Business* (1967) Robert Morse, Dir. David Swift, UA, 119 mins

3:00 P *Executive Suite* (1954). William Holden, Dir. Robert Wise, MGM, 103 mins.

5:00 P *The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit* (1956), Gregory Peck, Dir. Nunnally Johnson, Fox, 153 mins. Premiere #2


*The Speed of Sound*

8:00 P *Dream Street* (1921) Carol Dempster, Dir. D.W. Griffith, UA 102 mins Premiere #3

9:45 P *Golden Dawn* (1930) Noah Berry, Alice Gentle Dir. Ray Enright, WB, 83 mins

11:00 A *Vitaphone Shorts* (2007) WB, 30 mins

11:30 A *Don Juan* (1927), John Barrymore, Dir. Alan Crosland, WB, 111 mins.

1:15 A *The Hollywood Revue of 1929* (1929) Joan Crawford, Dir. Charles Reisner, MGM, 116 mins

3:15 A *The Lights of New York* (1928) Helene Costello, Dir. Bryan Foy, WB 57 mins

4:15 A *The Singing Fool* (1928) Al Jolson, Dir. Lloyd Bacon, , 103 mins


*WEDNESDAY, Nov. 2nd:*


*Harvest Festival!*

6:00 A *Random Harvest* (1942) Greer Garson, Sr, Dir. Mervyn LeRoy, MGM, 128 mins

8:15 A *Wild Harvest* (1947) Alan Ladd, Dir. Tay Garnett, Par, 92 mins Premiere #4

10:00 A *Shine on Harvest Moon* (1938) Roy Rogers, Dir. Joe Kane, Republic 55 mins

11:00 A *Shine on, Harvest Moon* (1944) Ann Sheridan, Dir. David Butler, WB, 111 mins


*The Cedric Gibbons Art Department*

1:00 P *Madame X* (1937) Gladys George, Sr Dir. Sam Wood, MGM, 75 mins

2:30 P *Rio Rita* (1942) Abbott and Costello, Dir. Sylvan Simon, MGM, 90 mins

4:00 P *Annie Get Your Gun* (1950) Betty Hutton, Dir. George Sidney, MGM, 107 mins

6:00 P *Forbidden Planet* (1956) Walter Pidgeon, Dir Fred Wilcox, MGM, 106 mins


*Spotlighting Raoul Walsh, Director of the Month*

8:00 P *Goin? Hollywood* (1933) Marion Davies, Dir. Raoul Walsh, MGM, 84mins

9:30 P *The Roaring Twenties* (1939), James Cagney, Dir. Raoul Walsh, WB, 106 mins

11:15 P *The Horn Blows at Midnight* (1945) Jack Benny, Dir. Raoul Walsh, WB, 80 mins

12:45 A *Objective Burma!* (1945) Errol Flynn, Dir. Raoul Walsh, WB, 142 mins.

3:30 A *The World in His Arms* (1952), Gregory Peck, Dir. Raoul Walsh, Uni, 104 mins. Premiere #5

5:15 A *The Men Who Made the Movies: Raoul Walsh* (1971), Dir. Richard Schickel, WB, 45 mins


*THURSDAY, Nov. 3rd*


*Melodramatic Weepers*

6:00 A *Stella Dallas* (1937) Barbara Stanwyck, Dir. King Vidor UA, 104 mins

8:00 A *Imitation of Life* (1934) Claudette Colbert, Dir. John Stahl, Uni, 116 mins

10:00 A *Frisco Jenny* (1933) Ruth Chatterton, Dir. William Wellman, WB, 76 mins

11:15 A *Anna Karenina* (1935) Greta Garbo, Dir. Clarence Brown, MGM, 95 mins


*Melancholy Babies*

1:00 P *Wuthering Heights* (1939) Laurence Olivier, Dir. William Wyler, UA, 104 mins

2:45 P *Now Voyager* (1942) Bette Davis, Dir. Irving Rapper, WB, 118 mins

4:45 P *Camille* (1988) Greta Garbo, Dir. George Cukor, MGM, 108 mins

6:30 P *Waterloo Bridge* (1931) Mae Marsh, Dir. James Whale, Uni, 81 mins


*The Speed of Sound*

8:00 P *Scott Eyman Interviews Kevin Brownlow* (2010), TCM Original Production 60 mins

9:00 P *The Speed of Sound* (2010) Scott Eyman, TCM Original Prod 120 mins

11:00P *Scott Eyman Interviews Kevin Brownlow* (2010), TCM Original Production 60 mins Encore Presentation

12:00 A *Hell?s Angels* (1930) Ben Lyon, Dir. Howard Hughes, UA, 125 mins.

2:15 A *Broadway Melody* (1929) Bessie Love, Dir. Harry Beaumont, MGM, 102 mins

4:00 A *Hallelujah!* (1929) Nina Mae McKinney, Dir. King Vidor, MGM 109 mins


*FRIDAY, Nov. 4th*


*The Star Machine: Ann Sheridan*

6:00 A *San Quentin* (1937) Ann Sheridan, Dir. Lloyd Bacon, WB, 70 mins

7:30 A *King?s Row* (1942) Ann Sheridan, Dir. Sam Wood, WB 130 mins

9:45 A *Nora Prentiss* (1947) Ann Sheridan, Dir. Vincent Sherman, WB, 110 mins


*The Star Machine: Lana Turner*

12:00P *They Won?t Forget* (1937) Lana Turner, Dir. Mervyn LeRoy, MGM, 90 mins

1:30 P *Ziegfield Girl* (1941) Lana Turner, Dir Robert Z. Leonard, MGM, 135 mins

3:45 P *The Postman Always Rings Twice* (1946) Lana Turner, Dir.Tay Garnett, MGM, 113 mins

5:45 P *Madame X* (1966), Lana Turner, Dir. David Lowell Rich, Uni, 100 mins


*The Star Machine: Clark Gable*

8:00 P *Red Dust* (1937) Clark Gable, Dir. Victor Fleming, MGM, 83 mins

9:30 P ***** Tonk* (1941) Clark Gable, Dir Jack Conway, MGM, 105 mins

11:00 P *Mogambo* (1953) Clark Gable, Dir. John Ford, MGM, 115 mins

1:00 A *Teacher?s Pet* (1958) Clark Gable, Dir. George Seaton, Par, 120 mins



3:00 A *Beware the Blob* (1972) Robert Walker, Jr, Dir. Larry Hagman, Columbia, 88 mins

4:30 A *The Blob* (1958), Steve McQueen, Dir. Irvin Yeamouth, Par, 88 mins.


*SATURDAY, Nov. 5th*



6:00 A *Charlie Chan at the Circus* (1936) Warner Oland, Dir. Harry Lachman, Fox 85 mins

7:30 A *Charlie Chan in Honolulu* (1939) Sidney Toler, Dir. Bruce Humberstone, Fox, 68 mins

8:45 A *Charlie Chan in the Secret Service* (1944) Sidney Toler, Dir. Phil Rosen, Mon, 68 mins

10:00 A *The Scarlet Clue* (1945), Sidney Toler, Dir. Phil Rosen, Mon, 65 mins

11:15 A *Mr. Moto?s Gamble* (1938), Peter Lorre, Dir. James Tinling, Fox, 71 mins Premiere #6


12:30 P Cartoon Alley Hosted by Ben Manckwiecz


*Spotlighting Allan Dwan, Director*

1:00 P *Robin Hood* (1923) Doug Fairbanks, Sr Dir. Allan Dwan, UA, 142 mins Premiere #7

3:30 P *Brewster?s Millions* (1945) Dennis O?Keefe, Dir. Allan Dwan, UA, 79 mins

4:00 P *Sands of Iwo Jima* (1950) John Wayne, Dir. Allan Dwan, Rep, 110 mins

6:00 P *Montana Belle* (1952) Jane Russell, Dir Allan Dwan, RKO, 95 mins


*Happy Birthday, Joel McCrea*

8::00 P *Dead End* (1937) Joel McCrea, Dir. William Wyler, UA, 95 mins

9:45 P *Joel McCrea: The Quiet Hero* (2010) TCM Original Documentary, 60 mins. Premiere #8

10:45 P *The More the Merrier* (1943) Joel McCrea, Dir. George Stevens, Col, 101 mins

12:30 A *Sullivan?s Travels* (1942) Joel McCrea, Dir. Preston Sturges, Par, 90 mins

2:00 A *Colorado Territory* (1949) Joel McCrea, Dir. Raoul Walsh, WB, 94mins

3:45 A *Ride the High Country* (1962) Joel McCrea, Dir. Sam Peckinpah, MGM, 94 mins


Notes on my schedule:


This on was a lot of fun.


Memory and Nostalgia looks at the way we like to remember our past as well as the more truthful way we portrayed similar events. For example, My Man Godfrey is a humorous look at the Great Depression while Wild Boys is a gritter, closer to the truth portrayal of life during the Great Depression.


I especially enjoyed throwing a spotlight on Allan Dwan and Doug Fairbanks, Sr. Silent Sundays looks at two of Doug Fairbanks best swashbucklers. I don?t think there is anyone that loved making movies as much as Doug, Sr.


TCM Imports highlights Good Morning, Babylon which tells the story of two brothers from Italy who help construct the giant sets for Intolerance. Makes a great grouping with Silent Sundays.


The all day Halloween line-up basically speaks for itself.


The Day of the Dead includes five films that people come to the boards to ask what is that film title.


The Speed of Sound is Scott Eyman?s great book on the transition from silents to talkies. Tuesday evening?s line-up sets up the Thursday evening line-up. In the book Eyman talks about the debt owed to Kevin Brownlow for all the remarkable people he interviewed from that era. I thought he and Brownlow would have a great conversation. Their interview is followed by a two hour documentary that woul be produced by TCM that highlights that era.


The Cedric Gibbons Art Department looks at a group of films that all bear Gibbons name as Art Director but the men who actually did the work are the unsung heroes of the department. These films highlight various genres and hopefully give an idea of how prolific they really were.


Instead of a Star of the Month, we have Raoul Walsh, Director of the Month. He got his start as an actor in silent films and quickly moved behind the camera to become of the great unsung heroes of American film. While Ford, Hawks, Hitchcock and the other so-called A list directors get the lion?s share of the glory, these films of Walsh?s hopefully reminds us of just how versatile and talented he truly was.


The Star Machine gives us a chance to look at how stars were shaped in the studio era. Ann Sheridan provides a look at the way Warners went about shaping its talent. Lana Turner had a much more extravagant shaping at the more-monied MGM. Contrasting Lana?s star makings with the way Clark Gable was handled offers a glimpse into why MGM had more stars than there were in heaven. It would be great if film historian and author Jeanine Basinger (whose book provided the inspiration for this) could co-host the evening with Robert Osborne.


Chantown offers up a Saturday morning of sleuthing with everyone?s favorite San Francisco detective, Charlie Chan. The Mr. Moto began as a Charlie Chan mystery but Warner Oland died before production started so it was made as a Mr. Moto.


Saturday afternoon looks at the accomplishments of Allan Dwan, who like Walsh, got his start in the silent days and had a steady career through-out the studio era. His films are often bare boned stories told in a straight-forward manner but he is yet another unsung hero that doesn?t get the attention he should or deserves.


The Essentials kicks off an evening of Joel McCrea movies honoring his birthday. I took the liberty of including a TCM Original Documentary (that they should produce) on McCrea. He was an actor that could do drama, comedy, westerns and modern day. Very versatile and incredibly handsome. It would be great if TCM could throw the spotlight on him as they have done with their other star bios.




Disclaimer (channeling my best LBJ),

I am in this challenge for the fun of doing a schedule and seeing if I am up to the task. Being a multi-winner in the past, I would like to recuse my schedule from the voting.day,

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*fedya's scheule and notes*




...because Colonial Virginia was liberally peppered with sex


0600 *The Bad and the Beautiful* (1952, MGM, 118 min)

0800 *The Howards of Virginia* (1940, Columbia, 116 min)

1000 *Captain John Smith and Pocahontas* (1953, UA, 75 min)

Short: Cradle of a Nation (1947, MGM, 9 min)


Let's get kinky!


1130 *Under 18* (1931, WB, 80 min)

1300 *Red-Headed Woman* (1932, MGM, 79 min)

1430 *ABBA: The Movie* (1977, Polar, 96 min, p/s)

1615 *Bunny Lake is Missing* (1965, 107 min, p/s)

1815 *Monty Python and the Holy Grail* (1975, 91 min) PREMIERE


TCM Does it doggy style


2000 *101 Dalmatians* (1996, Disney, 103 min)

Short: K-9 Kadets (1944, Columbia, 9 min)

2200 *After the Thin Man* (1936, MGM, 112 min)

Short: The Dogway Melody (1930, MGM, 17 min)


Silent Sunday Night


0015 *Clash of the Wolves* (1925, National Film Corporation, 74 min, p/s)

Short: Rin-Tin-Tin and His Owner and Friend, Mr. Lee Duncan


TCM Imports


0145 *Mondo Cane* (1962, Cineriz, 97 min)


0330 *One, Two, Three* (1961, UA, 115 min)

0530 Cartoon Alley (The Pups' Christmas; The Pups' Picnic; The Captain's Pup)




Pregnancy: the new Hollywood fad diet


0600 *Talk About a Stranger* (1952, MGM, 65 min)

0715 *Life Begins* (1932, WB, 71 min)

0830 *The Miracle of Morgan's Creek* (1944, Paramount, 99 min, p/s)

1015 *A Tree Grows In Brooklyn* (1945, Fox, 130 min. p/s)


In Flagrante Delicto: Joan Crawford's co-stars


1230 *Strait-Jacket* (1964, William Castle, 93 min, p/s)

1415 *Mildred Pierce* (1945, WB, 111 min)

1615 *Sudden Fear* (1952, RKO, 110 min)

1815 *Queen Bee* (1955, Columbia, 95 min)


Mamie Van Doren Night


2000 *Private Screenings: Mamie Van Doren*

2100 *The Big Operator* (1959, MGM, 91 min)

Short: Hawaiian Nights (1954, Universal, 17 min) PREMIERE

2300 *Repeat: Private Screenings: Mamie Van Doren*

0000 *High School Confidential* (1958, 85 min, p/s)

0130 *Girls, Guns, and Gangsters* (1959, UA, 70 min)

0245 *The Girl In Black Stockings* (1957, 73 min, p/s)

Short: The Miracle of Salt Lake (1938, MGM, 11 min)

0415 *The Beat Generation* (1959, MGM, 95 min)




TCM takes the missionary position


0600 *Rain* (1932, 94 min, p/s)

0745 *African Queen* (1951, UA, 105 min)

0945 *Elmer Gantry* (1960, 146 min, p/s)


TCM joins The Mile-High Club


1215 *Christopher Strong* (1933, RKO, 78 min)

1345 *Boeing, Boeing* (1965, Hal Wallis, 102 min, p/s)

Short: Little Johnny Jet

1545 *Airport* (1970, Universal, 137 min, p/s)

1815 *Julie* (1956, Arwin, 99 min, p/s)


A salute to the PHG


2000 *Paris -- When it Sizzles* (1964, Paramount, 110 min, p/s)

2200 *Waterloo Bridge* (1931, Universal, 81 min, p/s)

2330 *The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas* (1982, RKO, 114 min)

0130 *Trading Places* (1983, Paramount, 118 min) PREMIERE

0330 *Irma La Douce* (1963, UA, 147 min)




French Kissing


0600 *The Happy Time* (1952, Columbia, 94 min) (Charles Boyer)

0745 *Shalako* (1968, 113 min, p/s) (Brigitte Bardot)

0945 *Spellbound* (1945, Selznick International, 111 min)

1145 *Gigi* (1958, MGM, 116 min) (Maurice Chevalier et al.)


Tarzan Beefcake


1345 *Tarzan the Ape Man* (1932, MGM, 100 min) (Johnny Weismuller)

1530 *Tarzan and the Slave Girl* (1950, RKO, 74 min) (Lex Barker)

Short: Gorilla My Dreams (1948, WB, 7 min)

1700 *Tarzan the Ape Man* (1959, MGM 82 min) (Denny Miller)

1830 *Tarzan Goes to India* (1962, MGM, 88 min) (Jock Mahoney)


Nasophilia: Star of the Month Jimmy Durante


2000 *Hollywood Party* (1934, MGM, 70 min)

2115 *The New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford* (1931, MGM, 95 min)

2245 *Speak Easily* (1932, MGM, 82 min)

0015 *Meet the Baron* (1933, MGM, 68 min)

0200 *The Passionate Plumber* (1932, MGM, 73 min)

0315 *The Wet Parade* (1932, MGM, 118 min)

Short: Some of the Best (1949, MGM, 42 min)




That's Gotta Be a Porn!


0600 *Flesh and the Devil* (1926, MGM, 113 min)

0800 *The Fighting 69th* (1940, WB, 90 min)

Short: The Fighting 69-1/2th (1941, WB, 7 min)

0945 *The Skin Game* (1931, British International, 77 min, p/s)

1115 *Lust For Life* (1956, MGM, 122 min)

1330 *Girls! Girls! Girls!* (1962, Hal Wallis, 106 min, p/s)


Jimmy Cagney is a Bottom...


1530 *A Midsummer Night's Dream* (1935, WB, 142 min)


...and a Top


1800 *White Heat* (1949, WB, 114 min)


Do You Know Who I Had to Sleep With to Get This Job?


2000 *The Barretts of Wimpole Street* (1934, MGM, 109 min) Norma Thalberg

2200 *Since You Went Away* (1944, Selznick International, 172 min) Jennifer O'Selznick

0100 *The Lady from Shanghai* (1948, Columbia, 87 min) Orson Hayworth

0230 *Going Hollywood* (1933, Cosmopolitan, 78 min, p/s) Bing Crosby/Marion Davies

0400 *The Clock* (1945, MGM, 90 min) (Judy Garland's boyfriend took over directing duties from Fred Zinnemann)

short: Mighty Manhattan, New York's Wonder City (1949, MGM, 20 min)




Frigid people


0600 *The Unknown* (1927, MGM, 49 min)

Short: Behind the Big Top (1943, Vitaphone, 20 min)

0715 *Night of the Hunter* (1957, 93 min, p/s)

0900 *David and Lisa* (1962, 95 min, p/s)

1045 *Marnie* (1964, Universal, 130 min, p/s)


Barren People


1300 *Journey for Margaret* (1942, MGM, 81 min)

1430 *Village of the Damned* (1960, MGM, 77 min)

1600 *From Here to Eternity* (1953, Columbia, 118 min)

1800 *Penny Serenade* (1941, Columbia, 119 min)


May-December relationships


2000 *Sunset Blvd.* (1950, Paramount, 110 min, p/s)

2200 *Funny Face* (1957, Paramount, 103 min)

Short: Rodeo Dough (1940, WB, 10 min)

0000 *Some Like It Hot* (1959, UA, 121 min)

Short: Grouch Marx's Home Movies (1933, 22 min) PREMIERE


TCM Underground


0230 *Skidoo* (1968, Paramount, 97 min)

0415 *Sextette* (1978, 91 min)

Short: Hollywood Steps Out (1941, WB, 8 min)




This would be the slot for T&A, but since we've got so much T we don't need the A


0600 *Ecstasy* (1933, 87 min, p/s)

0730 *Teen-Age Crime Wave* (1955, 77 min, p/s)

0900 *The French Line* (1954, RKO, 102 min)

1045 *Who Framed Roger Rabbit* (1988 Amblin, 104 min, p/s)


Sex at the Workplace


1230 *Baby Face* (1933, WB, 73 min)

Short: Screen Snapshots Series 10, No. 8 (1931, Columbia, 10 min)

1400 *Closely Watched Trains* (1966, p/s, 93 min)

1545 *The Apartment* (1960, UA, 125 min)

1800 *Elevator to the Gallows* (1956, 88 min)

Short: Ups and Downs (1937, WB, 21 min)




2000 *TCM Essentials: Cape Fear* (1962, UA 105 min)

2200 *Anatomy of a Murder* (1959, 160 min, p/s)

0045 *The Manchurian Candidate* (1962, UA, 126 min)

0300 *Wild Boys of the Road* (1933, WB, 68 min)

0415 *Johnny Belinda* (1948, WB, 102 min)




My schedule for Programming Challenge #12 takes a look at one of the most common topics in Hollywood movies: sex. There are lots of variations on a theme, so to say, and some of our themes are closer to romance than sex, but coming up with a bunch of themes was a lot of fun.


The first theme, on Sunday morning, comes from a line in the movie The Bad and the Beautiful. Dick Powell's character says he wrote a best seller about colonial that was liberally peppered with sex because colonial Virigina was, in fact, liberally peppered with sex. So, I show The Bad and the Beautiful followed by a pair of movies set in colonial Virginia that have love stories. There is, however, no sex in the Traveltalks short.


On Sunday afternoon, we get kinky. (I suppose it depends on what you think constitutes kinky.) Under 18 has a swingers' party; Jean Harlow claims she likes getting slapped in Red-Headed Woman ; ABBA: The Movie has one of the couples asking their manager what the workd "kinky" means; in Bunny Lake Is Missing Noel Coward asks a policeman to whip him; and in Monty Python and the Holy Grail we have a bunch of nuns who want to be spanked.


Prime time in Sunday brings a really bad pun about "doggy style", with movies more or less pertaining to dogs, and the fact that dogs produce puppies. 101 Dalmatians is the live-action version with Glenn Close as Cruella de Ville. The Thin Man movie is the one with Mrs. Asta in the credits. Silent Sunday Nights has a Rin-Tin-Tin movie in which he takes care of his puppies in one scene. For TCM Imports, the best I could come up with was Mondo Cane (A Dog's World). We'll it's got quite a bit of flesh. I suppose that qualifies as sexual. Needless to say, I included a Dogville short as well. The last feature of the night, One, Two, Three, has no dogs, but a hilarious joke about puppies. Finally, I've included a Cartoon Alley consisting of three MGM one-reelers from the 1930s.


On Monday morning, we look at the fact that when Hollywood showed pregnant women, they didn't look at all pregnant. No woman ever seemed to gain any weight during pregnancy.


Monday afternoon contains four movies in which Joan Crawfod catches her screen partners cheating on her, either by seeing them or, in the case of Sudden Fear, catching them on her dictaphone.


On Monday night, Robert Osborne sits down with 1950s sex symbol Mamie Van Doren for a Private Screenings interview, followed by a night of Van Doren's movies. The premiere, the short "Hawaiian Nights", has Mamie Van Doren in 3D. Yowza!


Tuesday morning brings TCM in the "missionary position" -- with three films about missionaries (well, two about missionaries and one about evangelists) who fall in love with somebody other than God.


From there, TCM goes to love amongst pilots and stewardesses with four movies and a short. (Actually, in Julie, Doris Day plays a stewardess stalked by her husband, but it's close enough to the theme, and there are important sequences on the plane).


On Tuesday night, we get a salute to the "PHG". If you don't know what that is, William Holden explains the concept to Audrey Hepburn in the night's first movie, Paris -- When It Sizzles. "PHG" stands for the "prostitute with a heart of gold", and TCM shows four more movie with PHGs. Both IMDb and TCMDb list The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas as having been produced by RKO pictures (at Universal Studios, if memory serves). Technically, that gets it around the premiere, but I didn't use up all eight premieres anyhow.


On Wednesday morning, TCM engages in some French kissing with three movies involving amorous French actors, and one involving a kiss that's in a double exposure with the Freudian imagery of a hallway with doors opening up. As a bonus, in Gigi we get Leslie Caron fondling Louis Jourdan's... cigars.


On Wednesday afternoon, we have four different actors playing Tarzan, in those skimpy outfits. (Five if you count Mel Blanc in the Looney Tunes short.) This is followed by Schnarzan, as played by Jimmy Durante in the movie Hollywood Party. What does Jimmy Durante have to sex? Well, there is such a thing as a nose fetish, as frightening as it sounds. (Google it.) With that, I decided to make "The Schnoz" my Star of the Month. As they say in Hollywood Party, "Don't miss this if you can."


On Thursday morning, we have a bunch of movies whose titles make them sound like they could be porno flicks, but really aren't.


This leads into James Cagney as a "Bottom" -- Bottom the Weaver, in A Midsummer Night's Dream. He also was a "Top", when he made it to the top of the world at the end of White Heat.


On Thursday in prime time, we have movies involving people who might have been rumored to have gotten their parts because of who they were sleeping with. Norma Shearer was, of course, married to MGM producer Irving Thalberg. Jennifer Jones married David O. Selznick, although to be honest it was several years after Since You Went Away was made. (*Duel in the Sun* might have been more appropriate, but didn't time out properly.) Orson Welles was known for going ridiculously over budget, and if it weren't for the fact he was married to Rita Hayworth at the time, he might not have been tapped to direct The Lady From Shanghai. The last time TCM showed Going Hollywood, Robert Osborne said that Marion Davies was foisted upon the studio by her partner, William Randolph Hearst. I don't think Vicente Minnelli was brought in to direct The Clock to appease Judy Garland, but it's just an interesting coincidence that he wasn't the original director.


On Friday, we have mini-marathons about two related groups of people: the frigid, who don't want to be touched; and the barren, who can't reproduce (in Village of the Damned, it's the man, George Sanders, who's infertile).


This leads to Friday night's feature, on May-December relationships. Oh, the movies themselves may not be thought of as showing May-December relationships. But there was a pretty big age difference between the two people in each partnership: About 32 years between Gloria Swanson and William Holden; 30 years between Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn; and 31 between Joe E. Brown and Jack Lemmon (!). This brings up two movies in TCM Underground with even bigger age difference between the love objects. Groucho Marx as God, and Luna as God's mistress (well you know what I mean) have a 51 year age difference, as do Mae West and Timothy Dalton in Sextette. {Fedya shudders}


Finally, on Saturday, we start off with some gratuitous female busts. After all, we showed off a bunch of male flesh in the Tarzan movies. This is the chance to be an equal-opportunity exhibitionist.


It's followed by an afternoon of movies involving sexual hijinks on the job (or in the case of Elevator to the Gallows, a man boinking his boss' wife).


The last feature, on Saturday in prime time, invloves movies on the themes of rape, incest, and sexual assault, including the TCM Essential, Cape Fear.

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*fredmill38's scheule and notes*


Sunday, May 3rd, 2009


It's All About the Youth: Films That Deal With Teenagers

and the Conflicts With Their Elders and With Each Other


6:00 am Knock on Any Door (1949) Columbia 100 mins

TCM Promo for Guest Programmer in May

7:45 am Bye Bye Birdie (1963) Columbia 112 mins

Lee Grant on Ida Lupino

9:45 am Rebel Without a Cause (1955) WB 111 mins (ps)

TCM New Promo: Laura (1944) - May 9th, 2009

TCM Silent Sunday Nights Promo

11:45 am The Wild One (1954) Columbia 79 mins

TCM Promo Wall with Ben Hur

Trailer: Queen Christina (1934)

1:15 pm Beach Party (1963) AIP 101 mins (ps)

3:00 pm Because They're Young (1960) Columbia 102 mins

4:45 pm Gidget (1959) Columbia 96 mins

TCM Promo with Star of the Month Glenn Ford

6:30 pm So Young, So Bad (1950) UA 91 mins (ps)


If Only I Weren't a Royal!: How Being a Royal Can Cause

So Many Problems With Love, Happiness and Duty

8:01 pm The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) WB 118 mins (ps)

10:00 pm Princess O'Rourke (1943) WB 95 mins

Kurt Russell on Elvis Presley

Trailer: Run Silent, Run Deep (1958)

11:45 pm Life on the Thames (1950) MGM 10 mins - One Reel Wonder

TCM Promo Wall with Jeanette MacDonald

12:00 am Silent Sunday Nights The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1928) MGM 106 mins

TCM Original Programming: 100 Years at the Movies

2:00 am TCM Imports The Eagle Has Two Heads (1948) Les Films Ariane/Water Bearer Films (TCM Premiere) 93 mins

TCM Underground Spotlight: What is a Cult Film?

Trailer: Destroyer (1943)

3:45 am Queen Christina (1934) MGM 100 mins

5:25 am Greta Garbo Biography (1962) 4 mins - One Reel Wonder

5:30 am MGM Pictures 1937 Convention (1936) MGM 17 mins - One Reel Wonder

Garson Kanin on Carole Lombard

TCM Promo: Private Screenings -Dean Stockwell - May 5th, 2009


Monday, May 4th, 2009


Who's Calling the Shots?: Films That Tend to Have Leadership and Trust Issues


6:00 am The Earl of Chicago (1940) MGM 87 mins

7:30 am The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938) WB 87 mins

9:00 am The Great McGinty (1940) Paramount 82 mins (ps)

Trailer: The Prisoner of Zenda (1937)

10:30 am Run Silent, Run Deep (1958) UA 94 mins (ps)

Maria Cooper-Janis on Gary Cooper

TCM Promo Wall with Model and Photographer

12:15 pm Seven Days in May (1964) Paramount 118 mins (ps)

2:15 pm All the King's Men (1950) Columbia 109 mins

4:05 pm How to Vote (1936) MGM 10 mins - One Reel Wonder

4:15 pm Meet John Doe (1941) WB 123 mins

George Kennedy on Jimmy Stewart

TCM Imports Promo

6:30 pm We're Not Dressing (1934) Paramount 77 mins (ps)

6:48 pm Movie Pests (1944) MGM 11 mins - One Reel Wonder


Star of the Month: Glenn Ford, in Conjunction with the

Celebration of the Month of His Birthday and the Release of

Glenn Ford: The Signature Collection, Vol. 1 onto DVD

8:00 pm The Fastest Gun Alive (1956) MGM 90 mins (Disc 3 of the DVD Box Set)

9:30 pm The Sheepman (1958) MGM 83 mins (Disc 4 of the DVD Box Set)

TCM Underground Promo

Trailer: Anchors Aweigh (1945)

11:00 pm Affair in Trinidad (1952) Columbia 98 mins

12:45 am The Return of October (1948) Columbia 89 mins

2:15 am The Mating of Millie (1948) Columbia 87 mins

3:45 am Experiment in Terror (1962) Columbia 123 mins

George C. Scott on James Cagney

Trailer: Enter the Dragon (1973)


Tuesday, May 5th, 2009


Star of the Month: Glenn Ford, in Conjunction with the

Celebration of the Month of His Birthday and the Release of

Glenn Ford: The Signature Collection, Vol. 1 onto DVD Continued


6:00 am Lust for Gold (1949) Columbia 90 mins

7:30 am Convicted (1950) Columbia 91 mins

9:02 am Racketeer Rabbit (1946) WB 7 mins - One Reel Wonder

TCM New Trailer: Laura (1944) - May 9th, 2009

9:15 am Jubal (1956) Columbia 101 mins

11:00 am The Teahouse of the August Moon (1956) MGM 124 mins

Christopher Walken on Gene Kelly

TCM.com Promo

1:15 pm Human Desire (1954) Columbia 90 mins

2:45 pm Destroyer (1943) Columbia 99 mins

4:30 pm Texas (1941) Columbia 93 mins

TCM Imports Promo

TCM Movie News for May

6:15 pm The Violent Men (1955) Columbia 96 mins

Trailer: Scaramouche (1952)

TCM Essentials Promo


TCM Spotlight: A Night of Films Starring Child Star,

Oscar Nominee and Sci-Fi/TV Icon Dean Stockwell

8:00 pm Private Screenings: Dean Stockwell 60 mins

9:00 pm Anchors Aweigh (1945) MGM 140 mins

11:21 pm Jack-Wabbit and The Beanstalk (1943) WB 7 mins - One Reel Wonder

11:30 pm Private Screenings: Dean Stockwell 60 mins (Repeat of 8:00 pm Airing)

12:30 am The Boy With Green Hair (1948) RKO 83 mins

TCM Promo with Star of the Month Glenn Ford

2:00 am Kim (1951) MGM 113 mins

Trailer: His Kind of Woman (1951)

4:00 am Married to the Mob (1988) UA (TCM Premiere) 103 mins

5:45 am Voices of Venice (1951) MGM 9 mins - One Reel Wonder

TCM New Promo: Gilda (1946) - May 11th, 2009

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


Nothing Beats a Good Old Fashioned Sword Fight to Settle Things:

Films That Have Climatic Scenes With the Sword


6:00 am The Mark of Zorro (1940) FOX 94 mins (ps)

Meryl Streep on Bette Davis

TCM Promo Wall with Ben-Hur

7:45 am Scaramouche (1952) MGM 115 mins

9:45 am The Three Musketeers (1948) MGM 126 mins

Trailer: A Woman's Face (1941)

12:00 pm The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) WB 102 mins

1:45 pm The Prisoner of Zenda (1937) UA 101 mins (ps)

3:30 pm Hamlet (1948) J. Arthur Rank 155 mins (ps)

6:06 pm Buccaneer Bunny (1948) WB 7 mins - One Reel Wonder

6:15 pm The Flame and the Arrow (1950) WB (TCM Premiere) 91 mins

Jennifer Jason Leigh on Barbara Stanwyck

Trailer: The Birds (1963)


They're Not Just TV Superheroes, Vigilantes and Anti-Heroes: Films

Starring Some of the Actors and Actresses Who Made It Big as Some

of Comic Book and Radio's Most Famous Superheroes, Vigilantes

and Anti-Heroes:(Special Guests Adam West, Van Williams and

Nicholas Hammond Talk With Robert Osborne Bewteen Each Film Being Shown)

8:00 pm The Blue Gardenia (1953) WB 89 mins (ps) (George Reeves-Superman)

9:30 pm Tammy and the Doctor (1963) Universal (TCM Premiere) 89 mins (Adam West-Batman)

11:00 pm The Caretakers (1963) UA 99 mins (ps) (Van Williams-The Green Hornet)

12:45 am Enter the Dragon (1973) WB 98 mins (ps) (Bruce Lee-Kato,The Green Hornet's Chauffeur and Confidant)

2:30 am Speedway (1968) MGM 95 mins (Bill Bixby-The Incredible Hulk)

4:15 am Lord of the Flies (1963) Janus Films 90 mins (ps) (Nicholas Hammond-Spiderman)

5:45 am Water Wisdom (1943) MGM 10 mins - One Reel Wonder

TCM Promo with Machinist


Thursday, May 7th, 2009


How Could You Be So Heartless?!: Films Dealing With Women

and Men Who Have No Concern For Others Due to Different

Circumstances or From Their Own Making


6:00 am We Live Again (1934) UA 85 mins (ps)

7:30 am Blonde Crazy (1931) WB 80 mins

Gregory Peck on Lauren Bacall

TCM Promo with Star of the Month Glenn Ford

9:00 am Craig's Wife (1936) Columbia 73 mins

10:15 am My Forbidden Past (1951) RKO 71 mins

11:30 am Susan and God (1940) MGM 118 mins

1:30 pm Mr. Skeffington (1944) WB 147 mins

4:00 pm Mandalay (1934) WB 66 mins

TCM Silent Sunday Nights Promo

TCM.com Promo

5:15 pm Female (1933) WB 61 mins

6:30 pm Baby Face (1933) WB 71 mins

6:45 pm So You Want to Be on the Radio (1948) MGM 10 mins - One Reel Wonder


A New Look Could Do You a World of Good or It Could Prove

Detrimental: Films Devoted to Plastic Surgery and Medical Enhancements

8:00 pm Seconds (1966) Paramount (TCM Premiere) 106 mins

Peter and Jane Fonda on Henry Fonda

TCM Imports Promo

10:00 pm A Woman's Face (1941) MGM 107 mins

TCM Movie News for May

TCM Promo Wall with Jeanette MacDonald from "The Merry Widow"

12:00 am Dark Passage (1947) WB 107 mins

1:48 am Bacall to Arms (1946) WB 7 mins - One Reel Wonder

2:00 am Hollow Triumph (1948) Eagle-Lion 83 mins (ps)

3:30 am First Yank into Tokyo (1945) RKO 83 mins

5:00 am Another Face (1935) RKO 72 mins


Friday, May 8th, 2009


I Will Survive!: Films That Pertain to a Physical,

Emotional or Mental Issue Within One's Life


6:15 am My Reputation (1946) WB 94 mins

John Frankenheimer on Burt Lancaster

8:00 am Marked Woman (1937) WB 97 mins

9:45 am Random Harvest (1942) MGM 127 mins

TCM Silent Sunday Nights Promo

12:00 pm Northwest Passage (1940) MGM 127 mins

TCM Promo with Star of the Month Glenn Ford

2:15 pm The Count of Monte Cristo (1934) UA 113 mins (ps)

TCM Underground Promo

4:15 pm The Dark Angel (1935) UA 110 mins (ps)

TCM New Promo: Laura (1944) - May 9th, 2009

6:15 pm Night into Morning (1951) MGM 86 mins

TCM Promo with Deli Owner

7:45 pm Hollywood Daffy (1946) WB 7 mins - One Reel Wonder

Chazz Palmentieri on Edward G. Robinson


You're Not Welcome Here: How Passersby, New

Residents and Even the Local Townsfolk Face a

Load of Trouble

8:00 pm The Birds (1963) Universal 120 mins (ps)

10:00 pm Psycho (1960) Paramount 109 mins (ps)

Trailer: Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

12:00 am Dead Reckoning (1947) Columbia 101 mins

TCM Original Production: 100 Years at the Movies

Robert Redford on Natalie Wood


TCM Underground:

2:00 am Poltergeist (1982) MGM 115 mins (ps)

4:00 am The Amityville Horror (1979) AIP 117 mins (ps)

Saturday, May 9th, 2009


All It Takes is a Photograph: How Coming Into Possession of

or Taking a Photo Proves to Be Helpful For Some But

Problematic for Others


6:00 am Hysteria (1965) MGM 85 mins (ps)

7:30 am Background to Danger (1943) WB 81 mins

TCM Movie News for May

TCM Essentials Promo

9:00 am Ministry of Fear (1944) Paramount 87 mins (ps)

10:30 am Call Northside 777 (1948) FOX (TCM Premiere) 111 mins

Kevin Spacey on Jack Lemmon

TCM New Promo: Laura (1944) - May 9th, 2009


Justice Must Be Served: Films Where Guilt or Innocence

is Weighed Heavily


12:30 pm To Kill a Mockingbird (1963) Universal 130 mins (ps)

2:45 pm Witness for the Prosecution (1957) UA 117 mins (ps)

4:45 pm 12 Angry Men (1957) UA 97 mins (ps)

TCM Imports Promo

TCM Promo for Guest Programmer in May

6:30 pm Paths of Glory (1958) UA 88 mins (ps)

An Evening With Vincent Price: Films Starring the

Versatile Actor From Period Pieces to Film Noirs to the Macabre

8:00 pm The Essentials Laura (1944) FOX (TCM Premiere) 88 mins

9:30 pm His Kind of Woman (1951) RKO 121 mins

TCM Original Production: Letterbox vs. Pan and Scan

11:45 pm The Bribe (1949) MGM 98 mins

Burt Reynolds on Spencer Tracy

1:30 am The Pit and the Pendulum (1961) AIP 80 mins (ps)

TCM Promo for Guest Programmer in May

Trailer: A Face in the Crowd (1957)

3:00 am The Fall of the House of Usher (1960) AIP 79 mins (ps)

TCM Promo with Star of the Month Glenn Ford

4:30 am The Masque of the Red Death (1964) AIP 89 mins (ps)


Glenn Ford: The Signature Collection, Vol. 1

Terror on a Train


The Fastest Gun Alive

The Sheepman

Imitation General


Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not being around here for the past few days and being able to post my schedule over the weekend. I came down with a cold around Sunday. From what I've read so far, the schedules that have been posted are great.


Anyways, in regards to my schedule, here is some background about it. Each of the themes for the days either relate to song titles, (Thank you Kanye West!) something that is common within the theme of each of the films or pertains to something that the actors had also worked on for another studio or another medium as well.


For the TCM Spotlight or Private Screenings requirement, I wanted to interview former child star as well as Oscar winner and Sci-Fi icon, Dean Stockwell on Tuesday night. He has seen renewed success in the past twenty years after walking away from Hollywood in the late 1960's, from his Oscar nominated role in "Married to the Mob (1988)," to his co-starring role with Scott Bakula in the tv show "Quantum Leap (1989-1993)," which is one of my favorite tv shows. His role as Admiral Al Calavicci, friend, hologram, and link to Dr. Sam Beckett (Bakula) as Beckett leaped from one year to the next to "put right what once went wrong" in "Quantum Leap" lead to Emmy nods and I believe some Golden Globe nominations, plus other films and more work from tv movies to guest appearances. Several examples include a co-starring role with Bakula in an episode of "Enterprise" in its first season (2001) along with "JAG" and the most recent revamp of "Battlestar Galactica." It would be neat to find out what it was like for Dean to work with greats such as Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Errol Flynn, Pat O'Brien, Robert Ryan and Katherine Hepburn to name a few. It would also be interesting for others to find out why he walked away from Hollywood in the 1960's, since the TCM boards mentioned that he did some real estate and embraced the hippie lifestyle for a while. To go with the Private Screenings, several of Dean's films from his early years and even his Oscar nominated role will be shown.


In regards to the Star of the Month, I chose Glenn Ford as the Star of the Month for May, since May is the month of his birth. I really enjoyed watching several of his films that he was in and I am appreciating more of his work that I have seen recently.

I also have a DVD Box Set that is to concide with Ford's Star of the Month since it has tended to be customary practice for TCM to coordinate their SOTM around that. I know this was not a requirement for the challenge, but I figured why not. The set includes his films that he did while under contract with MGM.


On Wednesday, I have a day devoted to films that deal with swordfights as the final climax. That same evening there is a lineup of films devoted to some of the actors who became well known for their roles on television as comic and radio superheroes and vigilantes during the 1950's-1970's when it was most prevalent, even though they had work in other films and tv to their credit. Since there are a lot of superhero movies out there lately or in the works, either ending up as really great films (Some of the Superman, Batman and Spiderman films) or completely offbase in regards to the original intent, I figured to honor and thank some of the folks that created the characters on tv. In between each film, Robert Osborne would talk with Adam West (Batman), Van Williams (The Green Hornet) and Nicholas Hammond (Spiderman) to discuss the films that they were a part of and the people in which they worked with along with the tv shows and characters that they made famous.


Some other themes that I included films which have teenagers and the youth within them, plastic surgery and medical enhancements to change one's appearance and individuals who are plagued with emotional, physical or mental problems and must learn to come back from them.


The Essential for the week is the TCM Premiere of "Laura (1944)" and the night is built around Vincent Price as well.


The TCM Silent Sunday night movie is "The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1928)" with Norma Shearer and Ramon Novarro and the TCM Import is the film, "The Eagle Has Two Heads (1948)" directed by Jean Cocteau.


The TCM Underground films are "Poltergeist (1982)" with Craig T. Nelson and "The Amityville Horror (1979)" with James Brolin and Margot Kidder. I get a kick out of the fact that the film still has a cult following and is still remade even though the story has been proved to be untrue.


The TCM Premieres include "Laura (1944)" with Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney, "The Flame and the Arrow (1950)" with Burt Lancaster, "Tammy and the Doctor (1963)" with Sandra Dee, Peter Fonda and Adam West, "The Eagle Has Two Heads (1948)" with Jean Marais, "Married to the Mob (1988)," with Matthew Modine, Michelle Pfeiffer and Dean Stockwell, "Seconds (1966)" with Rock Hudson and "Call Northside 777 (1948)" with James Stewart, Lee J. Cobb and Richard Conte.


I hope that the schedule I have created looks good. I enjoyed doing each of the schedules that I have participated in so far and I figured that it would be great to do this again.



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*chipheartsmovies* - Thank goodness you posted your schedule first, because my SOTM was initially going to be Joan Blondell, with the theme of the night being Blondell/Farrell films- seriously! Great minds think alike, ha ha ha! The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle is my favorite Fred & Ginger movie, Douglas Sirk is one of my favorite directors, I've never seen any animated Asian films, and Barbara Payton definitely deserves a proper tribute.


*Norma Desmond* - You're schedule was horrible. No, no...I'm teasing! You already know I love it. I would love any week with Queen Christina in it.


*filmlover* - Who knew Clark & Myrna made so many films together? My love of "bad" movies makes me especially eager to see Parnell. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as SOTM would have me losing sleep to stay up all night and watch.


*lzcutter* - Universal Horror, The Speed of Sound, Weepers (especially Madame X- I love Gladys George)- great schedule! And it seems Joel McCrea is Mr. Popular in this challenge.


*fedya* - There's only one way for me to describe you're schedule - LOL :) The Jimmy Cagney theme, especially, is genius.


*fredmill38* - Another week with Queen Christina in it! You know what that means...I love it!



All great schedules, but my vote goes to-


*patful* - I love every. single. theme. I think that pretty much covers why I'm voting for you. :)

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As always, a very hard choice to make. I've already reviewed the individual schedules in a post in the old thread, so I am just going to announce my choice, *chipheartsmovies*.


There were so many things I liked in this schedule. Films about the Depression, the TCM International Lost & Found picks, the birthday tribute to Ann-Margret, picking Deanne Durbin for the interview session, and the salute to the New York World's Fair.

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OK, so how do I vote? I have never done this before.


Patful, you have definitely got my vote! A couple of notes. Some really great picks by everyone, but it's Patful hands down. I have to vote for anyone who includes THE BIG PARADE! Note, the new restoration completed in 2004, is about 15 to 20 minutes longer, and would be a TCM premier. Also it's wonderful that you selected SEVENTH HEAVEN which should have debuted this month. Don't forget STREET ANGEL either.


Izcutter, if you want anotherAllan Dwan picture that hasn't aired in ages how about TIDE OF THE EMPIRE (1929) with Renee Adoree, and Tom Keene? THE IRON MASK is a good choice too. It has been shown on TCM, but never with the Carl Davis score! Also how about tossing into your Douglas Fairbanks Junior tribute a TCM premier of Henry King's STELLA DALLAS (1925), also with Belle Bennett, Ronald Coleman, and Lois Moran? That would be something.


Pancakes Barbara, You gotta have some Evelyn Brent Silents. So how about Premier's of Josef'Von Sternberg's UNDERWORLD (1927), and THE LAST COMMAND (1928)? We can only dream. But the films are touring in beautifully restored 35 millimeter prints.


Norma Desmond: I loved the suggestion of the Marion Davies debut of WHEN KNIGHTHOOD WAS IN FLOWER (1922). However, Warner's doesn't own this one, and probably don't even have a print. Here are three better possibilities for Marion Davies premiers all MGM Silents. TILLIE THE TOILER (1926), THE FAIR CO-ED (1927), THE CARDBOARD LOVER (1928).


Although THE EAGLE has been shown on TCM, the beautifully restored Thames version with Carl Davis score has not been. Since TCM recently inked a pact with Photoplay Productions, this is now a very real possibility, and would be another TCM premier. Put it on in Prime-time!


In another note, REDEMPTION has been a TCM before, but I have never seen it. My recording was obtained second hand, and was shown on TNT well over a decade ago. If you want a true Premier, how about you change that to FORBIDDEN HOURS (1928) with Ramon Novarro, and Renee Adoree instead? Or if you still want both Renee and Eleanor Boardman together, how about you make it AN EXCHANGE OF WIVES (1925)? Just a suggestion. Or if you want more John Gilbert, consider a premier of TWELVE MILES OUT (1927) with Joan Crawford and Ernest Torrence.

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>OK, so how do I vote? I have never done this before


You did fine.


So far -


Patful - 2

Chip HeartsMovies - 1


Just to clarify a change "Filmlover" has added his name to the list (lzcutter is also on that list)where he would ask you to consider other schedules for voting. So, when studying your vote please enjoy his and Lynn's schedule but vote for another deserving effort.


(Corrections were made to the prior posts.)

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Okay, for me, this was the toughest Challenge to decide. I can usually whittle it down to my two favorites, but everyone is pretty even this time around. I am disappointed that lzcutter and filmlover have dropped out. I do seem to have started that trend. And we seem to be missing sugarpuss and Kyle. :-(


I think I've already commented on everyone's entry, so here goes. My vote goes to Fedya, simply for the brilliance of working around a single theme for an entire week. Now I just have to stay inside for a few days to avoid the inevitable lightning bolt striking me down. :-)


I do agree with Chip, this has been one of the best yet. Great schedules all!

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Everyone has done an amazing job putting together a schedule, and I agree with others in that it definitely isn't easy to choose. However on this particular challenge, my vote goes to chipheartsmovies. But I'd also like to commend Lynn and others for their excellent schedules.

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Wow! These shedules - ALL of them - are simply exquisite. They are all like these small yet complete examples of creative genius., little programing jewels, the perusing of which has given me unadulterated admiration to the people who do this for a living - EVERY week! The thought, the tying off of themes, the research, even the mundane aspects like timing out the films (ah - the agony when some just won't fit and your theme needs to be re-themed, or your evening reconstructed - the ecstacy when they miraculously *DO* fit. ! I give you all props and thanks, because they are so much fun to read and to sit wishing for some of the days to actually appear on the real TCM schedule! Hip Hip Hooray to all the entrants, well done, well DONE!


But you want me to vote? For just ONE??!! Perhaps I can offer to vote as a possible tie-breaker, since Chris really sounds like he doesn't relish that notion. Okay, Pia, quit being such a wimp. Ummmm. I won't think about that now. I'll think about that tomorrow!!

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This is impossible, everyone is so good this time 'round.


I keep rereading each schedule, and how did I miss filmlover's "Small in the Saddle" theme first time through? Brilliant. (He's not allowing us to vote for him, but connecting li'l Elizabeth Taylor and li'l Mickey Rooney with famously short-statured Alan Ladd and the denizens of Tiny Town is absolutely genius).


I'm with Pia, I'm getting a headache and will look at it tomorrow.

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Oh my gosh! This was really tough! Everyone did such a great job -


Fredmill38 - I LOVE Dean Stockwell - this was a great idea! (Also a big Quantum Leap fan) I have often thought he would make a wonderful guest and interview.......


Fedya - The most entertaining theme ever! And you did a wonderful job keeping things within the single theme.....


Patful - I loved your topics - I can really see your programming being on TCM. This is as close to the TCM programmer as one can get. Plus, I like the idea of Harper Lee as guest. VERY creative list.


ChipHearts - I would LOVE to see the Theda Bara movies - and your picks for the Blondell/Farrell movies are sweet! Also loved the idea of the Deanna Durbin interview. And You've Got (Split) Personality is genius!


However, I narrowed it down to two favorites, mainly due to the movies picked - Pancakes Barbara and Norma Desmond.


Pancakes Barbara had the most movies I would like to see. Lilyan Tashman AND Evelyn Brent! Awesome!


Norma Desmond - I loved the movies you picked for each wonderful theme - the best of the best. And I think you covered a lot of territory in your choices. I also liked the liberal sprinkling of silents in your list. And Wallace Beery at Sea was just great!


But for me, the tiebreaker was the interview - I would much rather see Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine get together than Nancy Reagan... so my vote goes to:


*Norma Desmond*.

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