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Hey everybody, I was wondering if you might know the name of this silent movie. It's so weird, but for some reason I've taped the last 10 seconds of it twice. The end shows the French, American, and English flags all flying side by side (in color), and then it says, "So in 1917 they all united for a common cause" (that might not be the right wording). And then it's the end. Does anyone know what movie this is? It's so intriguing because the more I see this clip the more I want to know about it.

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Wish I could tell you what it might be, but it is definitely not WINGS (1927) or THE BIG PARADE (1925). These two films contain no two-strip Technicolor sequences. Nor is it HEARTS OF THE WORLD or TELL IT TO THE MARINES (1926). It can't be WHAT PRICE GLORY (1926) either, as far as I know neither it or WINGS has ever aired on TCM since they were both made at Paramount pictures. When was the last time this film aired? Was it on just recently?

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It's a 1927 two-strip Technicolor short entitled THE FLAG. The main plot involves George Washington (Francis X. Bushman) entreating Betsy Ross (Enid Bennett) to design a new flag for the emerging American nation.


But there's also a subplot where Washington paroles a young British officer who has crossed enemy lines to visit his wife. In doing so, Washington expresses his hope that the Americans and the British will someday be united in a common cause, and that is where the film dissolves to the battlefields of the first World War, where the American, British, and French flags are marching side by side.


In the past, this short has often had its own slot in the schedule, but I've seen it screened more recently as a "From the Vaults" segment airing right before Silent Sunday Nights. However, it is firmly scheduled to be shown again on TCM on July 3 at 5:15 am.

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