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3 movies with alcholism as themes

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The impact of alcoholism on peoples lives is profoundly illustrated in the following three movies:


My name is Bill W. (1989), Days of Wine and Roses (1962), The Lost Weekend (1945).


Would like to see them on TCM.


Does anyone have any other movies to mention dealing with alcoholism ?

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Other serious movies that deal with this issue include

*I'll Cry Tomorrow* (1955), Susan Hayward

*Long Days Journey Into Night* (1962), Katharine Hepburn

*Barfly* (1987), Faye Dunaway and Mickey Rourke

*Clean and Sober* (1988), Michael Keaton

*The Country Girl* (1954), Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly

*Leaving Las Vegas* (1995), Nicolas Cage

*28 Days* (2000), Sandra Bullock

*When a Man Loves a Woman* (1994), Andy Garcia, Meg Ryan

*Drunks* (1995), Richard Lewis, Faye Dunaway

*My Name is Joe* (1998), Peter Mullan


And I think we can all agree some of the folks in these films might be headed for trouble...

*Father Goose* (1964) Cary Grant, Leslie Caron

*Harvey* (1950) James Stewart

*Arthur* (1981), Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli

*Blotto* (1930), Laurel & Hardy

*Scram* (1932), Laurel & Hardy


...and did Nick and Nora EVER put away the martini shaker?


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Hi Bayou, welcome to the boards. Both *DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES* and *THE LOST WEEKEND* have run on TCM, but not recently so it's possible they no longer have the rights to them. *MY NAME IS BILL W. is a made-for-tv movie and TCM doesn't show tv movies, only theatricals.


One that's very overlooked and seldom shown anywhere is the 1951 *COME FILL THE CUP* starring James Cagney, Raymond Massey and James Gleason. Cagney does a fine job as an alchoholic newspaperman who finally ends up in the gutter and has to struggle to recover. Gleason is also very good as his AA sponsor. I haven't seen it in about thirty years and would be glad if it showed up sometime.

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Another good film that deals with true alcoholism is TOO MUCH TOO SOON...the sad story of John Barrymore's daughter Diana, who died of Alcholic poisoning while still in her thrities. It was made in 1958 and starred Dorothy Malone and Errol Flynn playing Barrymore.

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Glad I could help. I don't know if you're into buying DVDs. All three are available from amazon.com and I assume you can also get them from TCM's shopping partner Movies Unlimited.

(just click on shopping at the top of this page and search the titles)

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*Come Back, Little Sheba* is a great example. Shirley Booth is phenomenal in that movie.


A couple of years ago S. Epatha Merkerson (who you know best as the Lieutenant on the TV show *Law and Order* ) did *Sheba* on Broadway, and gave one of the best performances we've seen on B'way in quite a while. She's likable in that TV role, but WOW, is she a good actress when she gets the material to work with.


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Here are two more for the fire:


The Small Back Room (1949)


Details the professional and personal travails of a troubled, alcoholic research scientist and military bomb-disposal expert.


The Struggle (1931)


D.W. Griffith's last film, he tells the story of a hard-working American everyman who falls victim to the debilitating affliction of alcoholism.

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ChipHeartsMovies: "And over in TV Land, even as a child I felt that Darrin and Samantha on Bewitched started their martinis the minute he walked in the door in countless episodes."


Ha!! How attentive could Darrin be with Samantha after a coupla martinis. I thought he looked kind of dopey. ;-)

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> {quote:title=Kid_Dabb wrote:}{quote}

> The Small Back Room (1949)


> Details the professional and personal travails of a troubled, alcoholic research scientist and military bomb-disposal expert.



Good one, Kid!! *The Small Back Room* is one of the best Powell & Pressburger movies out there. It's also been recently released on a Criterion DVD.


A good alcoholism movie that has yet to be released on DVD in the U.S. is Luis Bu?uel's *El Gran Calavera* (1949):




It's a great movie, but it's only available as a Mexican import (without subtitles)

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*_Days of Wine and Roses_ (1962)* - Directed by Blake Edwards., Stars Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick... I love this film!


*_Barfly_ (1987)* - Thank God this finally came to DVD. I loed it intheaters, still good today. Great performances from Mickey Rourke & Faye Dunaway!


*_Ironweed_ (1987)* - Jack Nicholson & Meryl Streep drunks set in the waning years of the Depression. Stark..bleak...WOW!

Directed by Hector Babenco following his enormous success with _Kiss of the Spider Woman_ , _Ironweed_ netted Oscar nominations for Nicholson and Streep.



*_I also like_:*



*_Arthur_ (1981)* - Dudley Moore rocks!! Skip Part 2!



*_The Country Girl_ (1954)* - A director (William Holden) hires an alcoholic has-been and strikes up a stormy relationship with his wife.. Grace Kelly walked away W./an Oscar.



*_Clean and Sober_ (1988)* - Michael Keaton should have gotten an Oscar Nod for Best Actor for hs role!


*_Valley of the Dolls_. (1967)* - Booze and pills!!



*_Leaving Las Vegas_ (1995)* - Nicolas Cage & Elisabeth Shue mix alcoholic's & prostitute's inthe "ONLY" film that showed this two could act!



*_I'll Cry Tomorrow_ (1955)* - Susan Hayward in the biographical film that tells the story of Lillian Roth, who battled alcoholism as she worked her way to Broadway stardom.



*_Drunks_ (1995)* - Faye Dunaway, Spalding Gray, Amanda Plummer, Diane Wiest....The cast alone is the reason to see this film! Great acting!



*_Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?_ (1966)* - Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton make booze and fighting look good!!! Real good! Sandy Dennis is nuts!



*_Under the Volcano_ (1984)* - I have caught this on Encore several times over the past year! Albert Finney?s is alcoholic Geoffrey Firmina in a story set against the background of a war breaking out in Europe, and the Mexican fiesta Day of Death.

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