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Glitch? Phone Call from a Stranger

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We were watching Phone Call from a Stranger last night - we have Direct TV. The movie had already started and we had set the recorder so we were watching from the DVR while the film was playing on the TCM channel (I hope this makes sense.)  About 90 minutes into the film it just froze... we then went to the TCM channel thinking we could just continue watching but the screen just went black. Back to the DVR where it was just frozen. We could rewind a few minutes but as soon as it got to that spot on the film it froze. Any idea what happened there? Was a good movie and it is not on TCM Watch that I can find. Thanks

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I would say seek it out, if you can, dfishgrl. Bette Davis' appearance in the film brings it to a new level (imagine that!) I was actually bored with the film the first half-hour, but glad I stuck with it.

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6 hours ago, cmovieviewer said:

There seems to be a pretty good version of the movie on YouTube - sounds like you just missed the last 5 minutes or so:


(Since TCM doesn't have it available, I hope they don't mind this reference.)

I watched this movie on YouTube two or three years ago. The link above may be the same one I used. I would recommend watching it there!

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The freezing problem is an issue with transmitted digital media.  It doesn't happen to everyone all at once, or else you would see more reports on the same issue.  With satellite, it might be an intermittent weather condition.  Not directly overhead either.  That is one of the reasons I left Cable and went to Directv a few years ago.  Overall our cable was quite bad in our area and this was a frequent occurrence, and in my case the Directv has been much better.

There is another issue, involved in digital media, where you get dropped video frames or dropped audio frames.  This is simply due to interferences and intermittent issues.  Since the audio and video elements of digital media arrive at different times on different frames, if any bit of it gets dropped or doesn't make it to you, then it will most likely cause it to go out of synch.  This can also sometime be an issue with DVRs, when hard drives begin to wear out.

The quality of Cable varies rather wildly, based on how busy the use is for a particular area. (It doesn't actually broadcast like analog cable, broadcast TV, or satellite - it has to send an individual signal to each customer - just like streaming Internet video, so when you get more viewers it gets more congested).   Directv, on the other hand, can sometimes have issues but for usually for different reasons.

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