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James FitzPatrick TravelTalks shorts


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There is a thread on the James A. FitzPatrick TravelTalks series of shorts over on the Information, Please! forum.

I just posted a detailed summary of FitzPatrick's post-1930 film production, so if anyone is interested, here is where to find it:




Also some posts have been added discussing the Fox Magic Carpet of Movietone series.



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The link in my older post doesn't seem to work any more, so here's what I wrote about James FitzPatrick:

James A. FitzPatrick (1894-1980) started his series of one-reel travel shorts in 1930 and released them independently. He also produced other film shorts series, such as the "Movie Horoscope" series, "American Holiday" series, and "Music Master Series". He even got into feature film distribution in 1930 with his American release of the 1928 British silent movie "The Lady of the Lake", with sound effects added.

The "Movie Horoscope" shorts were one-reelers entitled "People Born in January" through
"People Born in December". Twelve were produced, one for each month, and released each month in 1930.

The "American Holiday" series consisted of ten shorts, each only three minutes long, focusing on a certain holiday. Each was released in time for the corresponding holiday, commencing in September 1930 for Labor Day, and covering ten holidays through Independence Day 1931.

The ''Music Master Series" was a series of 9 one-reel shorts featuring orchestral renditions of works by composers Bizet, Brahms, Liszt, Handel, Chopin, Beethoven, Strauss, Verdi, and Mendelssohn. They were released between September and December 1930.

In 1931 FitzPatrick started releasing his TravelTalk shorts through MGM. He discontinued those other three series (after all, he had pretty much run out of material, unless he wanted to cover more composers). He continued to release his Technicolor TravelTalks shorts through MGM at the rate of at least eight a year through 1951. Then for some reason MGM started calling the series "People on Parade". That lasted only a year, and so in 1952 it was back to the name "TravelTalks". Then, on February 12, 1954 MGM finally released the final entry in the long-running series, "Glimpses of Western Germany". The studio reissued six older entries over the next year, then finally retired the series.

FitzPatrick did other film work before the TravelTalks series, and occasionally during its run, but this basically covers his work on that series
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Just wanted to thank TCM for a job well done in presenting the upcoming Land of Orizaba, which I hadn't seen on TCM in years, but also for recently airing Calling on Michigan, which I'd never seen at all.


I'm a big fan of FitzPatrick TravelTalks, and it's great when "new" ones get aired. So, kudos to the shorts programmer at TCM, and keep the rareties coming!



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I'm still hoping the TCM elves will dig deep in to their black bag and pull out these never aired, as far as I can tell, titles.


Holland in Tulip Time (1934)

Colorful Guatemala (1935)

Historic Mexico City (1935)

St. Helena and its Man of Destiny (1936)

Chile, Land of Charm (1936)

Jaipur, the Pink City (1938)

Sitka and Juneau, A Tale of Two Cities (1940)

Suva: 'Pride of Fiji" (1940)

Alluring Alaska (1941)

Land of the Quintuplets (1942)




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Great list, heuriger. I'd love to see all of those you listed. I'd previously listed those, and many more, in the "Request a Movie" section of this site. Hopefully, between the two of us, they'll show more of the underplayed ones. It looks like they're already beginning to.

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Just want to again offer kudos to the shorts programmer for the upcoming Traveltalks:


Beautiful Brazil (1951)

Ontario: Land of Lakes (1949)

West Point on the Hudson (1942)

Calling on Costa Rica (1947)


I haven't seen Ontario and Costa Rica listed before and haven't seen West Point listed in ages. Thanks again!

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The TCM programming elves should consider running a few Traveltalks which haven't seen the light of day nigh on several years.


Glimpses of Austria (1938) last aired in 2009

Cradle of a Nation (1947) last aired Fourth of July 2008.

Glimpses of Mexico (1940) last aired 2009

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After well over a month with no Traveltalks, TCM is finally getting back on board -- with a "new" one, no less -- on Wednesday 3/12 at 3:30am with *Pastoral Panoramas (1950)* -- *but only if you live in Canada!*


As someone who repeatedly asks for new Traveltalks to be shown, this is pretty tough to take. I sure hope they find a way to air it here in the States.


What do you say, TCM?

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And the Traveltalk gods have smiled upon us.


Kudos to the TCM shorts programmer for scheduling *Pastoral Panoramas (1950)* ! It'll be on here in the U.S. on Sun. 3/16 at 1:45 pm.


For fans who may not have seen them, TCM will also be airing Quebec in Summertime and Springtime in the Netherlands this week.


It's a good week for Traveltalk fans. Let's hope some more underaired/unaired ones are on the way.


Thanks again, TCM!

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Gotta say, the TCM shorts programmer is doing right by us FitzPatrick Fanatics. After treating us to Ireland, the Emerald Isle (which I'd never seen listed before) and Roaming through Northern Ireland on St. Patrick's Day, today I see they've scheduled Visiting St. Louis this coming Wednesday (3/26) -- right after Meet Me in St. Louis .


I'm especially pleased by this, because last time Visiting St. Louis was aired, dvr problems kept me from seeing it. So thanks again to TCM. Keep up the good work. Just don't forget those rare and underplayed Vitaphone musical/comedies and Charley Chase shorts.

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Yellowstone Park aired on March 30, 2014.

Features music by Gene Quaw who is incorrectly listed as Gene Shaw.

Quaw composed 'Yellowstone" and he and his orchestra played it nightly during the summer seasons from early 1930s until the Park closed for World War Two.

This apparently was the first air date of the short and it would be very nice to somehow obtain a copy for Yellowstone Park Archives.

Did anyone Tivo the short?

John Landrigan

Germantown TN


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More good news for Traveltalk fans!


Upcoming shorts are:


The Mission Trail (1946) at 12:04pm on 4/22

Historic Mexico City (1935) at 4:51pm also on 4/22

Natural Wonders of Washington State (1939) at 7:50pm also on 4/22


The Mission Trail is a very nice entry on the California missions, not shown in a while, and I've never seen the other two listed before.


Needless to say, this is a terrific lineup. The two "new" ones are especially exciting. Thanks again to the TCM shorts programmer.

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Below is a list of Traveltalks I have compiled.  The first group are titles I've seen listed in filmographies but have not seen aired on TCM.  Following that are all the titles that I have recorded.


If anyone has any verified titles that are not on the list please let us know!






Traveltalks I have not seen aired on TCM:


Traveltalks - Alluring Alaska (1941)  
Traveltalks - Beautiful Banff and Lake Louise (1946)
Traveltalks - Chile, Land of Charm (1937)
Traveltalks - Colorful Guatemala (1935)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Mexico (1940)
Traveltalks - Holland in Tulip Time (1934)
Traveltalks - Land of the Incas (1937)
Traveltalks - Land of the Quintuplets (1942)
Traveltalks - Night In Mexico City (1944)
Traveltalks - Sitka and Juneau - A Tale of Two Cities (1940)
Traveltalks - St Helena and its Man of Destiny (1936)
Traveltalks - Suva, Pride of Fiji (1940)



Titles I have seen aired:


People On Parade - Egypt Speaks (1951)

People On Parade - Voices Of Venice (1951)
Traveltalks - Along the Cactus Trail (1944)
Traveltalks - Ancient Egypt (1938)
Traveltalks - Ancient India (1952)
Traveltalks - Around the World in California (1947)
Traveltalks - Beautiful Bali (1940)
Traveltalks - Beautiful Bavaria (1953)
Traveltalks - Beautiful Brazil (1951)
Traveltalks - Beautiful Budapest (1938)
Traveltalks - Cairo - City Of Contrast (1938)
Traveltalks - Calling On Cape Town (1952)
Traveltalks - Calling on Colombia (1940)
Traveltalks - Calling On Costa Rica (1936)
Traveltalks - Calling on Michigan (1949)
Traveltalks - Cape Breton Island (1948)
Traveltalks - Capital City, The - Washington, DC (1940)
Traveltalks - Cavalcade of San Francisco (1940)
Traveltalks - Charming Ceylon (1930)
Traveltalks - Cherry Blossom Time in Japan (1936)
Traveltalks - Chicago The Beautiful (1948)
Traveltalks - City Of Brigham Young (1944)
Traveltalks - Colorful Bombay (1937)
Traveltalks - Colorful Colorado (1944)
Traveltalks - Colorful Curacao (1939)
Traveltalks - Colorful Holland (1950)
Traveltalks - Colorful Islands - Madagascar - Seychelles (1936)
Traveltalks - Colorful North Carolina (1944)
Traveltalks - Colorful Ports of Call (1934)
Traveltalks - Copenhagen (1937)
Traveltalks - Copenhagen, City of Towers (1953)

Traveltalks - Cradle of a Nation (1947)
Traveltalks - Czechoslovakia on Parade (1938)
Traveltalks - Day in Death Valley, A (1944)
Traveltalks - Day in Venice, A (1933)
Traveltalks - Delightful Denmark (1953)
Traveltalks - Dutch Guiana - Land of the Djuka (1933)
Traveltalks - Exotic Mexico (1942)
Traveltalks - Floral Japan (1937)
Traveltalks - From Liverpool To Stratford (1946)
Traveltalks - George Town (1941)
Traveltalks - Glacier Park and Waterton Lakes (1942)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Argentina (1938)
Traveltalks - Glimpses Of Australia (1939)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Austria (1938)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of California (1946)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Erin (1934)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Florida (1941)

Traveltalks - Glimpses Of Guatemala (1946)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Java and Ceylon (1937)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Kentucky (1940)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Morocco and Algiers (1951)
Traveltalks - Glimpses Of New Brunswick (1938)
Traveltalks - Glimpses Of New Scotland (1947)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Old England (1949)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Ontario (1942)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Washington State (1941)
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Western Germany (1954)
Traveltalks - Grand Canyon, Pride of Creation (1943)
Traveltalks - Haiti - Land Of Dark Majesty (1941)
Traveltalks - Historic Maryland (1941)
Traveltalks - Historic Mexico City (1935)
Traveltalks - Hong Kong (1937)
Traveltalks - Honolulu - The Paradise of the Pacific (1935)
Traveltalks - Imperial City, The (1930)

Traveltalks - Imperial Delhi (1939)
Traveltalks - In The Land Of Diamonds (1952)
Traveltalks - In the Valley of the Rhine (1953)
Traveltalks - In Old Amsterdam (1949)
Traveltalks - India On Parade (1937)
Traveltalks - Inside Passage, The (1941)
Traveltalks - Ireland - The Emerald Isle (1934)
Traveltalks - Jaipur, the Pink City (1938)
Traveltalks - Japan in Cherry Blossom Time (1930)
Traveltalks - Jasper National Park (1952)

Traveltalks - Java Journey (1939)
Traveltalks - Johannesburg - City Of Gold (1953)
Traveltalks - Land of Alaska Nellie (1936)
Traveltalks - Land Of Auld Lang Syne, The (1950)
Traveltalks - Land of Orizaba (1943)
Traveltalks - Land of the Mayas (1946)
Traveltalks - Land of the Taj Mahal (1952)
Traveltalks - Land of the Ugly Duckling (1953)
Traveltalks - Land of the Zuider Zee (1951)
Traveltalks - Land Of Tradition (1950)
Traveltalks - Life In The Andes (1952)
Traveltalks - Life on the Thames (1950)
Traveltalks - Looking at Lisbon (1953)
Traveltalks - Looking At London (1946)
Traveltalks - Looking At London (1946) - RR
Traveltalks - Los Angeles - Wonder City of the West (1935)
Traveltalks - Mackinac Island (1944)
Traveltalks - Madagascar and Seychelles (1935)
Traveltalks - Madeira - A Garden in the Sea (1933)
Traveltalks - Madeira - Isle of Romance (1938)
Traveltalks - Mediterranean Ports Of Call (1941)
Traveltalks - Merida and Campeche (1945)
Traveltalks - Mexican Police on Parade (1943)
Traveltalks - Mighty Manhattan (1949)
Traveltalks - Mighty Niagara (1943)
Traveltalks - Minnesota - 'Land of Plenty' (1942)
Traveltalks - Mission Trail, The (1946)
Traveltalks - Modern Guatemala City (1945)
Traveltalks - Modern Mexico City (1942)
Traveltalks - Modern New Orleans (1940)
Traveltalks - Modern Tokyo (1935)
Traveltalks - Monumental Utah (1944)
Traveltalks - Motoring in Mexico (1943)
Traveltalks - Natural Wonders of the Washington (1939)
Traveltalks - Natural Wonders of the West (1938)
Traveltalks - Night Life in Chicago (1948)
Traveltalks - Norway - Land of the Midnight Sun (1933)
Traveltalks - Old Natchez on the Mississippi (1939)
Traveltalks - Old New Mexico (1940)
Traveltalks - Old New Orleans (1940)
Traveltalks - On the Road to Monterrey (1943)

Traveltalks - On the Shores of Nova Scotia (1947)
Traveltalks - Ontario - Land of Lakes (1949)
Traveltalks - Oriental Paradise (1936)
Traveltalks - Over The Andes (1944)
Traveltalks - Over The Seas To Belfast (1946)
Traveltalks - Paris on Parade (1938)
Traveltalks - Pastoral Panoramas (1938)
Traveltalks - Pastoral Panoramas (1950)
Traveltalks - Picturesque Massachusetts (1942)
Traveltalks - Picturesque New Zealand (1952)
Traveltalks - Picturesque Patzcuaro (1942)
Traveltalks - Picturesque South Africa (1936)

Traveltalks - Picturesque Udaipur (1939)
Traveltalks - Playlands of Michigan (1949)
Traveltalks - Pretoria to Durban (1952)
Traveltalks - Quaint Quebec (1936)
Traveltalks - Quaint St Augustine (1939)
Traveltalks - Quebec In Summertime (1949)
Traveltalks - Rainbow Canyons (1935)
Traveltalks - Red Men On Parade (1941)
Traveltalks - Rio de Janeiro - City of Splendour (1936)
Traveltalks - Roaming Through Arizona (1944)
Traveltalks - Roaming Through Michigan (1950)
Traveltalks - Roaming Through Northern Ireland (1949)
Traveltalks - Rocky Mountain Grandeur (1937)
Traveltalks - Romantic Argentina (1932)
Traveltalks - Romantic Nevada (1943)
Traveltalks - Romantic Riviera (1953)
Traveltalks - Rural Hungary (1939)

Traveltalks - Rural Mexico (1935)
Traveltalks - Rural Sweden (1938)

Traveltalks - Sacred City of the Mayan Indians (1936)

Traveltalks - Salt Lake Diversions (1943)
Traveltalks - Scenic Grandeur (1941)
Traveltalks - Scenic Oregon (1943)
Traveltalks - Scholastic England (1948)
Traveltalks - Seattle - Gateway to the Northwest (1940)
Traveltalks - Seeing Ceylon (1953)
Traveltalks - Seeing El Salvador (1945)
Traveltalks - Seeing Spain (1953)
Traveltalks - Serene Siam (1937)
Traveltalks - Shrines of Yucatan (1945)
Traveltalks - Siam to Korea (1931)
Traveltalks - Singapore and Jahore (1937)
Traveltalks - Springtime In the Netherlands (1950)
Traveltalks - Stockholm - Pride Of Sweden (1937)
Traveltalks - Switzerland The Beautiful (1934)

Traveltalks - Sydney - Pride Of Australia (1938)
Traveltalks - Through the Colorado Rockies (1943)
Traveltalks - To the Coast of Devon (1950)
Traveltalks - Touring Northern England (1950)
Traveltalks - Treasure Island, A Day On (1939)
Traveltalks - Treasure Island, Night Descends On (1939)
Traveltalks - Valiant Venezuela (1939)
Traveltalks - Victoria and Vancouver - Gateways to Canada (1936)
Traveltalks - Visiting Italy (1951)
Traveltalks - Visiting St Louis (1945)
Traveltalks - Visiting Vera Cruz (1946)
Traveltalks - Visiting Virginia (1947)
Traveltalks - Wandering Here and There (1944)
Traveltalks - Wandering Through Wales (1948)
Traveltalks - Wee Bit of Scotland, A (1949)
Traveltalks - West Point on the Hudson (1942)
Traveltalks - Where Time Stands Still (1945)
Traveltalks - Word For The Greeks, A (1951)
Traveltalks - Yellowstone Park - Nature's Playground (1936)
Traveltalks - Yosemite The Magnificent (1941)
Traveltalks - Zeeland - The Hidden Paradise (1935)
Traveltalks - Zion, Canyon Of Color (1934)





01) People On Parade series are under the FitzPatrick banner.


02) 11 titles are from a Kino VHS tape that had some early titles.  All episodes are in Black and White.


Traveltalks - Charming Ceylon (1930) - VHS
Traveltalks - Colorful Ports of Call (1934) - VHS
Traveltalks - Day in Venice, A (1933) - VHS
Traveltalks - Dutch Guiana - Land of the Djuka (1933) - VHS
Traveltalks - Glimpses of Erin (1934) - VHS
Traveltalks - Imperial City, The (1930) - VHS
Traveltalks - Japan in Cherry Blossom Time (1930) - VHS
Traveltalks - Madeira - A Garden in the Sea (1933) - VHS
Traveltalks - Norway - Land of the Midnight Sun (1933) - VHS  
Traveltalks - Romantic Argentina (1932) - VHS
Traveltalks - Siam to Korea (1931) - VHS


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Great list. A few here are probably copying it for their own personal references.


Holland in Tulip Time and Land of the Quintuplets were popular titles in the earlier years of TCM. I recall watching the former on youtube until it was yanked. Slightly boring film, but historically valuable as his first in Technicolor. Alluring Alaska was voted by BoxOffice magazine as their "short of the week" back in 1941. Isn't that enough for TCM to dust it off again?


I'm assuming you've already proofed the ol' "For FitzPatrick Fanatics: A Quickie A to L Traveltalk Checklist" and its follow-up on M-Z that I started and at least six others made corrections to... since I made enough of the usual oopsies in my research... AND new titles were rediscovered that I missed. That is the wonderful thing about FitzPatrick Fanatics. They are a very dedicated group, making sure Jimmy is not forgotten for all of his Technicolor treasures.


I have that Kino VHS floating around somewhere. Pity Kino didn't make a DVD version. Probably not enough interest in black and white travelogues... a key reason so few are seen today. (Remember Columbia, Paramount, Fox with its "Magic Carpet", Educational Pictures, Van Beuren-RKO and Warner all made them too. Covered E. M. Newman on wikipedia recently and I seriously doubt there is a mad rush of readers eagerly looking it over and making corrections and additions I missed since this topic doesn't "wow" the masses. Then again, I already added all of his missing stuff to the imdb.com site two or three years ago.)


Paramount needs to be pressured to un-vault his "VistaVision Visits" of 1954-55. There were others contributing to these besides him (i.e. you would have to dig up my old Paramount shortie blogs on the Classic Film Union). I forget... wasn't his VvV to Norway shown with White Christmas? Not that the modern day executives had any desire to package it with the DVD of that film.

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For those willing to get up early on Saturday (the 10th)... added these to a blog on the other forum. Hopefully somebody here will correct me if the times are changed on the schedule. ;)


1:32 AM: Paris On Parade (July 9, 1938): The great Jack Cardiff shot just one Traveltalk before producing a series of “World Windows” in the UK (covering Italy and India); this covering the Paris International Exposition of 1937 and its spectacular nighttime light displays. Yeah, this one gets shown quite a bit.

3:33 AM: See Holland Before It Gets Too Big ... not a Traveltalk, but they need to show more Warner Bros. ones. (Plenty of travelogues in their archives spanning the years 1930 through 1970.) This one was co-produced with the Netherlands National Tourist Office and directed by Norman Weissman. An April 5, 1969 release, probably shown with The Illustrated Man. It has an interesting take on the landscape, with a sketch artist doodling as he visits. Robert Klinkert photographed this with groovy music by Dan Barrie.

5:35 AM: Glimpses Of Java And Ceylon (March 6, 1937)... shown before, but not in a long while. The Asian trips of the '30s are among the better titles.

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Chile, Land of Charm (1937)  to air on Monday, May 12 at 1:40 PM. 


The TCM shorts programmer is doing a remarkable job with the rarely played Traveltalks (and that's even counting Paris on Parade being played for the umpteenth time). I hope everyone was able to catch (or at least record) Glimpses of Java and Ceylon, which played early this morning.


Now we can only hope that TCM will turn its attention (temporarily) back to Wash Your Step (which played in Canada about a week ago) and other underplayed Hal Le Roy shorts. That would be fantastic.

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The TCM shorts programmer is definitely listening to us devoted FitzFanatics because we have two TravelTalks making their alleged TCM debut this week. I say alleged because I'm not certain if they ever have been shown before.  Thank you TCM.  Thanks also to Yancey for his list from which these titles were taken. :)





Wednesday, May 21, 10:05 AM ET        Suva "Pride of Fiji" (1940)      9 mins



Friday,  May 23, 5:52 AM ET                 St. Helena and Its "Man of Destiny" (1936)   8 mins   

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