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which actor would you most like to see win an oscar in the near future?

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if there are any actors you like that wer enot nominated or did not win an oscar this year, which one would you most like to see win an oscar?


for me, now that kate winslet has won an oscar, the next one i'd most like to see win one is keira knightly, who has only been nominated once so far. if she gives a good performanc3 in some movie in the next year or so, i hope she gets nomianted.

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> {quote:title=joefilmone wrote:}{quote}

> Tom Hanks has won two best actor Oscars- "Philadelphia" (1993), "Forrest Gump" (1994)



Hi Joe. Yes, I know TH has won twice, but the question was who didn't win this year. lol I like TH's body of work. He has that old Hollywood flair. He can do comedy as well as drama, and if he does another pic this year I wouldn't mind him winning another award next year. :-)


I know so few of the new kids on the Hollywood block it's not funny! If I had my druthers, I'd like to see Spencer Tracy win one and be there to pick it up himself. :-)

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Film Fatale wrote:

<< He did win an Oscar for Unforgiven >


*Great* I didn't know that. Hollywood got something right for a change. After a few post last night, I was really getting worried about the value of the Oscar.


Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington did performed equally well in "Crimson Tide". Ever wondered did such a scenerio actually took placed during the Cold War?

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I'd like to see Robert Duvall win Oscar in the near future. I know he's already won for *Tender Mercies* (1983-?), but he also should have won for *The Apostle* (1997-?). His performance in *The Apostle* is fabulous! I think he was so cheated out of an Oscar for that movie and should win for something else in the future to make up for it. He deserves it.

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> {quote:title=scsu1975 wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote}

> > Greta Garbo in "CAMILLE." A wonderful performance.


> And Robert Taylor could present the award to her.


that would be quite a ceremony. yes, we're probalby DYING to see that. ;)


obviously i had meant actors who are still alive and working. but ifyou want to make it about who you think should have won an oscar when they were still here, go ahead.

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