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Devil & Daniel Webster - Title Tangle

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This isn't intended as final but merely a starting point for corrections:


The film is shot under the title *The Devil And Daniel Webster*.


It is previewed (July 1941) as *Here Is A Man*


It goes into general release (October 1941) as *All That Money Can Buy*


At some point (1952?) it is reissued as *Daniel And The Devil*


After that it's anybody's guess. If you were lucky enough to find a print, it might have any of these titles on it.


From the TCM article on the film:


RKO had fits over the title of their film. At the time, the word ?Devil? was avoided because of concerns that exhibitors in the Deep South (i.e. the Bible Belt) would not put the word up on the marquee of their theater.


This explanation does not entirely ring true. Why did RKO release a film that year called *The Devil And Miss Jones* ? Robert Osborne claimed the title of *D&DW* was changed to avoid confusion with this film, but that's not totally convincing either. Until proven wrong I still say the title change was due to studio fears audiences would not know who Daniel Webster was.


According to TCM, other titles considered were *Temptation*, *It Can Happen to You*, and *A Certain Mr. Scratch*.

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