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Favorite Twisted Plot

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What movie did you see that you thought you had figured out but by the time the credits were rolling you realized you were duped!


Alfred Hitchcock is the king of this devise. (Take Vertigo or Suspicion.) I can also think of some recent films, Fight Club and The Usual Suspects. Can you think of some more?

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Great topic phllygrl!

Without giving too much away and spoiling endings for anyone, I'd say that plot twists inspire two reactions in me: awed satisfaction or miffed annoyance.


Two of director Fritz Lang's movies fit the bill:


Woman in the Window(1945)-annoyance, despite the fact that it's a great movie with wonderful performances by one and all, especially Edward G. Robinson!

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt(1956)-satisfaction, and quite unexpectedly.



And Then There Were None(1945)-satisfaction, and one of the most entertaining puzzle movies of all time.

Planet of the Apes(1968)-satisfaction, at least as a kid. I don't know what an adult's initial response might be, upon the revelation.

Chinatown(1974)-satisfaction and quite unsettling.

The Devil's Advocate(1997)-annoyance, with Al Pacino really chewing up the scenery.

The Sixth Sense(2000)-satisfaction, and a desire to see the movie again.


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I just watched The Bad Seed and was a little miffed with the ending. Although I understood why the director had to end it the way he did.


For more recent... I kind of liked the plot twist in The Others.

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Well, if I could ever figure out what that huge smile on "Noodle's" face in the opium den (it was a flashback) was about at the end of the Director's cut of "Once Upon A Time In America", then I'd be able to say that the plot that led into this scene must have been my favorite twisted plot! I don't think I'll ever know for sure! ;)ML

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Moira re: "Planet of the Apes": I think that after John Glenn came back from his space shuttle trip a coupla years back, I think that the ground crew and mission control personnel should all have been wearing ape masks.

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sandy K. the primal fear ending surprised me too i was eating my milk duds at the time i almost couldn't swallow

them at the time coughing & coughing serves me right

thinking i had the movie all figured out go figure!.....




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Another movie that the ending totally floored me was

the movie "The Life of David Gale" with Kevin Spacey

and Laura Linney. They both gave incredible performances!

I had to buy the DVD and watch it again along with my sister for the second time cause we could'nt believe

the ending we were so sure we had the ending of the movie figured out!....p.s. we almost didn't stay for the ending my sister said i know how it ends let's go boy!...

You could've hit us with a rock or feather when we were

shocked by the ending btw glad we stayed for the movies ending !....YOU GOTTA SEE THIS MOVIE ANYWAY THAT YOU CAN

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To Live And Die In L.A.---the hero pursues a monster, becomes a monster himself, and suddenly is killed at the start of the third act!! It's probably one reason the film did no business, but I can't recall another film where the hero dies so unexpectedly in the middle of the action. And so all of a sudden there's a whole new protagonist.....very memorable.

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These three have already been listed but they had suckered the first time I saw them.

The Sixth Sense

The Sting

The Usual Suspects



I just watched Primal Fear this weekend because it was mentioned on this thread. Good film but I expected a different twist at the end. I figured that he was faking it in the scene when the battery was going down on the camera (though I thought Aaron was faking Roy not visa versa). The look on his face when he heard the the beeping sound and the start of his head rubbing gave him away. I thought that the twist was going to be that he was on MaHoney's payroll and MaHoney was calling the shots.


Help please: I must have missed this but why did Roy do it? If he was Roy faking Aaron- what was Roy's motive? The movie up until the end, gave Aaron the reason to get back at the guy.

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GWTWbooklover, please honor our "spoiler" notification rule if you wish to give away the ending of a movie, and would it be possible for you to type your messages in lower-case and use punctuation? They would be so much easier for us to read and comprehend. Thanks! ML

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