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Tribute to the Korda Bros. - "Knight Without Armor" premieres tonight

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One of the most fascinating themes TCM has presented in a while is this retrospective of the movies by the Korda Bros., presented each Thursday in March.


It includes a total of 21 movies:


* Marius - 3/5

* Reserved for Ladies - 3/5

* Wedding Rehearsal - 3/5

* The Private Life of Henry VIII - 3/5

* Richard III - 3/5

* Rembrandt - 3/12

* That Hamilton Woman - 3/12

* Vacation from Marriage - 3/12

* The Third Man - 3/12

* Fire Over England - 3/12

* Drums - 3/19

* The Jungle Book - 3/19

* The Four Feathers (1939) - 3/19

* Cry, the Beloved Country (1951) - 3/19

* Sahara - 3/19

* Storm Over the Nile - 3/19

* The Scarlet Pimpernal (1935) - 3/26

* Things to Come - 3/26

* Knight Without Armour - 3/26

* The Thief of Bagdad (1940) - 3/26

* Anna Karenina (1947) - 3/26


Many have played on TCM before, but some are, I believe, TCM premieres.



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> {quote:title=casablancalover wrote:}{quote}

> All good, but nothing to me beats *The Four Feathers* in story and visual scope. The photography is so advanced, imho, that Hollywood didn't come within color shot until the fifties...


It was definitely a better movie than the sequel, that's for sure. ;)

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> {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}

> This is a theme I have been waiting awhile for as I enjoyed so many of the Korda films on TV when I was young. It's probably been about 30-40 years since I have seen Knight Without Armour.


I'm not sure that I've ever seen "Knight Without Armor", but I certainly look forward to it.


As for this Thursday's Korda movies, I don't believe any of them are premieres, in fact I think they've all been shown recently. But hopefully anyone who hasn't had a chance to watch them will enjoy some of them.

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*"As for this Thursday's Korda movies, I don't believe any of them are premieres..."* - Zoetrope


You're correct about this week's line-up. None are new to TCM.


During the month, these are the films in the Korda Festival listed as "premieres" in the current "Now Playing" guide -


*Marius* (1931)

*Reserved For Ladies* (1932)

*Wedding Rehearsal* (1932)

*Cry, The Beloved Country* (1952)

*Storm Over The Nile* (1955)

*Knight Without Armour* (1937)


Kyle In Hollywood

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> {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}

> Something worth noting is that "Knight Without Armour" was Miklos Rozsa's first film score.


Well, one thing is for sure: I am going to enjoy listening to this movie, as well as watching it. ;)




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I am so glad I have had a chance to see "Knight Without Armour" after so many, many years.


One thing I admired was the great economies in the storytelling. For example, Donat is sitting at the table in the tavern, carefully slipping the piece of paper to himself that will make it look like he is commander of the prisons and, witin seconds, in the next scene he is walking out with Dietrich, both in disguise. In modern day movies, that would have taken an hour to set up and tell.


Same with him hiding her in the woods, then coming back for her in the next scene. Today, it would have been milked for every possible moment. We've gotten so realistic nowadays that we have to show everything every step of the way. I like the way back then they knew an audience was intelligent enough to fill in the gaps on their own. .


Thanks, TCM, for playing this wonderful movie.

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