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[b]The TCM 15th Anniversary Guest Programmers Thread[/b]

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Maybe, maybe not. There were four fan testimonials shot. But, LOL, I keep thinking, "Do they really need to run shorts and trailers...just go right for our testimonials!" Not that I am impatiient, mind you.


It's very exciting and I think they are extremely well done. I am still nervous about mine.


And we are now less than two weeks and two days until the fan programmer mvies start.

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Hello Everyone.


I was supposed to go to a birthday party today at a bowling alley here in NYC, (Bowlmor) but it got cancelled (the party, not the birthday). So I decided to stay home to edit a project I'm working on. After "Houdini" ended (6:00pm-8:00pm) I put a videotape into the ol' VCR and started recording in case I saw some more promos for our upcoming event.




There I was in that Atlanta park (about 9:30 in the morning having arrived at the set about 7:00am). There I was giving my testimonial about my love for films.


Guys, I am a wreck right about now. As I watched myself, I held my breath...I watched and remembered that day, that morning. And as I remembered the past, I watched the present. I watched as a filmmaker. I watched how it was edited...the music...my words (edited) the movies on that blank green screen they magically turned into clips.


When I grow up, I want to work for Turner Classic Movies. To the producer (Tim): you did an absolutely fantastic job. I can't thank you enough. But I'll try.


My good luck was to be videotaping tonite. I will put it on a DVD to hold onto and send to my friends and family who don?t watch TCM as intently as I do. Yes, I had tears in my eyes. Yes, I was overwhelmed...felt very emotional; I am so grateful to have had this experience. This is so fantastic that I don't know how to express it. I thank those of you out there who?ve sent sincere good wishes.


But in case some of you think, I think this is all about me...you?d be dead wrong. Becuz part of the beauty of this is sharing it with some grand folks who were selected for this.


We've got about two more weeks before we're ALL seen on TCM. We've got about two more weeks before everyone sees US. We?ve got about two more weeks before everyone sees how much we love classic films. WE ALL are going to be sooooooooo awesome and I?m hoping TCM will be proud of us. I plan to tape everyone of your Intros and Outros.


Let's show 'em!!!!!


Message was edited by CineMaven because my kid sister really was a tattle teller and would rat me out all the time.


G-r-r-...little sisters!!

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The Lost & Found Department at TCM in Atlanta will show this Fan Testimonial on request because they still aren't sure if CineMaven ever found her pants, and they will stop at nothing to recover them.


For those of us who live too far from Atlanta to avail ourselves of the Lost & Found, I'm sure TCM will show these interstitials several more times. I'd be willing to bet you a Maria Cooper Janis, a Musso & Frank Grill, and raise you two Jennifer Jason Leigh on Barbara Stanwycks that they will.

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Chip= wallpaper isn't creepy sillygoose. You should see what else I've made at craft time (on scissor, glue and glitter day).


The big button I wear of Cin on my lapel is a hit! Especially now that the entire world has seen her face.



If you were as famous I'd make one of you HEART shaped. Guess we'll have to wait for that to happen. But if you send me a photo, address, phone number, SSN, and bank statement...I'll make a special "honorary" one for you, Mr. Jealous pants

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"Ella" --


No, wallpaper isn't creepy. Your post was creepy.


Anyone who actually knows me knows how laughable your response to me is. Yes, I am Soooo jealous for attention. NOBODY pays attention to me!


Make your heart-shaped button of my face and wear it proudly, if that makes you happy. It shouldn't be hard to figure out who I really am, easy to find a picture of me, so if that gives you a thrill you go for it. Here's a head start: Chip (my real name), loves movies, in New York. Bonus, I live in the East Village. Knock yourself out.


Your post wasn't only creepy, it was sad.


Sad that you are apparently trying to make several of my TCM pals feel uneasy or uncomfortable as they are about to have a moment that means a lot to them, and that all of their friends (including me) are excited to see. Sad that you seem to want to undermine and intimidate them. Dare I say it? Are you just Miss Jealous Pants?


We move from Creepy to Sad to Pathetic.


It's pathetic that you aren't going to be enjoying the Fan Programmers' Moments in the Sun next month, as I will be. Since you are so clearly infatuated with them and their achievements, how sad that you can't ... oh, why am I even trying?


Please feel free to focus your terrifying heart-shaped button-making activities toward me from now on. Ooooh, scary! You're gonna make a heart-shaped button!!! Of ME!!!! WITH MY FACE!!!


I'll be watching my friends on TCM next month tell me about the films they care about, and raising a glass of champagne to each. Feel free to email me updates on your arts & crafts projects.


Silly goose: Begone! You have no power here!


Message was edited by: ChipHeartsMovies

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*The Gathering*


After meeting Mongo and his daughter at the reception area, I walked them over to the lounge area to meet Darcy.


At that point, there were more people in the lounge area and we started to introduce ourselves. I was busy looking around for Kyle and Peter and ended up talking with a couple of delightful people. I suddenly realized that one of them was MissGoddess. We probably made the men around us deaf as we suddenly realized who each other was. We've been John Ford buddies on the board for longer than I can remember and the recognition we both had at the same moment was likely heard in a few counties in Georgia.


We had a great time meeting the other Fan Programmers and their guests. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready to go to the Sunday evening Cocktail Party.


I've written about that but now seeing the long version of the Fan Promo, I remember that I was the first FP approached on the *Essentials* stage to sit in the Red Chair. I barely remember what I said, I made a couple of lame jokes no doubt and waved for the camera.


*Random Thoughts*


For a long time I couldn't remember all the things that Robert O and I talked about in connection with *Yellow Ribbon* but as I drive around the around the City of Angels running errands, I'm remembering more. Which can be a good thing. I hope I sound half as coherent on camera as I do in my memory.


I really enjoyed meeting all the other Fan Programmers and Mr C and I have become good friends with some of them.


I feel very fortunate that Kyle was along for this ride as well. Mr C. getting sick that Monday was totally unexpected for us. As I said, I was recovering from knee surgery and using a cane. Kyle was great. In Mr. C's absence, he kept an eye on me, helped me when I needed a steadying arm or a chair and made a great dinner companion at the Monday evening dinner party.


I still can't believe that Robert O talked to us for so long that evening.


We ended up back at the hotel with Cinemaven and her friend after the dinner party that night. We retired to the bar and talked movies until we closed the bar down in the early morning hours.


It truly was the trip of a lifetime and I'm thrilled to be able to share it with my cyber-friends here at TCM City.

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> It truly was the trip of a lifetime and I'm thrilled to be able to share it with my cyber-friends here at TCM City.


And I'm sure we're all equally thrilled to be reading all of your recollections and those of other TCM fans, you are all terrific TCM fans.

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"We ended up back at the hotel with Cinemaven and her friend after the dinner party that night. We retired to the bar and talked movies until we closed the bar down in the early morning hours." - lzcutter.


Oh yes...I remember that night in the bar. Quiet, calm, dark, warm...the four of us. And with all that happened to me during those whirlwind days (cocktail party, dinner party, photo shoot, location shoot, red leather chair...and don't forget the butler service) your bringing that up gives me a very warm memory because the event was shared; because you reached out. Sorry Mr. C. wasn't there. You know, after such whirlwind rush of events, sitting there talking with you guys was like the movie cliche of smoking a cigarette 'afterward.'


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> {quote:title=patful wrote:}{quote}

> Where's TCMWebAdmin? :-(


TCMWebAdmin is busy racking up views on its "Message Board Anouncements" thread, while adding nothing since March 17. We are expected to use "Ignore" and pretend that all is well. What an outrage. Surely we deserve better. The *transparency* is staggering and alarming. Oh, I forgot, they are also busy cultivating a deleted posts bin.


TCMWebAdmin - please get a clue before you delete this. Respectfully, cinemafan

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CM, if I look at all comfortable, credit the editing, LOL! The editing was absolutely terrific, and I may get used to seeing myself after a little bit. I wonder if they will be running these throughout the month of April.


Tim, if you are reading this, I just want to say, "Thank you!" You were patient and it was a great shoot.


I see, so far, that I was the only one who had the comfort of being inside. : ) CM and Rome had to endure the really cold weather in November. LOL, yet I am the only one who came back with a cold!

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Hi there Spencer,


Read with interest you post about Alternate Oscars. Is this something that you and Mongo are doing on the side in a seperate web posting somewhere, or is it a project that you will be posting as a new thread on the TCM message boards?


If it is alright with you and Mongo, if and when you begin posting, can I participate?


I have been a longtime fan of the Oscars and have often had quite a few discussions (on-line and in person) with friends about films which have been snubbed or overlooked, and also of films that really should not have been nominated in the first place or won.


I am a big fan of author Danny peary who wrote a book called Alternate Oscars. Its a great read.


So, just asking and hoping that you two have something concrete in place or are about to pour someplace here or elsewhere on the web.


Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.




Rey Nowlin

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Hi folks - - I know tonite between 8:00pm - 12:00am some of you will be glued to TCM to watch the lovely and spectacular RITA HAYWORTH spell bind us with her talent and beauty and dancing. But if you get a chance to mosey back over to the Message Board, I have invited my guest (L.W.) to write about what the experience in Atlanta was like for her.


I hope you stop and by and give her a read.


Thanx gang and ;-) put the blame on Mame, boyz! ;-)

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Forgive me for coming so late to this party!

For some unfathomable reason, I overlooked this Thread maybe because I thought it had something to do with the celeb programmers. Well, now I see it does have something to do with celeb programmers, our very own celebrities...

Congratulations to all of you and I'm so looking forward to seeing you. I have googled tcm fan programmers and saw your names but I would love it if you would match your names with your poster names.

Forgive me again if that info is already on this Thread.


Aside to Theresa: I did see your picture on a related website and you are darling.

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