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[b]The TCM 15th Anniversary Guest Programmers Thread[/b]

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Hi actionsgirl,


Glad you decided to stop by the boards! I caught your intro and outro and you certainly know your stuff. I enjoyed hearing your comments on *Singin' in the Rain.* How nice that you and Robert Osborne are close. As you might guess, he is held in high regard around these parts. :) It was obvious that he enjoyed having you there.

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Hi CEBandello,


I caught your introduction and hope to make it to your closing comments. I'm recording it just in case. *Angels With Dirty Faces* is a favorite of mine too. Cagney, O'Brien, Bogart, Sheridan and the Dead End Kids, what's not to love? I had taken Cagney for granted for a long time, but when TCM featured him as "star of the month" back in January '08 that all changed. I was blown away by all those early films like *Blonde Crazy* and *Lady Killer* that I hadn't seen, and I quickly gained a new perspective and stronger appreciation for his work in films like *Mayor of Hell* and *The Crowd Roars* and all the other great films he made.


Nice work there with Robert Osborne as well. You were the first one up at bat eh? Well you looked quite at ease. You did a great job introducing the film!

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You are all too kind. I thank you for your comments and hope I represented ALL TCM fans well. lzcutter......Who Loves Ya Babe! MarianStarrett,.... I have a new friend?. molo14.....It's a pleasure to hear you are a big Jimmy C fan as well. I hope you saw the only film to feature Cagney and Edw. G Robinson together, "Smart Money (1931)". Too bad they didn't get to do any other films together. They were great together. MissGoddess....Frankly my dear, you made me give a damn! You were Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!.........actionsgirl......You know your stuff......GREAT JOB! Next up is my pal, Lynn. Can't wait.

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*Miss Goddess* I just saw you on DVR-delay, home from work. You are great! I admire you and Cinemaven and all the others for getting up there and doing so well. I did not see the film this time but I'm recording, complete with the expert analysis, for my next viewing. So it will be the Miss Goddess (how apt that name is!) copy of GWTW that will be viewed.




PS: *Miss Goddess* if you ever become a damsel in distress, I hope you will avail yourself of the services of Dread Pirate Laffite's Damsel-in-Distress Saviour Service (DPLDIDSS), who would be most happy to save you. :)


PPS: Thanks again for being on TV for us. You were wonderful!

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I can't help but think that "April" and "Lane" are about the perfect choices for that wonderful blonde with the spring-like lilting laugh among so much natural beauty. Twirling parasols and kick-pleat skirts couldn't do more to conjure an April's lane for me than MissG does herself.


Somewhere, those two parents found the perfect name. Congrats to them!

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Welll welll Little Caesar. You have a voice made for radio. And you have a look made for television. And you were fantastic. How comfortable you looked there; at home. Can you read me some bedtime stories. Or just tuck me in and tell me Cagney movie plots.


Wonderful job, BANDELLO. So THIS is what a dream comes true looks like, huh??? Tell us what your daughter thought--and that Rita Hayworth you got there.



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Whew! I am SO glad THAT is over, ha!!! Thank you all for your too kind wishes and

comments, my bleary eyes are teary with gratitude for them and for the wonderful

honor. I still say I can't stand watching myself on TV but I DID watch you LISA and

you were just as totally relaxed and yourself as I knew you would be---you and

Robert Osborne looked like you were kicking back in your house and shooting

the breeze. I could watch and listen to you two forever.


Rome, I recorded you and your movie and will watch it on my lunch hour---I was

bushed by the time you came on here in the East but I know you were GREAT

and that Mr Cagney would be proud.


Thanks to you all---I'm just glad we're moving on to the one I've been most excited

about tonight: Lynn and John Ford's She Wore a Yellow Ribbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I

can't wait!! And JOE ("Mongo") you kick it off with a FILM NOIR, that should make

a lot of people happy in the noir forum! :D And, of course, right after that is

the youngest of our bunch, *Juan Castro* with the wonderful Swing Time to

get the party shaking. I really won't be getting any sleep this week! :)

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Hi April:


It was so wonderfull seeing you. When you came on I had to tell my bride to be quiet, that it was you. So she indulged me for five minutes and pronounced how much she enjoyed your appearance. I was there at the end and I loved the way you said "memorable." It was soft and quiet. You did a fine job and I hope you are proud of the way it went. We certainly are.




While I am at it let me also pass on my congratulations to *Peter* and *Theresa* about how well your appearances went. You both were confident and well spoken and shared interesting things. It has been wonderful seeing people I get to read about and chat with every day. Good job to all.

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Day Two is Done.


And, as expected, all my "fan" friends were wonderful. I finally caught all the Tuesday intros/outros this morning. I am truly proud of you all.


I didn't see one moment of nervousness. You all appeared to be having the time of your lives. Oh, that's right. We were!


Kyle In Hollywood


And didn't that cobalt blue coffee mug look good in my buddy Rome's hand?

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Well, well, well. MissG.


What a beautiful and brainy gal you are! You looked smashing, and your excitement about being there, talking about GWTW was infectious. Poise and charm are definitely the words to describe you! Not to be redundant, but I too think RO was smitten.


My Alice said she thought you were pretty and smart and she said you had a great sense of humor. She also said she was glad you were blonde like her. She actually said that you reminded her of herself, which is high praise indeed. I think she has a new role model. :)


We watched the first half of the movie, and Alice (it's her first time with GWTW) said she loved Scarlett. She was the prettiest. She laughed hard when Scarlett threw the vase and Rhett popped up from behind the sofa. She said that she didn't like any of the men (in fact, she HATED Charles Hamilton). She said that Clark Gable should not have been named Clark, he didn't look like a Clark at all. He ought to have been named Sam. :) I think I agree! But her favorite character in the entire movie was Mammy. She absolutely fell head over heels for Hattie McDaniel. All morning she has been bossing me around, doing her best Mammy impersonation. "You get in there right now and brush your teeth!" Then she laughs and laughs.


I haven't seen the other intros from last night yet, but I got them recorded. I will try to watch sometime today.


Again, MissG, a WONDERFUL job.

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Did 'patful' get added to the Fan Programmer line-up?

Tonight, after Lynn and "Private Screenings: Leslie Caron", TCM is showing *You, John Jones*, "Private Screenings: Child Stars" and ending the day with Miss O'Brien in *Her First Romance*. What a great "Special Added Attraction" for "Fan Programmer Week".


'Patful' better take a nap today as he is gonna be up REALLY late tonight.


Kyle In Hollywood

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TO MISS GODDESS-(MG), I hope I spelled correctly. Are you indeed (April)? Please be patient with me, I'm not able to be on this the MT. SUMMIT of all movie related -(Classic-cinema websites) as many. I'd love to be able to be, but ever sooo-much more takes up my time unfortunately. I woulda' had by this date over (1,300 some odd posts') However, in 04 had to reregister with a different handle of which I'm not very fond of. If it is indeed you-(PLEASE CONFIRM) you carried yourself exceptionally as most have said! As did the actor that was another bona-fide *James Cagney-(l899-l986) devotee. BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS FOR OUR PAL (LYNN) BELOW! I've known Mongo-(Joe) about 8yrs now. & off these forums as well. Lynn, I''ve only had the pleasure of knowing for a couple of months-(she also helped me in writing on these forums, when I encountered some difficulty) Given I grew-up all-over New Jersey-(even AC for a year, just after that superb movie was wrapped) As a kid used to take the train into Grand Central Station to Madison Sq. Garden to catch the Wrestling matches-(back when Andre the Giant & Hulk Hogan were first head-to-head. Hulk-(Terry) as are most of the pro-wrestler's for some reason pick down here in FL to reside? Joe also lives on other side of this state. Not a wrestling fan though anymore. Only for laughs. What pt of NY are you from A great, great lady that I have also known about 8yrs-(she used to be on these very forums) Lives in Brooklyn, but works on Madison Ave. Also a huge classic cinema buff & *Cagney is her main-man. & *Sinatra. *B. Davis of actresses. Your pick of what's easily thee single most famous motion picture in history>*"GWTW" was marvelous & citing *V. Leigh-(l9l3-67) as your fav. as well KUDOS! (TRIVIA: Natalie Wood's own Idol was *Leigh. She even kept a huge velvet painting in her Canon dr. home of the tragic-actress) Some more *"GWTW" tidbits>Though *"TITANIC" is officially the highest grossing film of all-time ($601m. doestically) & over ($1.8 billion worldwide) Adjusted for inflation *Selznick's 342min-(I went to it 3 times) epic still has sold more tickets by far-("Premiere"-(now defunked) & "EW" did an article on it also)

Anyway, please let me know if you are 1 in the same. & you seemed to be having a marvelous time

Again, C.O.N.G.R.A.T.S.!!! (P.S. Have you as yet had chance to visit whats left of HOLLYWOOD?)

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Thank you so much for the kind words and the beautiful posters.


Here's hoping I do as well as all who have gone before me.


Y'all have left some pretty big footsteps to follow in!


Is it Thursday yet? :)


And *movieman1957*,


"Picnicking, Mr. Pennell?" made my morning!



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Hi "Spence"!


Yes, that's me, "MissGoddess" or you can call me April. I thank you kindly for

your compliments, sir! And yes, I live and work in Manhattan, too. Joe and Theresa

(CineMaven) are our Brooklynites. :) However, I am not originally from here---I'm

from Texas (born in Oklahoma but moved to Texas when I was an infant so it just

saves time to say I'm from there. :) ).


Natalie Wood is another favorite of mine, and yes, I was so delighted when I learned

she loved Vivling, too.


I lived in Los Angeles area for a few years, as well as Hollywood. It's hard to recognize

it compared to the pictures of the old "Hollywoodland". I wish I could have seen it back

then. I think the outlying areas, Pasadena, or the beaches, particularly, are much nicer than

Hollywood itself (sorry Kyle :) ). However, North Hollywood up in the hills is gorgeous.

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*Did 'patful' get added to the Fan Programmer line-up?* - Kyle


I think not. I frighten them. Mr Osborne is just showing his favorite Private Screenings , and I'm sure the Child Stars interview is among them. Thus *Y,JJ!* before and *HFR* afterwards. But I'm thrilled no less. Thanks, TCM!


*...gonna be up REALLY late tonight.*


No, I gave out last night, so I'll be recording the really late stuff. And you'd better take back your wish for rain on my house during your interview, 60% chance of severe weather. I'd hate for yours to be the only one I miss.

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I would not worry about any shoes to fill, you're going to be presenting one of Pappy's best, and what's even more important, you are thoroughly knowledgeable on the subject.


I'm looking around for my *She Wore a Yellow Ribbon* DVD so I can watch that ahead of time, if time allows, and I'll be getting some drinks ready for tonight. ;)



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