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[b]The TCM 15th Anniversary Guest Programmers Thread[/b]

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"From Fort Reno to Fort Apache, from Sheridan to Starke, they were all the same...

Men in dirty-shirt blue and only a cold page in the history books to mark their passing."


"The old days are gone forever."


"Lest We Forget..."


Looking forward to She Wore a Yellow Ribbon with Lynn. Got my popcorn, my Walnettos and a bottle of Moxie. I'm set for the evening.

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*Got my popcorn, my Walnettos and a bottle of Moxie. I'm set for the evening.* >.




I hope the Moxie tastes better than they say it does.


I've got a bottle of bubbly and the high end chocolate that we had in hotel in Atlanta (yeah, it's still good).


Mr Cutter is feeding the baby turtle and we are looking forward to the movie. He missed the taping of the interview that Monday due to illness, so he is like a kid waiting for Christmas Day right now!


Message was edited by: lzcutter for the bold.

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Patful, I'm not a Westerns kind of guy in general, or pretty much ever, but I have loved *She Wore a Yellow Ribbon* since I first saw it (when I was in sixth grade, in a story that probably only lzcutter would find interesting).


Her threat of a quiz tomorrow is meaningless --- you would be glued to the movie within five minutes in ANY situation, but if Lynn is introducing it, with her deep knowledge of the West and John Wayne --- you're hooked!


As you will very soon see.....

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No, sorry, Lynn. Moxie is definitely an "acquired" taste. I'm looking forward to the movie in a glorious color print. (Used to watch it in b&w... print struck in the mid 50's for b&w TV.) Also looking forward to the infinite joy of a TCM full screening without interruptions. Bless you, TCM, for no commercial breaks! (Also glad not to have to change my own reels on the 'ol Bell & Howell.)

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The champagne corks are popping across the country right now, and I betcha they are at the Cutter household. They sure are here in New York!


Only Mr. Cutter would be able to tell us if LZ wears a yellow ribbon tonight. And he don't kiss and tell.


Who cares? We get to see a great movie, introduced by a great pal.


Congratulations Ms. Cutter!

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Hooray for Izcutter!!!! Very professional. Never a hint of nerves are anything remotely resembling intimidation. I probably would have been a basket case! I also recorded the intro, and will stay up to be sure and get the closing comments as well.


All the guest programmers have been wonderful this week! Congratulations to you one and all!

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That was a very beautiful, very classy introduction to *She Wore a Yellow Ribbon*, you looked quite elegant and calm, and it was very nice and gentlemanly (I thought) of Robert to ask you a little bit about your professional endeavors - glad you got to plug your site, too! ;)


Really looking forward to the outro, as well, of course. :)

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Juan, Lynn and Mongo,


I have to say you all did wonderfully tonight. You all looked like you could have spent hours talking with Mr. Osborne. And the selection of movies is so perfect for each person.



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*TO Juan* -

You were really charming tonight, young man. I can definitely picture you as "Don Lockwood" in your school production. I hope you, your gentle family and your school friends all had a great time tonight watching you "hang" with your pal Robert Osborne.


*TO Mongo* -

I've only caught the outro so far but was thrilled to watch you holding court across from RO. I sensed he was genuinely interested in hearing about all the great things you bring to this community. And perhaps somewhat awestruck too. (He may be a bit jealous!) I wanted to watch the two of you talk for another hour.


*To "Zookie"* -

Well, Elizabeth, so far the intro has played. You didn;t tell me you got Marlene Dietrich's lighting director for your shoot! The filming not only did justice to how well you looked that morning. Somehow you went from looking great to being stunning. The jacket looked great. (But am I the only one who knows what was on your feet? I am sooo disappointed you can't see the wonderful footwear hiding behind the ottoman.) Jon should feel quite lucky tonight.

I forgot you got in a plug for the website. Gotta keep an eye on the traffic over the next few days and let us know if it spiked after this appearance.


Kyle In Hollywood

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You did a terrific job, and you got to plug your project too! :-)

SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON was my dad's favorite John Wayne film.

"Hallelujah, Nathan!"



Great job! Great film! It has been nice to put a face to the names here on the boards.

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The outro was magnificent, as I was sure it would, I loved watching you speak about that scene with Brittles that has you almost teary-eyed, it was very moving to share in that special emotion that a movie like this can provoke. And also, great memories about the time spent going to the movies at the MGM Grand Hotel. Those studio prints must have looked AWESOME!!!




Good job everyone!!! B-)

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"Don't you start cyring too."


"I'm not crying. I'd like to stand up and cheer."


Great job, Lynn. I could hear your throat get lumpy over "Lest We Forget".


Waving my hat against the Monument Valley skyline now... in salute to Pappy and Lynn.

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Lynn that was great! You looked very sharp and classy, and heck, I got emotional watching you get emotional. Darn it all! :) It was such a pleasure to see and hear you talk about this film after getting to know you on the boards. I know this film means a lot to you, and you got to present it to a national audience from the seat of honor. I can't think of anyone more deserving than you. I thought you did a superb job and I think Mr. Osborne was impressed.


I remember participating in your John Ford Western's class last summer. I learned a lot then and, thanks to this board, I just keep gaining more insight into these great films. I look forward to your new class this summer Professor.



Well done my friend, well done. :)

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Lynn, I loved your elegant sparkled black jacket, and your lovely hair!

I liked what you said about how Duke's performance as Nathan Brittles touches your heart; he does mine too. His scene at wife Mary's gravesite is very moving and of course, "Lest We Forget".


This is my favorite in Ford's cavalry trilogy. I think FORT APACHE is the most "important", and RIO GRANDE is melancholy and romantic, but SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON is the most "accessible" and entertaining for me.


The cinematography is exquisite and every Ford shot among the vistas is so beautiful it takes my breath away. I love that this is in color!


Ben "Not My Department" Johnson steals every scene he's in as Tyree! I think Joanne Dru should have dumped John Agar and went after Nathan! I always thought Olivia was looking at him with more than just admiration in her eyes.


But my biggest crush is on George O'Brien as Mac.


Couldn't they have picked a better-looking wife for this still-sexy hunk?


Every time I see him take Mildred Natwick in his arms and kiss her, I shudder.


Message was edited by: Bronxgirl48

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Wow guys!


Thanks so much! As my buddy JackBurley says, "Your heart must have been pounding watching the first few moments" and it was. It started when I heard Robert O say my name. Never, in my life, did I think I would ever hear that.


After the initial shock wore off, I was okay. Our baby turtle sat on Jon's hand for the first hour of the film and watched it with us. But, no, no bubbly for the pookie.


He seems to like John Wayne westerns. Go, Zorro!


Kyle and JackBurley are right, I should have kicked the ottoman out of the way so everyone could see my clean and shiny cowboy boots (courtesy of my "Godfrey" at the hotel).


I'm not the dress-up type and would have been much more comfortable in my jeans and a sweater but it was TCM's anniversary and some things you really should dress for.


All the points I wanted to make were there tonight and since I am older than dirt (thanks Shiftless "Sam"), I can't remember what we talked about that ended up on the cutting room floor.


The emails from all my pals in Vegas are rolling in and they are just as excited as everyone here, so it has been a tremendous evening.


Thanks again for all the compliments!


And here's to my dad who was watching with us from above.


Looking forward to seeing my buddy Kyle tomorrow night!


Message was edited by: lzcutter because the indentation bug is really annoying

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I've been a longtime fan of TCM and have not posted on this messageboard until today. What brings me here? Double Indemnity - my fave movie of all time! I'm so glad it made the cut in the 15th Anniversary Guest Programmers selections!! This amazing film noir, a brilliant work of art is perfection imo. The suspense and dialogue - everything is so awesome. Barbara Stanwyck is my favorite actress. No one else could have played the part. Seriously I almost worship Barbara's talents as an actress and fine person.


Mongo, thanks so very much for picking this movie! I really enjoyed your conversation with Robert Osborne. You have something in common with Barbara - you are both from Brooklyn although in this movie she played a California lady without a doubt!


I'm also glad 'Meet John Doe' made the cut thanks to another one of our guest programmers. Way to go!


I've contributed to Barbara Stanwyck's pages on fanpop.com if you care to take a look!

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Woo Hoo!! Ms. Cutter!!


I would just like to add my congrats to you for a job well done!!! Great commentary on the film, ma'am... and a terrific presentation all around!


And PS.. what a great pic for your movie too!! I had not see SWAYR In a VERY long time... it was great to watch it all again.


Congrats again to you (and all your fellow TCM Fan Programmers) You ALL have been doing a first rate job! :-)

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