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[b]The TCM 15th Anniversary Guest Programmers Thread[/b]

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I agree, Ben Johnson ROCKS! in this film. That may be some of what ended up on the cutting room floor.


I'm bad though, I really adore George O'Brien and Mildred Natwick in this film.


I should probably bump my old *Yellow Ribbon* thread up so that we can talk more about the film there and keep this one focused on the Fan Programmers!


I'll look for you there in the morning!


For everyone not on the West Coast, thank you!!!!! for staying up so late!

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I really wish the intros and outros of all you guys were LONGER!


That's a good idea to bump up your thread -- I will definitely see you there tomorrow.


About Mildred, lol, I dearly love her as an actress, and she was so good here, but I just couldn't bear to see her in George's arms, I'm sorry!


'Nite now.

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> I remember participating in your John Ford Western's class last summer. I learned a lot then and, thanks to this board, I just keep gaining more insight into these great films. I look forward to your new class this summer Professor.


I'd all but forgotten about Lynn's upcoming class. We definitely have something to look forward to!

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Great job, all guest programmers!


Mongo, your posts are some of my favorites on the Boards, so it was so nice to "meet" you on TCM during your "Double Indemnity" introductions. Thanks for a job well done! And it was interesting to hear your explanation of your choice of your username. Being into 1930's movies more than 1970's movies, I had always thought your name "Mongo" was inspired by the Planet Mongo in the "Flash Gordon" serials. I've actually never seen that 70's movie you mentioned, so the only "Mongo" I knew was the Flash Gordon reference.


Lynn and Juan, excellent work also.

Although I'm very familiar with the movies you chose, your comments gave me some new things to think about while watching.

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Just wanted to add my congrats to Lynn & Mongo. It was strange to put a face with a name after all these years. There are very few people that have been on here that are familiar to me but you two are like friends that I feel like I've known forever. And the couple of times Robert has mentioned the message board make me feel like we little people out here in the dark have someone who really cares what we think about TCM.


Lynn, when you just mentioned *To Kill A Mockingbird*, you had that little hesitation in your voice like if you said more the floodgates would open. Maybe I'm reading too much into it (and I love that movie too) but your affection for that movie came through in that brief moment. All I know is that I felt an enormous amount of pride seeing you both on there. I know I had a big grin on my face when you both were on. Great choices, TCM.


And that Juan--we need more kids just like him. He seemed really nervous though. It will be something he remembers all his life. He was just cute as a bug.

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I lay at your feet Lynn.


Yep, I lay at your feet and trust me when I tell you this, I bow to NO ONE in my love and passion for movies. But you...you YOU, I have to step aside for you. You looked elegant (great jacket), sounded commanding (you know your sh*t), and my jaw hurts from smiling & saying ?I know her! I know her!!"


Your husband must be so proud of you. Your father (and Atticus) would be proud at how you acquitted yourself. I?m proud to have been getting to know you. John Ford is a master filmmaker. He painted the screen with his colours and compositions and themes. Yeah, I picked the sturm und drang of the volcano known as Bette Davis but I think it took a master of films to express John Ford's worth and value to all the viewers out there. And that is YOU. Now, Kyle mentioned your footwear. I said it before and am saying it again, he does seem to have a thing about feet.


So let me join the throng of folks on the board and on your Vegasblog and at the Oasis who'll sing your praises. What an opportunity to show what you know, and show what you love.


?Cuz it?s all about the movies, isn?t it. Thanx TCM.


Message was edited by CineMaven because I have to really just get it right.

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How wonderful to see you on April 15th with Robert Osborne reviwing "Double Indemnity". How exciting was that! I have a question about the film - Why does the Walter Neff character wear a wedding ring? There is no mention of a wife in the movie and I noticed the ring the last time I viewed the film. Thanks for your help and I enjoyed seeing you last night.

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Lynn, you rode off into the west last evening with bells on. You looked lovely, and expressed yourself with style and grace. I loved it! And it was so nice to see you again. Cool.


My continued thanks to my pals on the board who enjoyed this oldest guy of the 15 guests.

It was my pleasure and I thank you.

Stacy, I'll be sure to look into the ring thing.

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Lynn, your time was seriously TOO SHORT---I wanted you to go on and on and

on, talking as you did so eloquently about this beloved western. I felt your

emotion and passion and that is the mark of a true movie aficianado, the

kind that makes TCM what it is and what it means. I thought you looked so

elegant and dignified, just as if Captain Brittles were going to step right onto

that set and ask you for the first dance at the end of the movie.


I, too, hope we can chat further about She Wore a Yellow Ribbon down in the

western forum.


Wonderful, wonderful job. So glad your Jon (and the pookie) got to see you

in your glory.


Young Juan! You were fabulous---I know all your friends and family were

just busting out with pride to see you holding forth on what these films mean

to you. And I sense a future director in the making. You saw it on TCM first,


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> {quote:title=stacy1960 wrote:}{quote}

> I have a question about the film - Why does the Walter Neff character wear a wedding ring? There is no mention of a wife in the movie and I noticed the ring the last time I viewed the film. Thanks for your help and I enjoyed seeing you last night.


Hi Stacy, and welcome to the TCM forums! :D


You bring up a good point about Walter Neff, I don't think I'd ever noticed that before. I suppose there's just a chance it was just Fred's own ring and he didn't bother taking it off while filming. But with Wilder as a director, I don't think that small detail would have escaped their attention.



You seem to me like you're genuinely young at heart - and that's what really counts. B-)

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Hi, all,


Last night I was a little busy so didn't have a chance to really tell the three guest programmers more of what I thought, so I wanted to do it this morning.


*mongo*, great intro and outro. It is always wonderful to hear stories of going to the movies when we were kids. And I liked very much about how you said you came up with your screenname. Your threads on the board have always been great. You are indeed one of the best posters we have here. And your choice of Double Indemnity is wonderful. It's amazing but no matter how many times I see it, I ALWAYS get drawn back into it. Now, that's great filmmaking.


*Juan*, it is so very delightful to see you on the set with Robert Osborne. You and he had great communication. If I had to do that when I was your age (sigh, was I ever truly that young?), I couldn't ever have come across as well as you did. Swing Time is my favorite Astaire and Rogers film. I think it is the added artistry of George Stevens that makes it stand out above their other collaborations.


And, *Lynn*, what can I say about you that you don't already know? You were completely poised, very comfortable...and managed to get in a plug right at the beginning, LOL. (TCM's bill will be in the mail.) I enjoyed what you had to say about She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, truly a magnificent film to watch. When I think about how so many films today would rely on special effects to get that background, what we saw in the movie was the real thing. You can see how John Ford loved filming there in every shot. You really were a joy to watch, and I still remember how we were going to start a betting pool in the Green Room to see when you would start crying in describing this movie that you love so much.


And one thing I have wanted to say all week is how great it is that Mr. Osborne got the pronounciations of our last names so perfectly. Some of us have surnames a little more difficult than Lane, which could be why Mr. O loved April so much. (Nah, just kidding. April really is so loveable, last name or not.)

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Is it really April 16^th^ already?


Thanks "MissG" for this wonderful salute to my "Meet John Doe" moment. Through "back channels" I've heard some positive notices already. But that doesn't make this spotlight-averse bartender any less nervous.

It would be just my luck to tarnish the recently-awarded Peabody that TCM received. (You don't think they could take it back after tonight, do you?) BTW, you and CineMaven should try to crash that award ceremony in NYC this spring.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Good job, lzcutter! Your love for this film really showed throughout the interview. Comfortable yet intense is my best description, your eyes never leaving Mr. Osborne's. Are you sure you didn't have a hidden teleprompter? ;-) Well worth staying up late yet another night. Now I just need clear weather from 11:15-1:30AM tonight for Kyle's big show. I'm gonna be a vegetable by tomorrow.

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I remember talking at length about the cinematography in the film with Robert O as well as Ben Johnson. My only regret was that I didn't get to talk about the backstory. I was all set to do that but we ran out of time.


I've bumped my old *Yellow Ribbon* thread up here in General Discussions. I hope you'll join in the conversation!




So glad you liked the movie and me! I'll throw away that quiz.




Your heartfelt words made me teary. Thanks so much for them. It is such a kick to meet other film buffs and though our time in Atlanta was too short, I hold out hope that we will all get together again.


To everyone,


Thank you again for all the kind words. I'm so glad that you enjoyed my movie and glad that I was able to impart a bit of my love of this great film along the way.

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Hey Kyle,


Just wanted to let you know that we are looking forward to you introducing and talking about *Meet John Doe* later this evening!


I remember sitting in the green room that morning listening to your interview and though we lost the picture towards the end, we still had the sound.


I'm looking forward to finally seeing it together tonight!

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I started wondering about Robert's background the other day, and found that he was in the original pilot for "The Beverly Hillbillies." Soooo...I searched and found it on the Internet and wow, what a handsome, dashing young man he was! But even more interesting, his mannerisms, even lo those many years ago, as still the same as they are today. With that great voice of his, he reminded me a bit of a young William Holden... To hear people say he's "as nice in person as he appears to be on the air" doesn't surprise me. I've worked in the media for years...and, for the most part, you can't hide your real nature...


I've been pleasantly surprised by the great quality of the guest programmers. What a blast.


I just want to get my shot at this some day! :-)


And honestly, I think the Guest Programmers have been WAAAAY better than all the celebs that have sat in that chair opposite Robert for years.... Bravo to all!


Oh, but God help me; I NEVER need to see "Seven Brides..." ever again for the rest of my days. Can someone please tell me what the deal is with this movie? Is it a cult thing?





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I liked Anna Seager's intro very much. She has a great smile and a sweet voice, and she obviously likes MGM musicals a lot. Glad that they mentioned Michael Kidd, too. :D




> {quote:title=ChipHeartsMovies wrote:}{quote}

> Time for another night of Fan Programmers!


> All of you so far have been really, really good. This idea of TCM's has far exceeded what I expected it to. Let's hope that they consider a monthly FP in the future!


I agree with Chip, wholeheartedly. Is there any chance you'd be interested in being a FP, Chip? We could round up the whole quartet of NYC-area fans with you. ;)

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I would say: "I love you, Molo..." but I just washed ma hair.


Thank you very much.


Madame Cutter...heartfelt, sincere and genuinely felt by me 2 u.


Anna Seager, you may not be around these here parts but I still wanted to tell you your intro for "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" was really nicely done. And you kind of look like Elizabeth Montgomery.

Cult thing? Oh puhleeze!

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