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Trying to Figure out what movie i watched on TCM, The Main guy kept saying

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San Francisco and would reminisce for a second with his friend and then would keep going along with whatever was happening. This happened probably a good 7 or 8 times when i was watching.


The movie was a romantic comedy, the guy was basically a Player and kept getting in funny situations with girls he met, but he ultimately was just doing it for fun cuz the girl he loved was well the girl he loved.


If anyone knows what the movie was called please let me know! Thank You



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it sounds like the movie called san francisco eith clark gable and jeanette mcdonald but it was a heavy drama. it is a great movie. i have it on dvd but it is about the early 1900s earthquake that happened there. there is a few lighter scenes between gable and mcdonald but no real comedy. i will think some more on it and maybe i can come up with the title you are looking for. one scene i particularly like is when jeanette mcdonald is not interested in clark gable and he automatically assums that she must have a girlfriend! i mean that was probably the way he was in real life that a good might not like him for whatever reason but he was vain enough to think the one and only reason in his mind is she must have a boyfriend! ha ha. just another of the reasons clark gable was so very good is the way he could deliver dialogue. i must admit even with all his philandering it would be tough to not fall for him. i guess the same reason i love robert mitchum -they are both bad boys. of course gregory peck and jimmy stewart are wonderul but you gotta love the bad boys. you definitely would have to watch them closely if you were in a relationship with them but they never wuld be boring! ha ha

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