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Film Studies Project

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Help! In my high school Film Studies class, I am preparing for my final presentation. Each student is to select a topic of his choice and do an analysis of it, using three movies as reference points. I have chosen the topic of Pre-code women because it seems so interesting and that there is much to learn, but unfortunately, I am totally uneducated about the subject! I was wondering y'all could help me out by naming for me two movies that embody the spirit of the Pre-code femme, and one that shows the Code in full effect. Any assistance would be most appreciated, but the sooner you get back to me, the more I love ya!



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One of my favorite pre codes is "Redheaded Woman" with Jean Harlow. She is a gold digger (with few redeeming qualities) but she just gets away with it, with tongue firmly planted in cheek. It's hilarious and got away with stuff that couldn't be done two years later. Check this one out.

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'Red-Headed Woman' is a great choice, Alywooo. I also LOVE any of Barbara Stanwyck's Pre-Code films. BABY FACE, NIGHT NURSE, and LADIES THEY TALK ABOUT are all great examples of solid Pre-Code films. Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer did some excellent work during this period, as well.


Joan Crawford in LAUGHING SINNERS, THIS MODERN AGE, and DANCE,FOOLS,DANCE, plus Norma Shearer's work in THE DIVORCEE, A FREE SOUL, and PRIVATE LIVES are all great examples of the work Pre-Code Women were producing. You may be able to find these on video or dvd at a good library (Mine has many great pre-code films on video) The Pre-Code era was definitely a fascinating time in Hollywood's history. You picked a great topic and I wish you all the best on your presentation, Alywooo/Delilah! Good Luck!

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keithfromke, you're right on the money about Barbara Stanwyck. "Baby Face" is a real goldie oldie that still makes you perk up and think: "Wow, they were getting away with this back in l932?" "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" with Frederick March is another pretty risque goodie. Warner Brothers turned out the raciest flicks of them all. "Convention City" is now legendary because it's reported to have pushed the limits like never before. I believe it was yanked from circulation after it played the major cities and the negative and all prints were destroyed. This is one we'd all love to watch!

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You also might want to check into CALL HER SAVAGE with Clara Bow. It's a pre-Code that really pushes the outer limits. Clara was much more a silent star, but her performance in this one is excellent. Watch for it on the Fox Movie Channel.


Another goodie would be TROUBLE IN PARADISE with two of my personal favorites, Miriam Hopkins & Kay Frances.


Consider also anything with Joan Blondell that TCM shows: PENNY ARCADE, FOOTLIGHT PARADE, GOLDDIGGERS OF 33, BLONDE CRAZY. She has a snappy wit and sarcasm that really fits the pre-Code era. Plus, she was a great dresser and always looked like a million bucks.


I compliment you on our choice of topics for your project. You can't go wrong with pre-Code movies!

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