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What is your favorite Harryhausen film and why?


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I'm a BIG fan of the legendary Ray Harryhausen and his stop motion animation work. My favorite Harryhausen film is "Jason and the Argonauts" followed by "Clash of the Titans" (the Medusa scene might be his finest work).


What is your favorite Harryhausen film, and why?

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Also hard pressed to pick just one.

FIRST MEN IN THE MOON probably has the best script, courtesy of Nigel Kneale & the best cast (no clunky third-rate actors here) & the animation sequences are well-integrated into the film (too many RH films feel like they're marking time until the next Dynamation sequence), but there aren't many of them. Great score by Laurie (THE AVENGERS) Johnson.

JASON probably has the most impressive technical work (all those skeletons & that multi-headed Hydra must have been a **** to create) and mostly a good cast. It has one of my favorite dialogue exhanges from any movie, where Zeus and Hera discuss how mankind will outgrow their need for the gods, who will then cease to exist. Zeus asks her, "You know this and yet you stay with me?" Great Bernard Herrmann score.

But 7THVOYAGE OF SINBAD has the coolest creatures & a kick-**** score by Herrmann. It brings out the teenager in me.

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I have a passion (probably due to early imprinting) for his earlier work. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers and especially 20 Million Miles to Earth where the Emir struts with that shoulders back stance that went on to become a signature posture of so many of his creatures (especially the much loved and oft mentioned Medusa). I also think The Valley of Gwangi is unsung and under mentioned in many RH conversations. What a genius! What a master! What an artiste! Thanks also for the Seventh Voyage website tip.

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My favorite Harryhausen film would have to be either The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms or Earth vs. The Flying Saucers, mainly because of how I saw each film. I was about nine-ten years old at the time, and a good friend of the family had VHS tapes chock-full of movies and TV shows he had recorded off of TV, from the 1980's until VHS became obsolete. I used to borrow these tapes everytime my dad and I would go visit him, and he had the perfect selection for a kid who was obsessed with monster movies! Anyway, even at the age of nine, I had read enough about a guy named Harryhausen who had done all these great things with special effects, so I knew what I was watching before I had seen either movie. Back then, it didn't matter if the picture quality was horrible, the magic of the movies took hold of me, and captured my imagination.


To make a long story short, Beast and Earth are my two favorite Ray Harryhausen films because of the enormous amount of sentimental value they have for me. And, because I think they contain some of his very best stop-motion, although that's also covered in my former statement.

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