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I just saw West Side Story again and there is an actress in there named Gina Trikonis who plays Riff's red headed girlfriend. I am a keen observer and I thought she looked a lot like the actress that played Hatchet Face - Kim McGuire in "Cry Baby". I downloaded pictures I found of both of them and compared them. There are similarities between them. I'm probably wrong but its fun making the connection. They are 30 years apart in these movies and it just looks possible. Just asking - What do you think?

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Guys, Gina Trikonis is very findable on IMDb. She was born in 1939, but seems to have given up acting for Costume & Wardrobe, where she seems also to have done really well. I saw no credit for 'Cry Baby'. Kim McGuire is also there, but no DOB, altho her film and TV credits - acting - are listed, but nothing before the 90's, I don't think.

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You found Gina, but you couldn't find Kim. I have never seen that happen before on the internet. How'd she get away with that? lol I did notice nothing on her prior to '90, also.


I'm sure other actresses would give their right arm if their birthdays were to fall through a crack on internet. lol

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Gina Trikonis info:



I was looking at the cast of "13 Frighten Girls" and saw the name Khigh Dhiegh, LOL, he was the Chinese master spy Wo Fat in the Hawaii Five-O series. What you run into during searches.


Photo gallery:



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