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Create Your Own Nightmare Noir

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  • 2 weeks later...

"How about those proto-feminist noirs that seemed so edgy once, and gave employment to some great actresses? Here's a dream cast...or is it nightmare?"-Moirafinnie6.


Moira...that is about one of the "Finniest" piece of writing as I've ever seen on this Board. Witty and with also quite a command of the genre AND of the persona of those stars you listed below. Really wonderful. Ohhhhh, if you ever do write a script... Hell, listen, I don't see why we can't collaborate on something real and put it out there. "Body Heat" and a very few others is the last time a neo-noir was done well. If there were any others, please...let me know.


You look like you have a deep understanding of the genre apart from the humor of your post. Am I wrong?




CineMaven (momentarily escaping the Gulag above the line).

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Maven---if you want another taste of Miss Finnie's incredible writing talent, read

her article onGilbert Roland right here at TCM's Morlock's. I'm finishing

it up now and it's already had me in laughter and tears over one of my favorite



OK, sorry but I just had to get that plug in for one of our own best contributors! :D


Back to the darkness....

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