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Special Movie one-liner thread


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Here's an idea for a thread. Readers could place one sentence zingers describing movies, and other readers could add them or disagree with them. Here are some examples:


Body Heat: It luxuriates in a nostalgia for movies the viewer has not actually seen.


Raging Bull: It's a Robert Bresson movie for people too lazy and stupid to see a real Robert Bresson movie.


Elizabeth: It's like the Godfather, only without that annoying moral complexity.


300: A study in gender confusion among comic book fans.


Crash [2005]: A movie that combines the story structure of Robert Altman with the philosophical depth of "Barney and Friends."


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: "Fanny and Alexander" and "Barry Lyndon" are movies with spines made of steel: this movie is what happens when you take out that steel and replace it with marshmellows.

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2 from "Unforgiven"


"Having someone being shot at would rattle most folks" - Gene Hackman.


"He should have armed himself if he's going to decorate his establishment with my friend" - Clint Eastwood.


A line from "Baby Take A Bow" when Shirley Temple is freeing the boundup criminal loose with a large kitchen knife, he said "you'll cut my head off" - and Shirley replied *that's alright!*


A Babylon 5 episode when Zathras (keeper of the Great Machine on Epsilon 3) was explaining his poor life - "Poor Zathras, had a sad life, probually will have a sad death, at least there will be symmetry."

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This isn't a thread about one-liners in movies, it's a thread of using one-liners to describe movies:


For example:


Gigi--What would happen if Ernst Lubitsch sold have his brains and spent the money on set decoration.


Gentleman's Agreement--You should never be mean to a Jew, because he might be a gentile in disguise. (This isn't mine, I believe it came from Elia Kazan. If I'm wrong, somebody please tell me.)

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I remembered a couple more:


In "Dirty Harry" when Callahan played by Clint Eastwood, explained to the Chief the reason why he didn't beat up the Scorpio killer -


Cause he looks too damn good, that's how


In "Short Circuit" when Ben Jabituya played by Fisher Stevens in the scene when he was looking in amazement theat the Number 5 robot was only obeying the voice commands of Ally Sheedy -


I am standing here beside myself

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2001: Randomly bizarre distractions used in place of an actual plot


Boomerang! (1947) When no one can think of a title, throw a dart at a dictionary page.


I, Robot: A film for people who never read Isaac Asimov, by people who never read Isaac Asimov


Bear Island (1971): See above, replace Asimov with Alistair MacLean


Ice Station Zebra: If you want to keep your other characters guessing whether your lead is a secret agent, calling him "John Smith" is sure to confuse them


The Horse Soldiers: John Wayne discovers the best way to get the girl is to use writers drunker than William Holden

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skimpole, this is a great idea.


Ben-Hur (1959): Heston in a toga beats Lemmon in a dress.


Braveheart: The hairdo that terrified the English.


Silence of the Lambs: Do me a fava, Clarice.


Persona: Just two halves of the same whole.


Taxi Driver: Even a loser can find fulfillment killing pimps.


Husbands: Reality never felt so phony.

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The Talented Mr. Ripley-Matt Damon kills Jude Law and very slowly gets away with it (Stephen Notley, of "Bob the Angry Flower" fame at angryflower.com)


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone-Wow, this works better than Ritalin (Keith Knight, of "The K Chronicles" fame at salon.com)

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