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Special Movie one-liner thread

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In some 1940 movie, the District Attorney brings in some low life for questioning in a murder investigation. The mug tells the DA in a thick Brooklyn accent:


"Say! You ain't got nuttin' on me! You gotta make with the corpus delicious!"


(He meant to say "corpus delicti"). Lawyers find this quip very funny, but I suspect most of the public today would not, as it would fly over their heads. Makes me wonder how many audience members in 1940 got it. The work of a clever scriptwriter.

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In the 1931 Dracula, the crazy Renfield, interred in a santarium, was in the habit of eating flies. The orderly thought to humor him by bringing him one, but Renfield had changed his dietary preferences. Renfield rejects the offered fly, and tells the orderly:


"Flies!? Measly things! Who wants flies, when you can have nice juicy spiders!!?"


Gotta increase that protein intake man!

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Thelma, have you ever noticed in old courtroom dramas, especially in the 1930s and 40s, the screenwriter often has the defense or prosecuting attorney pull some courtroom dramatic trick near the end of the trial, and the judge often says something like, "Well! This is highly irregular.... but in the interest of justice, go ahead."

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Hi Fred,


Real life trial process doesn't usually make for compelling cinema! I do recall a line to that effect. In the real world, judges have to be mindful of appeals with their potential for remands and reversals.


Another thing you often see in the movies but almost never in real life, is some witness breaking down under questioning and admitting that they, and not the defendant, killed someone!(*) A trial lawyer would stand a better chance of winning the Powerball than that happening!



(*) E.g., *Legally Blond (2001)* with Reese Witherspoon

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Ham, I assume by now that you really do indeed realize that your responses to this thread actually are contrary to the stated idea behind the thread. So you're doing it on purpose. I'm not scolding you but it looks bad after awhile. This, coming from me, who is hard pressed to come up with anything good enough fit to print. This exercise might just require a certain faculty of mind that I am missing but I am holding out for a success or two in the foreseeable future, maybe. At least I'm good at crossword puzzles.

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This thread only came up when I typed "One Liner" in my Forum Search.  I've complained about this fault in the Search capability before.  Now after I tried again, the other thread came up.  Deleted and copied post to the "Great One Liner" thread.


I have only so much time for searches and to  look through countless pages for past post in threads containing 10+ pages.


Hope this explains.


PS..I wish the moderator Pin that one.

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