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The GREATEST Comedy scene EVER! (For Me)

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Is the scene in "The Nutty Professor" where Buddy Love first appears at "The Purple Pit" and orders an "Alaskan Polar Bear Heater"! Then Buddy Loves strikes one of the patrons at the bar, and then pulls out this HUGE mirror to check his hair! C-L-A-S-S-I-C!!



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This perhaps doesn't qualify as a comedy scene, but for me one of the funniest comedies ever is a one-reel Vitaphone/Warner Bros. short called "The Happy Hottentots" from 1930.

The stars are Joe Frisco and Bobby Callahan, with Billy Gilbert, Bobby Dunn and Gus Leonard.


The whole thing is hilarious all the way through. Without revealing the ending, I will say it's one of those where you see it coming and say "They're not really going to go through with it, are they?" but you know that it wouldn't work nearly as well if they didn't, so when they do, it's all the more satisfying and not a disappointment at all. The perfect ending.

A practically perfect short!


Here's where to find more info on it.




The short is included on the DVD of "The Jazz Singer" that was released last fall. TCM also shows it occasionally.

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This one cracks me up every time. Laurel and Hardy in Way Out West. Stan and Ollie are trying to retrieve the deed to a mine that was stolen by con artists Sharon Lynn and James Finlayson. Stan and Sharon get locked in the bedroom where he hides the deed in his shirt. She tickles him unmercifully until he gives it up. His laugh is so infectious, and goes on long after the tickling ends. Now I need to see that movie again. Right now!

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