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Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?


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> {quote:title=georgiegirl wrote:}{quote}

> Wow, that was a lot to do to come up with the names, but it worked! lol My hat's off to you!




The kid in the wagon turned up during another search for one of the ladies mentioned earlier. Her name has been cropped out of the photo.

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Okay, before you read any further, promise me you won't get mad and run me off the boards? lol


The lady is Anne, my mom, the man with her, George, my dad, and the guy with the ciggie is Johnny, my uncle. lol


I'm sorry. I just wanted to mess with your heads because you guys keep guessing my celebs two seconds after I post them. lol


Hate me? Getting ready to tar and feather me and report me? :-) I know I'm off subject, in a round about kind of way, but I started this thread and don't have a problem with going off subject a bit. lol

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Yeah, or Bonnie and Clyde, Ann Harding and Darren McGavin. lol


I'm really sorry for messin' around, and though you guys may not get a kick our of it, I sure did. lol

And my mom would be in her glory if she knew her photo appeared on TCM's message board. She's the one who gave me my love of the old movie classics, and then some. lol If I am cast off or banned now, I can take comfort in that for a moment she had a moment she'd never dreamed possible. :-)

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The photos of Bonnie and Clyde came into the media by accident. Agents found a camera left behind after they fled in a hurry. Bonnie and Clyde were just clowning around and did not intend for the pictures fall into the public forum. Bonnie *hated* that one photo of her with the cigar.. Heres are some of those photos. (plus Clyde Barrow's mugshot)












The guy in the center in the photo you're referring to reminds me of Ed Wasser who played Mr Morton who was a Shadow agent in Babylon 5.




Message was edited by: hamradio

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Ringu-Yes, Jennifer Jones. :-)


Ham-Those pictures are great! I had seen a bio-pic that said some photographer for a newspaper replaced a rose Bonnie had in her mouth with that cigar. Rumor? I wonder. If not, she sure was ahead of her time, because from what I hear it's chic for a woman to don a stogie these days. lol


Another easy one for all of you, grrrrrrrrr. lol



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