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Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?

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H.B. Warner. He was the judge in Mr. Deeds, which was broadcast on Sunday. Speaking of fabulous faces, Coop's was really fabulous -- I don't think any other actor could communicate more by saying less.

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C. B. DeMille cast him as Christ in "King of Kings," and made a big publicity thing about keeping him away from any bad influences while they made the movie. I have no idea what he might have been getting up to if they hadn't kept him under lock and key, but you'd have thought he was going to run rampant if DeMille didn't keep an eye on him. Poor guy probably never did anything more wild than go out for a newspaper.

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Yes, it's James Melton. In 1935. he starred with Pat O'Brien in "Stars Over Broadway". One of the songs used only as background music was "September In The Rain". Two years later, James Melton sang it in "Melody for Two". It's probably his best known movie song, and it was written by Harry Warren and Al Dubin, who wrote songs for the Gold Diggers musicals. . Here it is:




Now, do you know who this pretty young lady is? She was in lots of "B" pictures in the thirties.





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100% correct, Mr. Novelty. If you watched the clip of James Melton that I posted, you would have seen her in stills from "Melody For Two". And yes, that was a colorized photo from "Block Heads". You're very observant.

Now, here is a singer who, like James Melton, only appeared in a few movies. Do you recognize her?



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Sorry, no, it's not Philip Hurlic, although this kid was also in a couple of Our Gang shorts, including one with Philip Hurlic. My last photo is from a film that also featured Shemp Howard. This kid's best known film may be about two boys and a dog. Here are more pics:





Yes, he was in a Tarzan movie.











Edited by: MilesArcher on Jul 9, 2013 7:50 AM

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Congratulations, lavender. You actually got one that musicalnovelty missed. It's a rare day indeed! Cordell Hickman's best known film is "The Biscuit Eater" with Billy Lee.




Cordell was in "Tarzan's Secret Treasure" in 1941, and then, in 1944, he appeared in the very last "Little Rascals" short called "Tale Of A Dog".




Left to right are Billy "Buckwheat" Thomas, Cordell Hickman, Robert Blake, Janet Burston, and Billy "Froggy " Laughlin.


Now you may remember this actress from a TV series, but she was in movies for years before that. Who is she?







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Yes, Joan was in a movie with Shirley Temple in the thirties and she worked with Bud and Lou in the early forties. Now here is a young girl you may remember. Do you know her name?






She was in a movie with John Wayne.


Edited by: MilesArcher on Jul 9, 2013 4:31 PM

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Yes, she was with Our Gang for a while before joining Mickey Rooney in the "Mickey McGuire" series. She wore a black wig in "Neath The Arizona Skies" with John Wayne. As a young adult in the forties and early fifties, she danced uncredited in several musicals, including "Good News" and "Singin' In The Rain". When her movie career was over, she became a burlesque dancer who billed herself as Gilda.


Here she is with Dorothy Deborba, Stymie Beard, and Wheezer Hutchins:






Here she is with John Wayne:




Check out this clip.





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Sorry I didn't see it in time to identify Shirley Jean Rickert. I knew her and was able to get copies for her of some of her films she didn't have. She was a nice lady and always spoke her mind! But she was fun. Her name during her later years was Shirley Jean Measures and she had a business called Measures Up. In keeping with the "measures" theme, her business card was marked like a ruler.


Regarding Cordell Hickman, I guess I shouldn't have guessed if I wasn't sure. And I wasn't. I kept thinking I'm sure this kid's name starts with a "C" but I wasn't coming up with it. Just took a guess with Philip Hurlic.


The movie he was in that also featured Shemp Howard was ARABIAN NIGHTS (1942).

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