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Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?


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Buff Cobb was in only one movie, "Anna And The King Of Siam". She married William Eythe in 1947 (Her 2nd). The marriage was a sham because he was gay. He was involved in a gay relationship with Lon McCallister. After a brief marriage, she divorced Eythe and soon after married Mike Wallace, who was recently divorced himself. His son Chris, now a well known newsman, was just a baby at the time. Mike Wallace was making a name for himself in radio as an announcer and newscaster. In the early fifties, he and Buff hosted a TV network interview show called "Mike And Buff". It originated in New York. She was a frequent guest panelist on "Masquerade Party", a game show where celebrities showed up in disguise and a panel of other celebrities tried to guess who they were. The two divorced in 1955. He, of course had a long career as an investigative reporter for CBS.

William Eythe died in 1957 at age 38 from hepatitis. Lon McCallister and Buff Cobb both lived to age 82. Mike Walalce outlived them all. He died in 2012 at age 93.


Now, who is this actress?







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We have some catching up to do after the weekend. Twinkee got Buff Cobb and Lavenderblue got Patricia Collinge, who was also in "The Nun's Story" with Audrey Hepburn. It's been shown on TCM in the past. Now, do you know this lovely lady? She was not a movie star, although she did make five movies. She was a classically trained singer who toured all over the world. She also appeared on TV variety shows. She has a tie-in to someone who was pictured on this thread fairly recently. Do you know what that tie-in is?






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Dothery identified Gladys Swarthout and Twinkeee got the tie-in. Frank Chapman was an opera singer whose first wife was the former Elisabeth Cobb. Their daughter's name was Patrizia Cobb Chapman. Yes, that's the spelling that she used. They divorced when their daughter was very young. She would become an actress and she would use the name Buff Cobb. Frank Chapman married opera singer Gladys Swarthout. They worked together and he also managed her career. So Gladys Swarthout became the step-mother of Buff Cobb. Frank Chapman became the father-in-law of both William Eythe and Mike Wallace.







Buff Cobb was born in Florence, Italy, where her father was working at the time. He loved the area so much that he later bought a villa there and that is where he and Gladys lived in retirement. He died in 1966, she in 1969 in Florence. Now, before we leave this group forever, there is just one more celebrity with a tie-in. Do you know this man? He was a noted author and humorist. Several of his works were turned into movies, some directed by John Ford. He also acted in about ten movies. He was a good friend of Will Rogers and he was a one time host of the Oscar awards presentation. Who is he?





The picture of him in uniform was from a movie where he played a riverboat captain. Now here he is with Leo Carillo and Wallace Beery in one photo and Shirley Temple in another.




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Funny you should ask as I was just about to post that although the name "COBB" is obvious.

Anyway, his daughter, Elizabeth COBB was married to Frank Michler Chapman Jr. Cobb's grandaughter was the none other then BUFF COBB of course !


Several of Irvin Cobb's storys were made ito silent films. One of his stories was adapted into the film THE WOMAN ACCUSED (1933) starring Cary Grant,as well as the film JUDGE PRIEST (1934)


Twinks !

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Yes, Twinks. By the way, the photo of him in the uniform is from "Steamboat 'Round The Bend", which starred his friend, Will Rogers. Now. let's get away from the Chapman and Cobb families to someone unrelated. Do you know this actress? I believe she appeared in several film noirs.




She didn't smile much, did she?

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Sorry Twinks, I know that you Canadians spell some things differently from us, but in this case TOTTER is correct. Look up her bio. Just google Audrey Totten and it will say "Do You Mean Audrey Totter? She was an actress in many film noirs in the forties and early fifties.

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