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Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?


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Yes, it's Dickie Jones. He was in a whole lot of movies as a child. He played Humphrey Bogart's son in "Black Legion". He and Mary Lee played mischievous children in "Nancy Drew, Reporter". Strangely, both would spend much of their careers working with Gene Autry. In that Nancy Drew movie, he did his Donald Duck impression. Disney may have noticed, because young Dickie was hired to do the voice of Pinocchio. Here he is with Cliff "Jiminy Cricket" Edwards in a recording session.




Later, as a young adult, he worked frequently with Gene Autry in Gene's movies and TV series. Gene's production company produced the "Range Rider" TV series with Jock Mahoney, and Dick Jones was cast as the young sidekick, Dick West. Later, Gene would produce :"Buffalo Bill Jr", and Dick Jones would star in that series. Here is how most of us remember him.




Now, who is this one time leading lady who became a busy character actress in her later years? She once played Bob Newhart's mother on his TV show.







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Rich was right. It's Evelyn Venable. She played Shirley Temple's mother in "The Little Colonel". A trivia question that has circulated on these boards from time to time is "who has appeared in the most movies?". Most of us think it's famous dress extra Bess Flowers with about a thousand appearances over a forty year span. Now, one could make the argument that Evelyn Venable's face, or at least a close likeness, has been seen by more movie goers than any other person's.


Here is an actor who was active in movies in the thirties and early forties. After military service in World War II, he got out of acting and entered the family business, politics, with some success. Do you know him?









The second photo is from his political days.


Edited by: MilesArcher on Aug 23, 2013 12:47 PM

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scsu1975 wrote: That would be John Davis Lodge, who was Governor of CT.


Thank you for the history lesson. I did not know of this particular Lodge as actor or politican. I take it he was related to Henry Cabot Lodge, diplomat and Nixon's VP choice in 1960 and the Senator Lodge who fought President Wilson's policies in the nineteens. Although they don't seem to be such headline makers as the Bush or Kennedy family members they appear to be as active.

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John D. Lodge is correct. He and Evelyn Venable played Shirley Temple's parents in "The Little Colonel". He starred with Dietrich in "The Scarlet Empress", and he had the title role in "Bulldog Drummond At Bay". His father and grandfather were U.S. senators and Henry Cabot Lodge was his brother.

Now, who is this?





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Yes, it's veteran character actor Paul Kelly, who played detectiives, gangsters, and assorted tough guys in countless movied from the thirties to the fifties. Here is something that you may not know. From 1927 to 1929, he served twenty-five months in prison for manslaughter. He he gotten into a fistfight with an actor named Ray Raymond, A few days later, Raymond died. After he was released, Kelly married Raymond's widow, who served a short amount of time as an accomplice, although at the time she denied being romantically involved with Kelly. Now, who are these folks? What do they have in common?







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We have a little teamwork here to get the complete answer. Between Helenbaby and Lavenderblue, we have the complete answer. You'll be able to see Glenda and the guys in the Torchy Blane movies on Thursday, August 29th.

Now, who are these three actresses and what do they have in common?








This one should be pretty easy for a lot of folks.


Edited by: MilesArcher on Aug 26, 2013 6:52 PM

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No teamwork needed this time, Lavender. You got them all. Now here's an actor and actress who worked together a few times, playing the same characters. Do you know them and the movie series they were in?






I'll throw one more into the mix.




Edited by: MilesArcher on Aug 26, 2013 7:05 PM

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