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Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?


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Apparently, Holden really loves them, with three posts to tell us so. Yes, Lavender got them all. Little Dorothy Ann Seese as Phronsie was just about as cute as any kid has ever been in a movie. I, too, wish that TCM would show them again. I'll be back later.


Yikes! I'm not sure why that posted three times. I guess there should have been five posts --- one for each of the little Peppers. :)


Check out this click of Tommy Bond (who played Joey Pepper) from a LITTLE RASCALS short:



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Holden, Miles was only teasing, we know it's the site that caused that repeat :) I have a feeling you had the same reaction when you first saw that photo of Tommy Bonds, I thought of Butch in The Little Rascals immediately. Remember how mean he was to Alfalfa and the gang?

Thanks for posting that video, Adorable ;)

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Here's a hint. If you look at my posts this week in the "Jeopardy TCM" thread and the "Catchall Film Industry" thread in the Games And Trivia forum, you will find out who one of them is, and you'll get a clue about one of the others. Every classic movie fan should know who the third one is.

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Yes, Lavender got them all. Eleanor Holm starred with Olympic decathlon champ Glenn Morris In "Tarzan's Revenge". It was also his only movie. Here he is rescuing her in the film.




She was married to band leader Art Jarrett. She would divorce him and marry showman Billy Rose in 1939. Rose had recently divorced Fannie Brice.


Helen Gahagan made "She" in 1935. Her character's look would inspire Walt Disney's evil queen in "Snow White" in 1937. Check them out here.






Alicia Rhett was a stage actress from Georgia who was discovered by GWTW's first director, George Cukor, while he was looking for potential actresses to play Scarlett O'Hara. She auditioned for the role of Melanie Hamilton, but when Olivia DeHavilland was given the part, Alicia Rhett accepted the small role of India Wilkes. She and Olivia are still with us. Alicia is older by a few months. Alicia Rhett is also a talented sketch artist and illustrator. Here is one of the portraits that she did.




And here she with Leslie Howard.




Now, who are these two dancers?




Do you know what movie the picture is from?

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I can't see what Hamradio posted. All I get is a little red "X". Vilma and Buddy Ebsen are correct for my picture. It was Vilma's one and only movie. Now, until we get someone to identify Hamradio's photo, here is one for you. This actress was active in movies from the late 1930's until the mid 1940's. She died tragically in a house fire. Do you know her name? Her first husband was famous.






Here she is with John Garfield.



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That's correct, Twinks. She was married at one time to make-up man Perc Westmore. She and her dog perished in a house fire in 1945. she was only 27 at the time. Now, here is an actress who I saw in an Ann Sothern "Maisie" movie last year on TCM. she looked something like this photo at that time.




Perhaps you would recognize her if she were a little older, as she is in this next photo.




Most of us probably know her looking like this next pic.




Do you know her?

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Yes, Kay Medford is correct. She played Barbra Steisand's mother in both the stage and screen versions of "Funny Girl". Now, here is a character actor who had a long career. He was equally adept at acting in both comedies and dramas. He was seen on TCM fairly recently. Do you know him?








Here he is with Jean Harlow.



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think that's Reginald Denny, not 100% sure- ?- didn't he play Olivier's friend in *Rebecca* ? just remembered him in that trenchcoat, oh yeah, he was in *Captain Of The Clouds* with Reginald Gardiner


Reginald Gardiner- *Christmas In Connecticut* , *Captain of the Clouds*


Reginald Owen - *A Christmas Carol* *The Thrill of It All*


Edited by: lavenderblue19 on Sep 10, 2013 1:32 PM

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